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Henrik Ibsen Part 2
SIXTEEN years have passed away since the preceding study of the early works of Henrik Ibsen was originally published. At the time it appeared, the name of Ibsen was absolutely unrecognised in this country.; it is a pleasure to me to know that it was I who first introduced it to English readers a very poor and inadequate interpreter, but still the first.
Lofoden Islands
AMONG the thousands who throng to the Continent for refreshment and adventure, how few leave the great southward-streaming mass, and seek the desolate grandeur of those countries which lie north of our own land ! Of those who do diverge, the great majority are sportsmen, bent on pitiless raids against salmon and grouse.
AT the opening of the present century the monarchy of Sweden lay defenceless and almost moribund, supported in European opinion solely by the memory of its vast prestige.
Danish National Theatre
THE only instance in which unfamiliar forms of culture have a claim on public attention is when they are wholly original and individual. The development of the ages is now too vast for men to spare much time in the study of what is merely imitative, and even reproductions of ancient phases of art and literature must now be very excellent or very vigorous, to succeed in arresting general interest.
Four Danish Poets
THE revival of romantic poetry in Denmark was almost exactly coeval with the movement of Wordsworth and Coleridge amongst ourselves, and in each case the introduction of a somewhat poor and inartistic element from Germany was the immediate cause of the development of a rare, vigorous, and many-sided poetic art.
Emerson The Literary Pioneer
RALPH WALDO EMERSON deserves the first place in any survey of American literature. Without him, American writers would have continued for another generation the imitation of English models. He pronounced the declaration of American literary independence as Jefferson drafted the declaration of our political independence.
Walt Whitman - Prophet In His Shirt-sleeves
WALT WHITMAN is the most original of American authors in form, in thought, and in expression. Yet he is a fine instance of the prophet who is not without honor save in his own country. From the time that Whitman issued his Leaves of Grass he had far more readers and admirers in England than in this country.
Charm Of Washington Irving
MORE than a half century ago I was a regular reader in the old Mercantile Library, then lodged over Platt's Hall, on Montgomery street, in San Francisco. One day the librarian showed me, with much pride, a handsome library edition of the works of Washington Irving, whose recent death had called out many tributes in the newspapers.
Art Of Edgar Allen Poe
THE ordinary rules in classifying writers do not apply to Edgar Allan Poe. Of all American writers he has probably the widest international fame. Far more French than American in his genius, he was closer akin to Alfred de Musset or Guy de Maupassant than any English short-story writer.
Hawthorne's Somber Puritan Romances
Two of the foremost American critics, William Dean Howells and Professor William Lyon Phelps, unite in declaring that Hawthorne was the greatest literary artist this country has known, and that his Scarlet Letter is the finest novel in American literature.
Fenimore Cooper's Original Work
FENIMORE COOPER is better known abroad than any other American writer except Poe. Perhaps this is due in great measure to his magnificent descriptions of wild nature, which appeal strongly to readers who live in an old and well-cultivated country, as well as to his vivid pictures of the North American Indian before the white man's vices debased and ruined him.
Longfellow The Poet Of The Household
LONGFELLOW cannot be classed among the world's greatest poets with Shakespeare, Browning, Tennyson, or Victor Hugo but he is probably more widely read than any of these poets of the first rank. Thomas Wentworth Higginson quotes from Professor Grovesnor of Amherst College an anecdote which shows the worldwide popularity of the author of Evangeline and Hiawatha.
Lowell As Poet, Essayist And Critic
JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL'S place as poet, essayist and critic is not clearly defined. He came very near greatness as both poet and essayist, but he missed, a place in the first rank, largely through a certain frostiness of temperament.
Wit And Humor Of Oliver Wendell Holmes
OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES was an American Admirable Crichton. He was a man who could do a half dozen things as well as a specialist in each. As a poet he will be remembered longest by The One-Hoss Shay, The Last Leaf and Old Iron sides; as an essayist he gained immortality by The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table; as a novelist he produced that wonderful study in heredity.
