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Paths To Power - The Power That Unifies
EMERSON says, 'Language is fossil poetry.' In this sentence our American seer states but one of the interesting features which studious minds recognize in that marvelous product of humanlife called language. For, elsewhere, he himself intimates that language is the unconsciously written history of man; and therefore it is the chronicle of the more prosaic events and movements in the long experience of humanity.
Paths To Power - Power That Makes For Self-conquest
AS we look back over the years which lie between us and the days of Christ, we get at least a glimpse of that principle of development which made it possible, in spite of their weakness and misapprehension, for their Lord to utter sayings at the close of His earthly life which at the first would have broken down the faith of the disciples.
Paths To Power - Power For Ministry
IT is a fortunate moment for us to be in at this trial. It is instructive to see Paul now, if it is our first and last chance, especially if we are Christians who desire to find out what is the true method of making a minister and the Divine way of endowing a man for this work. Paul's career is nearly ended; the harvest of the noble enterprise is a fact in evidence.
Paths To Power - Power From Above
HERE are two scenes in the history of the human soul which is evermore repeating its own deepest experiences. The distance between man and God, the earth of man's life and the heaven of God's unclouded presence, man's actual ignorance and feverish care and God's perfect knowledge and calm power this space has always challenged every human faculty, and so the mind of man has taxed its powers to bridge the immense void.
Paths To Power - Steadying Power
ASK that you study with me a single event in Paul's life which, as I believe, will afford us much help in estimating rightly the quantity and quality of the power, at once propulsive and regulative, received by Paul from his Lord Christ. That event is Paul's visit to Rome. I say visit rather than presence, because the presence of such a man any-where is a very visual affair; he sees things.
Paths To Power - The Phantasm Of Power And The Reality Of Power
IT would be a strangely inadequate study of spiritual power which could neglect to consider, by contrast, the phantasm of power which so often struts for a brief day upon the stage of life and, the reality of power which, at length, holds the center of the stage by right of divine permanency and radiates its influence everywhere throughout the theater of human life.
Paths To Power - Power For Nation-building
THE solemn and magnificent ceremony to which loyal Englishmen have looked forward for so long has been performed. Edward VII. has been memorially crowned. The gray walls of your historic abbey have quivered with the significant harmonies of majestic anthem and pious chant, and where the dead lie in sculptured urn or beneath em-blazoned monument, the ever fresh and vital music to which generations...
Drama Study
THE art of the playwright, old or new, past or present, should be studied in the same way and for the same reason as the art of the poet, the musician, the painter or the sculptor. The object and end of such study is increased enjoyment of the art richer, fuller, more abundant and more spontaneous delight nothing more nor less than that.
Drama - The Exposition And The Exciting Force
IN modern dramatic art, the introduction or exposition of the action, incorporated as it is in the play and forming part of the first act, has become a most interesting study. Its function obviously is to form a link between outside events and those inclosed and set apart in the play.
Drama - The Rise Or Growth Of The Action
BEFORE the action begins to develop, the exposition is partly or entirely finished, the chief characters have made their enters upon the stage, and the exciting force has been exerted. The situation at this point may be summed up by saying - Something must be done about it!
Drama - The Climax
THERE are many devices that lead on and up to climactic effects in a play; but the most important is suspense, causing tension, and eventuating in something unexpected and surprising. We have come to use the term climax as meaning the top round of a ladder, when in reality it means, now as always, the ladder itself.
Drama - The Fall And Close Of The Action
Variously IllustratedIN all the older plays, and in most of the newer ones, he fourth division of the structure is that which extends from the climax to the close or to the catastrophe, if there is an ultimatum distinctly set off at the end of the final act.
Drama - Analysis Of "a Doll's House"
FOLLOWING the suggestions in the first chapter, the study is begun by relating, in chronological order, the events which took place before the first curtain rises. As A Doll's House is catastrophic (see next chapter), the story is of some length.
