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RUNNING homes is the greatest single business in America, towering above steel production, transportation, the motor industry, and the other familiar yard-sticks of power and size. This business is almost exclusively in the hands of the housewives of the country, who are said to spend 85 per cent of their husbands' weekly earnings and to plan with the husbands for the expenditure of an additional ten per cent.
Shopping - When Is A Bargain?
A bargain is an article which will meet a real need at a price lower than can generally be expected in satisfying that need. If the need is anticipated rather than immediate, there must be assurance that the purchase can be stored, that it will not deteriorate or become obsolete before it is to be put into use, that the price is not apt to go lower and, above all, that the need really will develop when and as anticipated.
Shopping - Buying Habits
Next to knowing what you want is knowing how you want to get it. Once upon a time the housewife went shopping with a capacious market basket or mesh bag on her arm. There were few stores from which to choose; she made her purchases, paid for them, and carried them home.
Shopping - Beauty And The Best
Time was when there was at least an unconscious assumption that ugliness was an index of utility, that the great god Hygiene must be worshiped only in a deadening white. Now there is promise of a refreshing change. Color has come into the kitchen and into the bathroom as well, and the restfulness of simple lines and masses has replaced fussiness in the furniture of the various other rooms.
Floor Coverings
HERE is a field which has seen great changes during the past twenty-five years. At the turn of the century Brussels and tapestry rugs were the vogue for the formal rooms, matting assured a musty smell for the bed-rooms of country homes, and the bare boards of the kitchen floor acquired dirt as rapidly and miraculously as a creeping infant.
Floor Coverings - Domestic Rugs
Following the usual classification we shall group as 'domestics' all machine-made rugs, wherever manufactured; rag and hooked rugs, and the fiber products. Several types of looms have been developed for the manufacture of rugs by machine. In two cases, Axminster and Wilton, the names come from the English towns in which the looms and processes of manufacture were first perfected; the chenille, on the other hand, is of French origin.
Floor Coverings - Oriental Rugs
Only within the last generation has the Oriental rug become a general article of commerce in the United States. Previously it was considered a luxury which only the privileged few could afford. Now the making of these rugs for the American trade has become an important industry from Greece through to the Far East, and acceptable Orientals may be had for comparatively moderate prices.
Floor Coverings - Care Of Rugs
Although this is a problem of housekeeping rather than of shopping, the buyer of a good rug or carpet must keep certain things in mind if she would get the service which she expects from her selection in the store. 1. Always lay rugs or carpets on smooth surfaces. 2. Never pull an apparently loose yarn or tuft out of a rug; cut it off even with the rest of the pile, for it escaped the shearing of the pile in the factory.
Floor Coverings - Linoleums, Etc.
For kitchen, pantry, and frequently bath, a smooth-surfaced covering of linoleum or substitute for linoleum is desirable, and its use is spreading to other than these service rooms. These coverings can be obtained in solid colors or in designs and can be made an important feature of the room's decoration. Linoleum is a product of finely ground cork mixed with linseed oil and pressed on a burlap backing.
FURNITURE comprises the largest and most expensive item in house furnishings and is by no means the easiest thing to buy intelligently. Good pieces are built to last (consider the number of beds still extant in which George Washington is alleged to have slept!), yet they have a very small resale value unless they are genuine antiques.
Furniture - Selling Methods And Sales
Furniture is divided into two groups: odd pieces and suites. A suite consists of two or more matched pieces, and the suite method of furnishing is generally associated with the dining room and with bedrooms. Living rooms are frequently furnished with ensembles, which are collections of odd pieces which produce a desired effect when arranged together in a room.
Furniture - Furniture Accessories
There is one group of furniture accessories which requires special consideration. This group comprises mattresses, pillows, and bedsprings. They are the great paradoxes because the test of their success is their ability to make one unconscious of them. A most important point to remember in buying beds and bedding is to select pieces of standardized dimensions.
Furniture - Sun Parlor, Porch, And Outdoor Furniture
Although 'wickerware' is a term still frequently heard in discussing furniture developed for the sun parlor and porch, the fine-woven basketwork to which it referred has been out of the market for many years. There is no such thing nowadays as wicker furniture.
Furniture - Summary And Hints For Shoppers
1. If you are at all doubtful of what is most appropriate for your needs, consult the interior decorating department in any reputable store and explain your problem fully. 2. Do not be prejudiced against veneer or plywood construction; it is frequently more durable and more adaptable to your needs than the unseasoned solid woods on the market.
House Furnishings
Color has come into the bathroom as it has into the kitchen. Blue, lavender, green, yellow, and red, often in pastel shades, may be repeated in many of the fixtures, stools, shower curtains and other appliances that once were to be had only in plain white. The shopper should bear in mind, however, that a great number of manufacturers are making bathroom accessories, and that each manufacturer has his own conceptions of color.
