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Artist: Pintoricchio - Biographical Information
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) PINTORICCHIO is not one of the most famous painters of the Italian Renaissance, and perhaps no painter who has left us such a mass of work, and work of such interest, has attracted so little criticism and inquiry. From the time of Vasari's slighting biography onwards, he has been included among minor painters and passed over with very superficial examination.
Artist: Pintoricchio -Derivation And Character Of His Art
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) UMBRIA is a land of late development in the history of Italian painting, and of a sharp division in the character of its art. No town of the importance of Siena, second only to Florence, held sway in that part of Italy, nor do we find any name in its early history which we can place side by side with Giotto, Orcagna, or Duccio di Buoninsegna.
Artist: Pintoricchio - First Period In Rome
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) A FACT that another has once discovered and substantiated seems so obvious to those who come after, that they can hardly understand how it could so long have remained unrecognised. To Morelli belongs the credit of having swept away the tradition that in Signorelli and Perugino were to be found the authors of the two frescoes, 'The Journey of Moses' and 'The Baptism,' on either side of the altar...
Artist: Pintoricchio - Life In Rome Continued
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) GIULIANO DELLA ROVERE, though his uncle was dead, was still a powerful cardinal when Innocent VIII. succeeded in 1484. He inhabited the Colonna Palace, where Vasari tells us that both Perugino and Pintoricchio worked in his service. Nearly all the Umbrian decorations were swept away later to make room for the work of Poussin and Zuccaro, but the ceiling of one great hall still boasts the design of...
Artist: Pintoricchio - The Borgia Apartments
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) THERE is perhaps hardly a place in Rome where you feel so transported into the heart of that old life of the Renaissance, as you do in the Borgia Apartments. After mid-day it is almost empty of sightseers ; and in the long rooms, where the silence is only broken by the splash of the fountain in the quiet, grassy court outside, you realise the setting of the passionate lives that once ran their...
Artist: Pintoricchio - The Borgia Apartments—Castel Sant Angelo
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) AS he passed through the doorway which leads into the Hall of the Arts and Sciences, Pintoricchio found above his head a narrow space to decorate, and his thoughts must have flown back to the over-door of the old Council chamber in Perugia and the fresco which years before he had watched his whilom master, Fiorenzo, place there, and perhaps had helped him to execute.
Artist: Pintoricchio - Spello
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) IN the beginning of 1501 Pintoricchio left Perugia and went off to Spello, the little town eighteen miles to the south of it. Here the prior of the chapel of the college, Troilo Baglioni, a son of the proudest house in Perugia, had lately been created a bishop ; and, naturally enough, when he wished to decorate his cathedral, he sent for the painter of his native city, who had by now made himself...
Artist: Pintoricchio - Siena And The Last Of Rome
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) FEW painters of the fifteenth century had received so great a share of Roman patronage as Pintoricchio, and the favour now shown him, which changed the whole of his life, came from a Cardinal who had doubt-less become familiar with his Roman work.
Artist: Pintoricchio - The Library At Siena
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) DR. STEINMANN suggests, with great probability, that we may fix March as the month of Pintoricchio's return to Siena in 1506, for in that month he took into his employ the Perugian painter, Eusebio di San Giorgio. This, no doubt, marks a fresh start, and the master now worked steadily on until the Library was completed. There is little that is devotional in character about the Libreria in Siena.
Artist: Pintoricchio - Panel Paintings
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) IT is difficult to arrange Pintoricchio's pictures into distinct groups. He wandered backwards and forwards between Rome and Umbria for so many years, and his art, during the whole time, though showing variations, never undergoes any radical change or development. He arrived early at a point which satisfied his employers, and there he remained.
Artist: Pintoricchio - Catalogue Of Works Of Pintoricchio
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) Except when in fresco, the paintings are all in tempera on wood. AUSTRIA-HUNGARY BUDA-PESTH. MADONNA AND CHILD AND ANGEL. [No. 62.] I ft. 9 in. x I ft. 6 in. BRITISH ISLES LONDON, THE NATIONAL GALLERY. ST. CATHERINE OF ALEXANDRIA. [No. 693.] On wood, I ft. 9 in. x I ft. 3 in. A monk kneeling in adoration. Landscape background. Bequeathed by Lieut.-Gen. Sir W. Moore in 1862. THE MADONNA AND CHILD. [No. 703.] In tempera, on poplar, I ft. Io in. x I ft. 3 in.
Artist: Pintoricchio - Chronological Table Of Pintoricchio
(Topic: Art, Art History, Italian Painters, Pintoricchio) 1454 (circa). Date of birth. 1482. Goes to Rome. 1487. Paints the Palazzo di SS. Apostoli. 1492. June. Recommended to the Chapter at Orvieto, by one Messer Cristoforo. 1492. Receives 50 ducats for work done at Orvieto. 1492. Protest from the Cathedral authorities on the too lavish use of gold and ultramarine. 1492. November 17. In a legally drawn-up paper frees himself from any responsibility for not fulfilling his contract within the stipulated time.
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