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Fears Of Poverty
Our discussion now proceeds by a series of observations. Poverty a Crime. I hold that poverty is a social crime. Poverty is a crime, not of the many against the one, but of the many against the many. Poverty is the one universal sign of incompetence, the sign that points to the prosperous multitude rather than to the unfortunate individual.
Fear Of Final Failure
The fear of failure has its roots in two misconceptions which are everywhere prevalent. You are invited steadily to examine these misconceptions until you fully perceive and feel their utter falsity.
Fear Of Loss Of Friends
Your friends are born, not made. Physically explained, friendship is due to a certain closeness of harmony between two individuals.This harmony obtains fundamentally in the etheric movements of the personal atmospheres. If the harmony etheric tends to merging of movements because all movements in one person fit perfectly those of another person, the friendship will be that of love.
A Perpetual Tonic
Fear hinders the free vibration of the life through the body by paralysing the life-force which is in it. To fear is to lessen your spirit's hold on its godhood. To fear is to lose confidence in the power of your own spirit to hold you and to keep you in perfect harmony.
Bird Babies
THE lawn was very shady and quiet, for the after-noon sun did not pierce the thick leaves of the elms which grew above it. It was a warm July day, and so still that one could hear all the tiny sounds of insects and birds without difficulty, I found it hard to read, and lay in the hammock watching the clouds idly, thinking of nothing at all.
And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
SHE had been a pet before she came to us, we were told, and everything about her proved that it was true. She was a beautiful creature, part Jersey, part Holstein, cream-colored, with the dark head which is characteristic of Jersey cattle.
A Puppy's First Lessons
DOGS? Well, I should say there were dogs: dogs of every size, of every shape, and of every color; dogs of high degree, and dogs of low degree ; dogs who looked like Dignity and Impudence in that famous picture by Sir Edwin Landseer, which you will all see one day if you have not seen it yet; dogs who were shaggy, and dogs who were smooth...
A Donkey In A Police Court
A TRUE STORY MY master had had a more than usually successful morning's round; my load was disposed of, and we were returning leisurely down Regent street, when he was suddenly accosted by a man who was walking on the pavement.
A Dog On His Travels
ONCE decided, it was evident that the sooner I set off the better; because the road not being familiar to me, it was important that I should travel it again before all traces of our former journey were lost. As yet, we had not been so long in London that I had reason to think I should recognise the principal turnings, besides various objects on the road.
A Monkey's Home
I WAS a very happy little fellow when I lived with my mother in the wilds of South America. I used to find no end of amusement playing with my little neighbor monkeys among the branches of the trees, or swinging on the vines that grew in luxurious abundance in our forest home.
Collie Of The Fog-bell
One day, after some deliberation, I was taken into the dory. I must confess it was dreadfully rough when we left the mouth of the breakwater for the open bay. Our dory bobbed about like a ball on the swell and cross-currents it met.
Master St. Elmo's First Friends
HOW do you do, little people? Permit me to introduce myself. I am St. Elmo, a tan-colored English greyhound, and I am six years old. I have a wide, white collar around my neck, a white shirt-front, and white stockings to the knees...
Hiram, Jingo And Baby
THE increasing winds and cool evenings warned the pleasure-seekers at the mountains and seaside that they must return to furnace-heated houses and indoor life. The summer had been a delight. Men had brought their families, their servants, and their household pets their dogs and cats; they had lounged under the trees, fished off the rocks, walked on the beach, been children again with their children, and now must be back at desk, and store, and the cares and conventionalities of city life.
Moti Guj — Mutineer
ONCE upon a time there was a coffee-planter in India who wished to clear some forest land for coffee-planting. When he had cut down all the trees and burned the underwood, the stumps remained. Dynamite is expensive; and slow fire is slow.
Cats I Have Known
I DO not remember whether amongst the animals that I figured in the Noah's Arks of our childhood a pair of cats were included. I fancy not.
