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Secret Of Fear And Its Love Is Wrong Living
By so much as life becomes right, by so much does brotherhood obtain, theoretically and practically. If you insist that the right life may nevertheless call any human being inferior, not, of course, as a matter of mere judgment, but as a matter of superior feeling on your part...
Remedies For The Fears Of Timidity
FIRST REMEDY: Asserting the Right to Courage. To every person the nature of things grants the inalienable right of perfect fearlessness so long as life harmonizes with the laws of individual uprightness. In no one inheres the right to inspire fear in others, except in the case of wrong-doing.
Some People We Fear
ONE Universe there is, essentially the same in all its parts of the essence of Mind.To the Universe observed objectively we give the name, matter. To the Universe observed subjectively we give the name, mind-self.
Golden Regimes Of The Masterful Self
This regime consists in the constant reiteration, until it becomes the habituated idea of the self, of the affirmation : I am now under perfect self-control, quiet, powerful, fearless; my own etheric activities being regular and harmonious, and all incoming movements being reduced to order and subject to my will.
Iron Regimes Of The Self Striving For Mastery
In the preceding work there is a genuine striving of the self for poise and control, of course, but the spirit sought is more easily and more quickly secured, perhaps, than are the practical details of the labor now to be entered upon, and the idea of effort is there-fore here more particularly emphasized.
Some Of Life's Relations
EXPERIENCE marks man the superior animal. It is only through experience that we can know. Even the instincts are mere impulses of human nature, and we can know what they are and how they work, not before they have occurred, but thereafter.
Experience Analyzed
Let us throw these thoughts into staccato: In experience you are affected by something. You know that you are so affected.You know that what affects you is a something other than yourself as affected. By so much you know that affecting something.
What Is Courage?
If, then, you desire courage, you must know what it is. But you can never know courage prior to having experience in courage. You see that in the intelligent study of words you must find something of your past in them, in their meanings, and in order to understand them at any time you must put your-self into them.
Courage And Individuality
The courage of individuality, realized in experience, is master of all life's relations. The individualizing self can entertain the fear-feeling in presence of no crowd or mob. Asserting its own throne and kingdom in the law of interest-balance, it neither yields its existence nor calls for the surrender of other individualities.
What Is The Individual?
One highway of answer is as follows:The world in which we live exists as (a) object a system of objects; (b) as action a complex of activities. Things are, because of action.The world and every object and action are ex-pressions of ideas.
Individuality And Experience
Experience is a knowing. We know as follows: Every human self knows the self only in action. The self is known, therefore, as actor.
The Great Affirmation
You are now invited to dwell upon these thoughts until something of the sublimity of the following sentence inspires your inmost soul the sentence fell from the pen of one of the world's deepest thinkers: The proposition, I am, is an infinite proposition because it is one which has no real predicate, but which, for that very reason, may have an infinity of possible predicates.
Regimes: Individuality - Courage Through Life's Relations
Fear of Husband or of Wife. It should be observed that you are not here instructed in the matter of getting on with an uncomfortable person; that is an endless subject. Our discussion solely concerns courage cultivated for the sake of happiness and self-realization where some form of fear obtains in either woman or man for the other.
First Regime For Fear In The Labor World
The Employer's Responsibility. If you are an employer, it is suggested that you begin the effort to lift yourself above the level of mere business. I do not undervalue the business world. That world is of the very greatest importance, since, as things are at present, it supports all other worlds of human activity.
Fearful Crowd
CURIOUS is this feature in fear-hallucination that one may be apprehensive before a crowd while consciously indifferent toward any of its individuals. An hallucination may be sufficiently de-fined as an impression not founded in fact.
General Regimes For Fear Of Crowd Hostile
Body or Soul ? Remembering that will acts in all that you do, and that will acts only in conformity with idea, you are invited to substitute for the usual valuation of body the true valuation of the higher, the entire, self.
Special Regimes For Fear Of Crowd Hostile
Danger Denied or Minified. Emphatic ideas reverberate throughout body and soul, tending to induce all sorts of action according to theirnature. This action the subconscious self, making over through heredity from ancestors, has learned to associate with the corresponding ideas.
Fear Of The Crowd Human - The Mass
The idea that lies back of this form of fear may be one of several. Every such idea has a physical cause, only, or a psychic cause, or a psycho-physical cause (sources co-operating). And these causes may obtain in yourself or in others that is, the predominating factor of the cause may operate in kinds of human nature met with, or in your own personal variety.
Fear Induced By Atmospheric Touch
The preceding considerations have to do with conscious conditions and activities. The underlying spring of fear is the subconscious life. People for whom you experience natural antipathies trouble you, however, by action on your subconscious self more truly than by action on your conscious self.
Fear Of The Crowd Critical - The Audience
Fear of the crowd critical has to do with audiences and public opinion. The Audience. The fear-feeling which an audience excites involves very keen suffering. And the fact that the fear-suffering is measured by the sensibility of the speaker does not make the suffering less significant. Our pains and our joys are always gauged by what we are.
Fear Of Events - Old Age
COURAGE in regard to events may spring from two varieties of temperament: that of the animal, incapable of real thought about the future, and that of the consciously superior man who thinks adequacy to meet events because he feels adequate in the present.
Certain Laws And Habits
The law that courage obtains so long as such satisfaction holds on, and obtains also the moment conscious will begins to work for some new satisfaction.
Why We Fear Future Events
When, now, the usual operation of the two laws noted, and of the habits associated therewith, are interrupted in one's consciousness, a general feeling of discomfort arises because there is then opposition to the set of things in personal life.
Vital Facts About These Fears
The vital thing may be brought out in an advancing form. The power of the ideas of the unknown and the overwhelming should be overcome and destroyed. The power of such ideas is evolved from three sources...
Shall Death Cease On Earth?
It is remarkable that the twin facts, old age and death, do not overwhelm us all and make impossible both interest in life and the zest of achievement. Where is the use of the striving for success, of entertaining hope and seeking inspiration, since the body must surely decay and death is the inevitable end?
Spirit Of Youth Against Fear Of Old Age
The purpose of these pages is not to instruct in prevention of disease, the passing of the years, the final exit, but simply to suggest remedies for fear-feeling inspired by the thought of such things. Only courage is our goal, and this involves various other qualities which not only destroy fear but impart to life a price-ess zest.
Courage For Future Events
MAN'S ability to influence matter and mind in the present guarantees power over the so-called future, since the future is but the logical sequence of the present. This seeming common-place is like the sea for depth and vastness of suggestion.
Adjustment To The Infinite Reality Required In Psychic Demand
The right adjustments of physical science are familiar to all. The right adjustment which man must make to the Infinite Reality is Harmony of thought and action with the Reality conceived as Source of all values which is equivalent to Harmony with the best possibilities of the self and others who are also in such harmony.
Application Of Pyschic Demand
So far as the ultimate progress of man is concerned, the application of psychic demand needs in our thought no modification. Ultimately, man will receive what-ever his rightly-unfolded nature claims of the Infinite Reality.
Fear Of Accident And Illness
First, the Fear of Accidents will be considered. Many people are haunted by vague foreboding that some accident may yet, or surely will, befall them. Such foreboding is, of course, wholly useless, but, what is more to the point, it is also wholly a psychic evil.
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