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Preliminary Study Of Fear
Fear is (a) an impulse, (b) a habit, (e) a disease. Fear, as it exists in man, is a make-believe of sanity, a creature of the imagination, a state of insanity. Furthermore, fear is, now of the nerves, now of the mind, now of the moral consciousness.
First Great Principle Of Fear - Conquest
Timidity, apprehension, fear, alarm, fright, consternation, terror, panic, desperation, are all false imitations of reason's interpretation of the warning signals of Nature, to be displaced by reason itself, which may then determine whether the occasion be real or unreal, and always to be disregarded and overcome if evidently refering to causes which do not actually exist.
A General Enumeration Of Fear Causes
Fear of hurt of self by self (fear of self) : substitute reason, thus just estimate ; no cause ; cause magnified. Fear of hurt of self by outer things (fear for self) substitute reason, thus just estimate ; no cause; cause magnified. Fear of threat by things: substitute reason, thus right cause; no cause; cause magnified.
Kinds Of Fears
Fear of Self: timidity, lack of confidence, possible unaccountable states. Fear for Self: weakness, anticipated failure, imagined disgrace. Fear of Things: animals, inanimate objects, physical forces. Fear of Others: human beings, apparitions, devils, Deity.
Physical Tone
In the healthy body every cell is polarized in subjection to the Central Will. Perfect health, therefore, is orderly obedience, government and harmony. Every cell is a living entity, whether of vegetable or animal potency, and wherever disease is, there are disunion, error, rebellion and insubordination...
General Tone Of Health
The word tone means, sound in relation to volume, quality, duration and pitch, then, peculiar characteristic sound as of a voice or instrument, then, characteristic style or tendency, predominating aim or character, tenor, strain, spirit.
Physical Tone
It would seem almost unnecessary to suggest the ordinary regimes for health of body. Nevertheless, I shall refer to these regimes because, first, their importance cannot be overestimated, and secondly because they involve certain laws of laws in relation to health which are seldom worked out in hygienic instruction.
Dual Health - Tone Of The Self
STOICS of old defined virtue as "essential health and strength of mind, a right state of the soul agreeing with its proper nature. Sound physical health is usually accompanied by feelings of buoyancy and optimism, and healthy-mindedness not only signifies essential health and strength of mind, but involves also a tendency which looks on all things and sees that they are good.
At Home In The Universe
This spiritual health (health of the personality at the top, whatever religious language be approved or rejected) carries the feeling of at-homeness in the whole Universe about us.
Difficulties Confronting Mental Tone
Many of us assume that environment or circumstances make or defeat our mental life. The fact is,--what you do with environment is precisely one of the tests of your mind rather, of the self which uses the mind. The real meaning of environment is Opportunity for Life-Building.
Fourthly, The Difficulty Of Unwholesome
There is a vast amount of insanity not under asylum treatment, a good deal of abnormal acceptance of faith-philosophy prevalent, which is due to the absence of vigorous regard for downright reality. Regard For Downright Reality. I do not know a better remedy for the fads, isms and vagaries of belief without sense than a cultivated instinct for actual fact and truth.
Moral Tone
And what is this ideal state which we call moral tone? If we present the question to different people, we shall probably receive as many different replies. Nevertheless, the matter is perfectly simple. Moral tone is an expression of individual goodness, just as physical tone is an expression of bodily soundness.
Fear Of Self
BECAUSE our nature climaxes the evolution of animal existence, every human being is entitled, according to capacity, to a full measure of body-life, world-life, mental-life and soul-life.
Varieties Of Fears Of Self
It is because I wish to suggest a general atmosphere for such courage that I send you the message of our common four-fold rights. You are invited to read and re-read the preceding paragraphs until you feel, deeply and permanently, the thrill of personal confidence.
Analysis Of Fear Of Self
Thus, self-distrust means, not bound to self, self getting away from self. Fear of self is a feeling possessed because self is not welcome.