Drama - The Catastrophic Play
THIS term has a portentous and forbidding sound, and one is prompted at the outset to disclaim all responsibility for inventing it. But it seems to be well established in the literature of dramatic criticism and has become too insistent to be ignored.
Drama - The Play Of The Day
TO illustrate certain developments in the modern drama, this play may be chosen, not as of pro-found significance or perfect execution, but because it is interesting, full of promise, and typical of the plays of the day, as we see them coming in on the horizon, and of the plays of the morrow as we fancy they may prove to be.
High Comedy Or Comedy Of Manners
SURPRISINGLY little has ever been written upon comedy. Freytag, whose work on The Technique of the Drama, was until recently almost the only one to turn to, ignored comedy completely. As he was a philosophical German, possibly that was providential.
Unities In The Modern Play
A STRICT observance of unity of time and place has become surprisingly popular of late, and has been forced, most disastrously in some cases, upon plays that are anything but Greek in spirit. After all, unity of action is the only one of the classic three that really matters ; and that may be of various kinds.
Soliloquy In The Modern Play
WHENEVER one of the characters in a play falls into reminiscence or narrates an occurrence or an experience at length, the epic form may be said to appear or reappear in the midst of the dramatic. In other words, a certain part or piece of the story out of which the play is made has escaped the dramatist's remodeling and transforming touch and retained its original narrative form.
What Is Dramatic Literature?
MR. BARRIE'S best comedies are good examples of what is meant by dramatic literature in the more exact understanding of the term. So many plays, especially in English, are either drama (action) and not literature, or literature and not drama, that we are unaccustomed to the criticism of dramatic literature in the sense understood by the French.
Purpose Play And Its Limitations
THE relation between art and life is deep and subtle, but so real as not to be hopeless of a simple setting forth. To begin with, there is the old dictum that art reveals the artist. In terms of constructive art the greatest minds have ever delivered themselves on the greatest themes as life, death and immortality.
Drama - Pieced Out Play
THE contemporary play seems to be having troubles of its own, not the least of which is the difficulty in making enough of itself to come to the time limit of performance without some-where patching or piecing or stretching itself out.
Drama - The Static Play
THE question of what constitutes dramatic material is always interesting. What kind of incident it is which prospers best as the germ from which a play may grow is a question which one dramatic period has never been able to answer to the satisfaction of another.
Acting Scenery
THE play that is actor proof has become familiar to the public, and needs no explanation. Scenery that is manager proof is something newer.
British English And American English
On and Off the StagePurity of speech on our stage doesn't exist. Every one speaks as he likes, and audiences never notice; it 's the last thing they think of. e place is given up to abominable dialects and individual tricks, any vulgarity flourishes, and on top of it all the Americans, with every conceivable crudity, come in to make confusion worse confounded.
Drama - The Play For Children
IN considering the question of plays for children, we come upon one of the curious paradoxes often encountered in drama study. The play of child life, in which the leading characters are children, has a strange fascination for grown people...
World's New Dawn
Let us not look at ourselves but onwards, and take strength from the leaf and the signs of the field. He is indeed despicable who cannot look onwards to the ideal life of man. Not to do so is to deny our birthright of mind. - Thomas Coke Watkins.
Courage Abroad
And I hold that our life is growing better for the reason that I discover, in all this new adjustment to truth, this expectation and assumption that Good will not withhold itself, and because of these things, a new era of courage sweeping the heart of humanity from sea to sea.
False Thought Selfishness Fear
And when fear vanishes, replaced by the white life, selfishness will die as impossible, and thought will no longer be false for the reason that only truth will be possessed. If the whole world, then, would but thrust out fear and receive the spirit of courage, I do not know any evils that could endure a century.
Prime Denials And Affirmations
You who now read this page are, thus, invited to begin our study by denying and affirming, as follows: FIRST - THE DAILY REGIME OF DENIAL...
Fear And Reason
In civilized life it has at last become possible for large numbers of people to pass from the cradle to the grave without ever having had a pang of genuine fear. Many of us need an attack of mental disease to teach us the meaning of the word.
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