About Beavers
THE beaver may be said to occupy amongst mammals the place that ants do amongst insects. J. G. Wood says of him: Of the Social Main malia, he takes the first rank, and is the best possible type of that group. There are other social animals, such as the various marmots and others...
DURING my explorations in Muskoka and the north, I have had a good opportunity of studying the moose while living in its natural haunts. The name moose is derived from moosa, an Indian word meaning wood-eater.
Virginian Deer
PERHAPS no species of wild animal inhabiting Muskoka deserves to be regarded with more interest than the subject of our present chapter, the common or Virginian deer; its symmetrical form, graceful. bound, and rushing speed, when flying before the hounds, excites the admiration of every one, though he be ever so dull an observer.
Some Curious Animals Of South America
MANY years ago there walked into a Liverpool broker's office a quiet, shrewd-looking individual, who asked for a sample of some strange kind of wool he had seen in one of the dock-warehouses.
Jaguars — Capybaras — Armadillos — Deer — Horned Cattle
Steaming up the Panama or the Uruguay (mighty twins that, united, form the River Plate) to Ascunçion, or to Salto, the traveller sometimes — especially after floods —meets with floating islands, camelotas, composed of water-plants which bind together the soft alluvial soil, and thickly covered with low trees and bushes, the growth of years.
Pumas - Tapirs - Ant Eaters - Sloths
Pumas or Cougars.— Puma, the native name in Peru; Cougar, in Brazil.
Curious Animals Of Australia
MARSUPIALS of gigantic size, larger than a horse, existed on the Australian Island Continent in bygone ages, and were succeeded by others of more moderate proportions.
An Orphan Bear
HE was born over a score of years ago, away up in the wildest part of the wild West, on the head of the Little Piney, above where the Palette Ranch is now. His Mother was just an ordinary Silvertip, living the quiet life that all Bears prefer, minding her own business and doing her duty by her family, asking no favors of any one excepting to let her alone.
Mental Capacity Of Animals
OUT of the depths of his egotism, man occasionally evolves the conception that he is the only animal that can think and carry thought beyond one decimal place. With precisely the same bones in his skeleton as a chimpanzee, he sometimes flatters himself into the belief that somehow his gray-matter is different, and that the animals below him cannot reason, as he sometimes does.
Animal Conscience
THAT a moral sense may exist in animals we think no one who has ever kept dogs will deny. It is not easy to compare it, however, with the moral sense as it exists in men. If we seta dog's conscience beside a man's, the first thing we shall notice is that the former is upside down.
Coloration Of Some Animals
WHEN the meaning and purport of the coloration of mammals first began to receive careful attention on the part of naturalists, there was a tendency to classify brilliant markings like those of the African bushbucks, bongo, and kudus as recognition markings - that is to say, markings designed to enable all members of a species to recognise with facility their own kind.
How Arctic Animals Turn White
ALTHOUGH I have not the details of any one particular case before me, so many instances are chronicled in which the hair of human beings, under the influence of strong mental emotion due to terror or grief, has become suddenly blanched within a single night or some such period of time, that the occasional occurrence of such a phenomenon must apparently be accepted as a fact.
Birds From A Door-yard In New England
TO be a lover of birds is in itself a recommendation. I shall not hesitate, therefore, to speak freely to the reader of the birds whose acquaintance I have made from my door-yard. I shall introduce him as it were into my household and make him acquainted with many of my most valued friends, some of them my constant neighbors, others regular visitors or passing acquaintances.
THE happiest bird of our spring, and one that rivals the European lark, in my estimation, is the bobolincon, or bobolink, as he is commonly called. He arrives at that choice period of the year, which, in this latitude, answers to the description of the month of May so often given by the poets.
Arredondo Sparrow Hawk
AREDONDO GRANT is the name of a tract of country of perhaps forty thousand acres, lyingin central Florida. It is a region of low, rolling sand hills, dotted with numerous shallow ponds and thinly clad in forests of yellow pine. Many small farms and orange groves add variety to the landscape.
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