Moral Courage
I have already offered pertinent suggestions on this subject at the beginning of the present chapter, and have treated it practically and at length in Power For Success, so that it seems sufficient to add here merely a word or two.
Fear For Others
FEAR is never present in perfect sanity. The person who really fears anything is not men-tally altogether sound.I am aware that these statements will seem astounding to many readers, but I climax the propositions by saying that to no well-balanced mind will such declaration for long appear extravagant.
Fear Is Insanity
When the animal begins really to fear, to drift beyond the line of the instinct of self-preservation,--it begins to lose self-control, and it then enters a state of head-long panic temporary insanity. When man begins really to fear, to drift beyond the line of the reason-act of self-preservation, he likewise begins to lose self-control.
Fear For Others Is Selfishness
You will see, now, that I am neither brutal nor cynical when I say that fear for others is always a phase of fear for self. The action of reason in the interest of others is altogether legitimate and may be wholly unselfish, but the moment fear is felt, that moment we have a case of anticipation of distress to self.
Fear For Others Is Tyranny
The selfishness of fear for others, however, is not confined in its reaction to the soul that fears; it over-acts upon those for whom it is entertained. Fear-folk are tyrants. Fear for others always disregards other people's freedom. It would be difficult to conceive a worse fate than is seen in some forms of this slavery.
Friendship's Fears Are Foes To Friends
You are therefore invited to remember how inevitable it is that worry, anxiety, panic about our friends, convey fear, confusion, and weakness to their personal atmospheres, and hence you are urged to uncover and destroy all such enemies of true friendship and to re-place them by confident and courageous reason.
General Remedies For Fears For Others
FIRST REMEDY: Improved Health-Tone. You are urged to make it your chief business to swing into the vibrant currents of health, and are referred to chapters on this subject in the present work and to the second volume in The Power-Book Library, Power For Success, which is as certain as law to tone up the spiritual force for health in any average person who will multiply self into its pages.
Eighth Remedy: Trusting The White Life
Whatever relation the person for whom you fear may sustain to you, you are urged to trust him to the beneficence of the Universal System. I know that life is full of accidents; but continual dwelling on the fact does no one the least good, and will do you a great deal of harm and perhaps bring your friend to an injury which would not otherwise befall him.
Fear Of Things
AT THE outset in our present chapter it should be remembered, first, that my task is not to offer suggestions for self-protection against the ills and accidents of life, but to assist the fearful in their effort to overcome fear...
Secrets Of Fearlessness
The Self is Supreme and Immune. It is evident that a true fearlessness has its secret, for one thing, in the profound conviction that everything in the personal life is subordinate to the one supreme factor, the unseen and indestructible self, and that this self is or ought to be lord and master, and, in a state of harmony with itself and its higher environments...
Remedies For The Fear Of Things
FIRST REMEDY: Improving the Body-Tone by Health-Thought. Undoubtedly one's courage-attitude toward things depends largely upon one's physical tone, for a low physical tone commonly means a weak action of the self in thought.
Second Remedy: Cultivation Of Self-control
Self-control in the presence, or in the thought, of certain objects is a habit, and should be developed as such. It is a favorite statement of some schools of psychology that one does not run because he fears, but that one fears because he runs.
Fear Of Timidity
You take notice either of the sweat of him who praises you or of the desire of the suppliant. Hymn to the Storm Gods, India.
All Power And Truth Now Possessed
Venturing to repeat a suggestion of the last chapter, I commend to you, in connection with the preceding paragraph, the proposition that if you background in the Infinite, who wells up in the normal consciousness of right personality, all the power you will ever attain you now possess.
Timidity Without Justification
With such conceptions of our human personality justification for timidity would seem to be impossible. We have seen all along, moreover, that the confusion of the fear-feeling with the action of instinct and of reason leads to a perfectly false justification of fear.
Unnatural Man Enjoys Fear
There are those to whom it seems entirely natural to enjoy the signs of fear in others. This fact does not appear to indicate encouragement for timid souls.
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