Whittier The Puritan Singer
WHITTIER is a poet who appeals far more to Americans than to Europeans because he appealed with special force to all of New England strain. His life was a complete contradiction to his natural traits. Born a Quaker, with a strong bias in favor of peace, he was thrown from early youth into the fierce turmoil of the anti-slavery agitation, and he contributed many poems that served to hearten the...
Thoreau The Pioneer Writer About Nature
It is only within the last decade that the full stature of Henry D. Thoreau has been appreciated or his services as an original thinker have been valued. Howells says of his Walden: 'I do not believe Tolstoi himself has more clearly shown the hollowness, the hopelessness, the unworthiness of the life of the world than Thoreau did in that book.'
Francis Parkman's Historical
OF ALL American historian's Francis Parkman seems to me to deserve first place because of a peculiar combination of gifts and because he had the good fortune to select for his subject the most picturesque episode in our history. Parkman himself is always associated in my mind with Stevenson as a literary worker.
Mark Twain Our Finest Humorist
IF a canvas of intelligent readers were made in any Western State today, the first place among American men of letters would be given by popular vote to Mark Twain. The East does not yet hold him in the same high regard, but every year sees a gain in his popularity with the reading public.
Bret Harte's California Tales And Poems
BRET HARTE is the one writer of undoubted genius who made California and its pioneers known around the world. His creative activity ran over forty-five years, yet in all that time he seldom chose any other scene for his stories than the early California which he knew so well.
Howells First Of Living American Novelists
PROBABLY the most popular of contemporary American men of letters is William Dean Howells, who easily ranks first among our living novelists. For over a half-century he has been one of the most prolific of American writers, yet not a single one of his novels or his books of essays or notes of travel can be called a pot-boiler.
Markham The Poet Of The American People
EDWIN MARKHAM and William Dean Howells I have selected as the best representatives of living American spiritual writers because of their work and their influence. In looking over the field of contemporary American authors one is apt to be misled by the ephemeral popularity of certain writers who shrewdly respond to the literary demands of the time.
THE popularity of coffee needs no emphasizing, and yet it is only during the last 250 years that this beverage has come to be generally used in the civilised countries of Western Europe. How it came by that popularity and whether it is as popular as it was in years gone by are questions which might make us think.
Coffee Plant
THE coffee plant belongs to the genus Coffea of the natural order Rubiaceae, an assemblage of plants including also the cinchonas, which yield quinine ; gambier, furnishing the tanning material and dye of the same name ; madder, and other useful plants.
Cultivation Of Coffee
As the methods of the cultivation of coffee and its preparation for market differ to some extent in various parts of the world, it will be best to give first a general account of the processes adopted, and to supplement this afterwards with notes on the industry in the different producing countries.
Preparation Of Coffee The For Market
THE cherries as gathered each contain normally two seeds or coffee beans. Each bean is enveloped by the thin delicate silver skin, and outside this by the parchment, and both are enclosed in the fleshy pulp of the outer portion of the fruit.
Principal Coffee Producing Countries
THE principal coffee-growing districts in Brazil are all included in the four states of San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Geraes, and Espiritu Santo, lying just within the tropics, as shown in the map at the end. It is recorded that in 1905 there were in the state of San Paulo no less than 16,015 coffee estates.
Arabia And Abyssinia Coffee
THE name Mocha coffee is applied generally to the coffee produced in these countries. The best portion of the crop, it is said, goes to Turkey and Egypt, being purchased on the trees by traders who themselves look after the picking and preparation.
Coffee Production In The British Empire
THE chief coffee-producing countries in the Empire are India, Jamaica, British Central Africa, and Ceylon. Small quantities of the product are grown also in Queensland, British Honduras, and Natal, whilst in almost every part of the tropical regions of the Empire one or other species of coffee is cultivated for local use.
Technical Terms Of Coffee
HAVING thus far dealt with the different kinds of coffee as to their history and present cultivation, it may perhaps be well to describe more fully sundry technical words which are in common use in the trade, and which have not always an obvious meaning.
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