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Collecting: How Does One Catch The Collecting Bug?
(Topic: Art, Art History, Washington DC) I have a good friend who collects everything. I pondered on the why of it? Beth seems very normal in every other respect. But what make it so hard for her to turn away from so many things she has over the years come to collect?
Social Customs: Early Origin Of Manners
(Topic: Art, Art History, Washington DC) HERBERT SPENCER declares the earliest kind of government to be that of ceremonial institutions. Ceremonial control precedes religious and political control, and he finds an ingenious argument in favor of this hypothesis in the conduct of savage tribes.
Social Customs: Permanent And Transient Institutions In Society
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) CRABBED age and youth cannot live together - says the old song, and the unregenerate heart of man repeats it. But modern civilization not only brings youth and age together, she accomplishes even greater wonders.
Social Customs: Uses Of Society
(Topic: Customs, Social Customs, Historical Customs) WHAT is the use of the thing called Society? What are the objects for which men come together in social meetings of various sorts?
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