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Marsh Cradles
A TRAMP through the marshes at four A. M., waist-A deep in the lush wild grass, the mists veiling the wonderful unseen beyond, and, in the near distance, the pink of the mallows, the purple of the iris, and the yellow of the marigold still heavy with the dew, reflecting the glories of the sunrise sky; to hear the bird chorus as you never hear it at any other hour of the day...
Birds Of Cobb's Island, Virginia
EXTENDING along the coast of Virginia is a series of flat grassy islands, many of them so low as to be covered with water at high tide. Among those high enough to be safe from ordinary overflow is Cobb's Island, a long sand bank which at flood tide is only a few feet above water.
Birds' Winter Beds
A STORM had been raging from the north-east all day. Toward evening the wind strengthened to a gale, and the fine, icy snow swirled and drifted over the frozen fields. I lay a long time listening to the wild symphony of the winds, thankful for the roof over my head, and wondering how the hungry, homeless creatures out of doors would pass the night.
Mocking Bird
WHAT the nightingale is to Southern Europe the mocking bird is to the Southern States, the most wonderful song bird of the country and the universal favorite of the people. His reputation as a musician is world wide. Whoever hears his song is deeply impressed, and wherever the story of the birds is told, the power of the mocking bird's voice is recalled.
Birds Of Bald Peaks And Green Vales
Mr. Keyser is a Lutheran clergyman in Ohio who has given much close study to Bird Life and has published some valuable contributions to our knowledge of that subject as well as some capital books of Bird Stories. ONE of my chief objects in visiting the Rockies was to ascend Pike's Peak from Manitou, and make observations on the birds from the base to the summit.
Early Birds
Mr. Fuertes is a well-known bird painter who has illustrated many of the more important bird-books which have appeared in recent years. His close and careful study of them for this purpose gives an especial value to his verbal descriptions.
Mrs. Comstock has gained her knowledge of the birds from her close observation that the successful natural history artist must necessarily practice, and her work in many departments of Nature Study at Cornell University is an important feature of that institution.
THE Chicadee is the hero of the woods; there are courage and good nature enough in that compact little body, which you may hide in your fist, to supply a whole groveful of May songsters.
White Breasted Nuthatch
With more artless inquisitiveness than fear, this lively little acrobat stops his hammering or hatching at your approach, and stretching himself out from the tree until it would seem he must fall off, he peers down at you, head downward, straight into your upturned opera-glass.
About Crows
THOUSANDS and thousands of crows fast asleep amongst the branches of a grove of pines ! The trees themselves look dark and sombre against the snowy hillside, but when the assemblage of dusky birds has gathered there, the shadows thicken and the darkness settles like a pall.
Curious Birds Of South America
A SHORT railway-journey took us to Lima, the capital, which I am not going to describe, beyond mentioning that the houses have flat roofs and that a stream of water flows along the centre of all but the main thoroughfares. There the first thing a lover of natural history notices is the strangely tame large birds sitting on these flat roofs in the most ridiculous attitudes, particularly if the weather be extra warm, when they extend their wings as though desirous of cooling themselves by letting in as much air as possible upon their bodies.
Curious Birds Of Australasia
AUSTRALASIAN land birds, although they comprise between six and seven hundred different species—each of which is abundantly represented—and are of remarkable brilliance and beauty, are often dubbed uninteresting for it is only with considerable trouble that one can follow their movements ; and this the average observer does not care to bestow.
Bird In The Air
Mrs. Eckstorm has written much on birds, the Maine Woods, the Game Laws and some stories under the name of F. Pearson Hardy.
Protection Of Birds By Color
THE problem of safety, as we learned some time ago, put a premium upon a bird whose color helped him to pass unobserved. It was a very pretty theory, but we are to see how it works in practice. When we think of the red and blue and yellow birds we know, it seems hard to realize that they are included in any such design...
Something About Bees
Miss Morley's work as an educator, a kindergartner, and an author of many books about Nature as delightful as they are instructive is well known. Birds, flowers, insects, the whole teeming life of the world yield up their secrets to her and she tells them to the world in clear and easy language.
Something About Spiders
THE Spinners are neighbors of ours. They set up their housekeeping in our yards and gardens, in our barns and cellars, and sometimes in the best rooms of our houses. They are skilful little architects and builders, but they are so quiet and even wary about their work that few people ever succeed in catching them at it.
Ants And Their Honey Cows
A DROP of honey, or something like it, is the connecting bond between the ant and the Aphis. It is exuded by the latter through certain tubercles which are situated at the end of the abdomen, and is, of course, the product of the endless quantities of sap, which, so long as it lasts, these insects are for ever pumping up and swallowing from the plant they inhabit.
Ant Lion
Mr. Maynard worked on his mother's farm, studied nature from his earliest youth, and by his hard work and investigations has become recognized as one of the leading Naturalists of New England. Birds and Butterflies have largely occupied his attention, but he has added to our stock of knowledge of Shells and Sponges also.
How Insects Walk
BEFORE man's vision was intensified and instructed by the revealing power of the microscope, he might be compared to a child who had, since its earliest memory, been confined in a high tower with a distant view of the green fields. Although told that the green-colored patches in the distance were fields, yet, in truth, the child would have little or no conception of what a field really was.
Some Protective Resemblances In Insects
The processes of eternal change, with the changes for the better surviving, and those for the worse dying out, is what is called natural selection, and if we understand it — we can understand this, that if any kind of creature is so strong and formidable that it would be an advantage for weaker creatures to be mistaken for it...
A Study Of Fishes
While observing a living fish and admiring its beauty, it will probably occur to some of us that a fish consists only of a head and tail. Yet this is not all. Between the head and tail is a part that we may call the trunk. It contains the digestive and other organs. There is no indication of a neck in a fish.
Life And Death
WHAT do you mean by dying? What is this thing named death? What becomes of the body when it is buried; of the flower when it falls; of the plant when it has done its work? Walk through the forest in the autumn; the dry leaves rustle under foot and we call them dead leaves.
Ship Of The Desert
A VERY wonderful thing occurred early in the year 1913. A French aeroplane flew for hundreds of miles across the great Sahara desert which, for many hundreds of years before, men had been able to cross only on camels. This was done because the French government hopes that modern airships may be substituted for camels as ships of the desert.
Giraffe And Its Enemies
AN old English dictionary, published nearly two hundred years ago, says that the camelopard or camelopardus is a beast which has the shape of a camel and the spots of a panther or leopard. Some then thought there could be a monster part camel and part leopard...
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