China And Glassware
Color decoration is applied by the decal process, hand painting, or a combination of both. The decal process is similar to that which children use in transferring decalcomania to paper or books. Indeed, most large potteries employ girls to cut out and apply decalcomanias, which come in sheet form. Careless, slipshod work here becomes plain in the finished ware, and irregularity of line and lack of artistry in the decoration are good reasons to suspect the quality of the body of the piece.
Silverware, Watches, And Jewelry
Silverware is divided into two main divisions: sterling and plated. Sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver and copper in the proportion of 925 parts of silver to every 75 parts of copper. This slight amount of copper hardens the comparatively soft and plastic silver and produces a successful product which has been standard for centuries, and which is protected by the government.
Leather Goods And Luggage
THE uses of leather and of imitation leathers are varied, including upholstery, sports apparel, gloves, and shoes, as well as luggage and women's handbags. Real leather is produced by the tanning of animal hides and its serviceability depends upon the quality of the hide and the skill and thoroughness of the tanning processes.
NEXT to foodstuffs, textiles have the highest frequency on the shopper's list. From sheer-silk hose and delicate handkerchiefs to heavy brocades and rough homespuns extends the broad domain of fabrics. To clothe herself and her family, to make the beds and set the dining table, and to provide the proper hangings and upholstery, the shopper must know her way about this domain.
Wearing Apparel
IT is in the field of clothing that the greatest revolution in household economy has taken place. Men, women, and children go to the stores for everything from hats to shoes and from underwear to overcoats. Where once the housewife personally controlled the material, workmanship, and design of every garment and thus knew its worth intimately, her modern counterpart makes purchases.
Toilet Preparations, Etc.
IN the great industrial museum in Munich is an exact reproduction of an apothecary shop of the Middle Ages. Here are preserved hippopotamus teeth, mummy dust, snake powder, dried spiders, the secret potions given to lovelorn maidens, and the various panaceas which our ancestors took in all good faith. American visitors to this relic of a bygone culture are said to get many a self-complacent laugh at the expense of the Middle Ages.
Package Groceries
UNDOUBTEDLY the greatest revolution in housekeeping routine is in the preparation of meals. The kitchen has become to a considerable degree merely a serving pantry. Compare, for instance, the old-fashioned method of making a meat soup with the new.
Menticulture - Theory
All of the evil passions are traceable to one of two roots. ANGER is the root of all the aggressive passions. WORRY is the root of all the cowardly passions.Envy, spite, revenge, impatience, annoyance, selfishness, prejudice, unrest, and the like are all phases of anger.Jealousy, fear, the belittling of self, the blues, and all the introspective forms of depression are the children of worry.
Menticulture - A Personal Experience
It was my privilege one evening to be with Prof. Fenollosa in his Japanesque apartment in Boston. Almost every article in view was the product of some Japanese artist who had been the friend of Prof. Fenollosa in Japan. The odor of incense added perceptibly to the calming influence of the environment.Many years ago we had met in far-off Japan amid similar surroundings, and had discussed theories of true living that had been a source of great pleasure to me...
Menticulture - Mental Ills
'Can anger and worry be entirely eliminated from the human mind ?' 'Yes; they are simply bad habits of the mind, parasites, unnatural, and therefore uncivilized conditions, nursed by false ideas of pride or necessity; and their elimination is a purely mental process within the control of every intelligent person who has sufficient self-respect to recognize within himself the reflection of the Divine Image.'
Menticulture - Plymouth Church Club And Armour Institute
A good example of a church club is that which forms part of Plymouth Church in Chicago. Plymouth Club was founded by Dr. Scudder and is warmly encouraged by Dr. Frank W. Gunsaulus, the present pastor of the church. Dr. Gunsaulus is also president of Armour Institute, where manual training is taught side by side with letters and the sciences to men and women alike.
Menticulture - Diagnosis And Remedy
It is believed by many, that Society and Politics, at the present time, are badly diseased. Mr. Max Nordau's diagnosis of them, which he entitled Degeneration, has met with general approval. Legislative (especially municipal) corruption, and the degradation of some of the courts, are open evidence of the fact Statesmanship and Politics have been divorced, and are already strangers to each other.
Menticulture - Prescription For Mental Ills
One grain of the assurance of Christ that man is made in the image of God.One grain of respect for the responsibility of the care and culture of the Divine Essence with which we have been entrusted. One grain of the command of Christ (implying a possibility) 'Be ye perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect.' One grain of the example of Buddha that man can grow to perfection through the elimination of anger and worry and their brood of dependent passions.
Menticulture - Scraps Of Evidence
Early in life I was fortunate enough to acquire the belief that, what seemed to be the consensus of opinion of the learned in any art or science, ought to be true; and, accepting their dictum, I have tried to grow up to an appreciation of their intelligence or taste in the subjects of their study, without combatting it with my own callow impressions.
Menticulture - First Principles Overlooked
Simplicity and harmony are the ultimate conditions to be attained in all things. In literature, and in music, and in oratory, and in painting, and in mechanics, and in life, simplicity is at once the greatest charm, and the best evidence of merit. In mechanics, a simple little device usually perfects the great labor-saving machine.
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