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Social Customs: Card Parties
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) CARD playing is very much in fashion at the present time. When carried on in moderation and at suitable hours, it furnishes a pleasant form of amusement to which there can be no reasonable objection. When accompanied by gambling, it produces most unfortunate results...
Social Customs: Etiquette Of Sport
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) OUT-OF-DOOR sports and games have become very popular in this country, it is perhaps needless to say. We all agree that exercise in the open air is an excellent thing, while we deprecate the extreme spirit of competition which marks some of the contests.
Social Customs: Tennis
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) In match games and tennis tournaments, there are referees and usually line-men also, whose duty it is to settle disputed points and to decide how the ball strikes. In ordinary games, there are no such officials. As each player has a better point of view of his own part of the court than his opponent can have, he is entitled to give the verdict for his own court.
Social Customs: Automobiling
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) The rage for automobiling has swept over our land, like a wave of temporary insanity. Sober householders have behaved with even greater folly than the historic Margery Daw. She only sold her bed and lay in the straw, retaining some sort of roof over her head, it is to be supposed. But the motor enthusiasts part with houses and lands, in exchange for their favorite toy.
Social Customs: Theatre And Supper Parties
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) To invite friends to go to the opera or theatre is an easy and pleasant way of showing them attention and of repaying one's social obligations. People who have a box for the season, or for a series of concerts or plays, offer it to a friend for a certain afternoon or evening.
Social Customs: Women's Clubs
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) ALTHOUGH the woman's club movement is of recent origin, women's organizations have now become a recognized and important feature of American life. In quiet country places and in small towns they are a real blessing, breaking up sectarian lines, modifying social prejudices, and uniting the women in philanthropic or civic work, or in the pursuit of culture and self-improvement.
Social Customs: Hints For Young Men Washington Customs
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) IT has been said that the aim of education should be to teach a person how to study. The young man who graduates from college has still no doubt much to learn, but the key of future knowledge has been put into his hand. He knows where to look for information on various points; he has been placed on the right road, and it will be his own fault if he does not keep to it.
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