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Vienna Art: The Museums And Galleries Of Vienna
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) THE principal collection of paintings in Vienna is the property of the Emperor of Austria, and housed in a magnificent building erected by Emperor Francis Joseph.The earliest beginning of this Imperial collection was under the Emperor Charles IV, the art-loving Luxemburg-Bohemian monarch who ruled in the middle of the 14th century.
Vienna Art: The Imperial Museum - The Italian Paintings
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) IN looking at the ground plan of the Imperial Museum we note that four large galleries and four cabinets to the right of the entrance are filled with the examples of the Italian schools, comprising some six hundred paintings. The vast majority of these belong to the North Italians, and specifically to the Venetian masters of the 16th century.
Vienna Art: The Imperial Museum - The Italian Paintings Cont.
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) The earliest Venetians received their inspiration in the first half of the 15th century from the Muranese painters who had been taught by Francesco Squarcione of Padua and the great Mantegna. This influence is manifest in a 'Crucifixion' (No. 9), by Andrea da Murano, and in an altarpiece (No. 10), consisting of five arched panels with gold background.
Vienna Art: The French And Spanish Paintings
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) THE French school in its development from Gothic art to the latest Impressionistic vagaries may not be studied in the Imperial Museum. Only a meagre number of paintings, indicating a few of the periods through which French art has passed, are found in the FIFTH CABINET.
Vienna Art: The Flemish And Dutch Paintings
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) WE will now retrace our steps through the Italian section to enter the left wing of the Museum where in five galleries and seven cabinets the numerous works are displayed that come from the Netherlands. Almost a complete survey may be had of the art of Flanders and Holland, from the van Eycks with whom the 15th century commenced until the end of the 18th century.
Vienna Art: The Early German Painters
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) FROM CABINET XI we will enter GALLERY IX, and we find ourselves in surroundings that are widely different from the grace of the Italians and the harmonious, deep colour of the Dutch - the Early German painters are shown here.The influence of national traits of character and national experiences upon the art expression of a people is too much lost sight of.
Vienna Art: The Nineteenth Century Paintings
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) GERMAN art of the 18th century began with a reflection of the French Academic art which reigned then supreme throughout Europe. In fact, classicism held longer sway in Germany than anywhere else. Although in the twenties Romanticism conquered the Academics in France, we must concede that the Nazarenes, so-called, at whose head stood Peter Cornelius, followed less the doctrine of colour than of...
Vienna Art: The Gallery Of The Imperial Academy Of Fine Arts
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) THERE is not a collection of paintings in the world of equal importance which is as badly displayed as the collection of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Here are one thousand two hundred and fifty paintings, among which are found some of the choicest works of the most famous artists, crowded together in a few rooms on the second floor of the north-west wing of the magnificent building...
Vienna Art: The Collection Of The Prince Von Liechtenstein
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) WHEN we ascend the broad stairway of the fine old Liechtenstein palace in Vienna, leading to the salons where the paintings are hung, we note a number of large, decorative canvases by late Italian artists and a fine Flemish tapestry which decorate the walls of the entrance halls.
Vienna Art: The Collection Of Count Czernin
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) THE three hundred and fifty paintings which form the Czernin collection are gathered in three large rooms and a small cabinet of the Count's town residence in Vienna. The paintings are not hung in any logical order, although some degree of sympathetic arrangement is observed, since the room to the left of the entrance corridor is almost entirely devoted to 17th century Netherland art...
Vienna Art: The Collection Of Count Von Harrach
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) A SERIES of three galleries, with excellent top-light, and a number of cabinets, contain the paintings of the Harrach collection, which excels in the work of Spanish masters. A number of paintings from other schools are, however, of equal interest.In the First Gallery we note an altarpiece, with a Crucifixion on the centre panel, and saints on the sidewings...
Vienna Art: The Collection Of Count Schönborn-buchheim
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) IN the stately old palace of Count Schönborn, in Alt Wien, we find the collection of his paintings displayed in three large, richly furnished salons. The crowded condition of the walls - the room is fifteen feet high and the paintings reach to the ceiling - and the poor light from windows that open upon a narrow street, interfere with the close examination and unalloyed enjoyment of a number of...
Vienna Art: The Collection Of Modern Paintings In The Lower Belvedere
(Topic: Art, Art History, Vienna, Austria) THE paintings displayed in the tier of chambers on the groundfloor of the lower Belvedere are all by 19th century artists, the majority Viennese. A goodly portion of other modern work is also shown, which makes the Gallery well worth visiting. The rooms run the entire length of the groundfloor of the building, five to the left of the entrance vestibule, and three larger ones to the right.
Washington Art: The Development Of Washington
(Topic: Art, Art History, Washington DC) WASHINGTON lays proud claim to be one of the most beautiful cities of the world. In its great artistic composition, its combination of usefulness and beauty, the genius and sagacity of our forefathers is everywhere instanced; and amongst the treasures which the Capital preserves, is not one which rivals the city itself, with its broad thoroughfares, its verdant squares and circles...
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