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Children's Diseases
The entire science of children's diseases, pediatrics, will be materially and decidedly aided by this therapy. The proper use of the simple antisepticizing treatments will be found to be a godsend in most all ailments, diseases, weaknesses or indispositions of infants and children.
Undernourished infants and children whose chief apparent difficulty is digesting their food and are said to be suffering from malnutrition, respond very nicely under the proper, daily or twice daily use of the antisepticizing treatments, and a simple diet...
Common Practice Of Mouth Breathing In The Young
The means and principles of this system are specific, definite and positive means for the correction of mouth breathing. In many infants and children mouth breathing may be present the entire time throughout the twenty-four hours.
Diseases Of The Kidneys And Bladder
Diseases of the kidneys and bladder and other genitourinary diseases are helped to a remarkable degree by this therapy ; relief or cures which otherwise are impossible are thereby brought about.
Venereal Diseases
Venereal diseases are usually contracted by people who are temporarily in a condition of lowered resistance. In studying the daily personal history of these patients closely, this fact will quickly become evident.
Weakened Ligaments
Weakening of the various ligaments of the body is relieved and cured by these methods. These ligaments are the supports or straps which hold the various organs and structures of the body in place.
Skin Diseases
We have a right to the same feeling of optimism and expectations of effectiveness in the ability of this work to obtain alleviations and cures of most diseases of the skin as we have toward most diseases of any other organ or part of the body.
Nervous Diseases - Nervous Breakdown (Neurasthenia, Psychasthenia)
Nervous breakdown, neurasthenia, is a disease which can be put readily and effectively under control and cured in comparatively short time by the methods, means and principles of this system. This disease is not due so much to overwork or any of the numerous other ridiculous causes so commonly mentioned.
The theories and principles of this system bear out the reasonableness of the complaints of the so called nervous hypochondriac or hysterical patient. According to this system, accusing these patients of complaining in vain is unfair.
Dizziness - (vertigo)
Dizziness or vertigo is a symptom found in many illnesses and diseases and is not a disease in itself. As a frequent, persistent symptom, it is most commonly met with in people about middle age or just past middle age. Irrespective of the causative factors, nothing relieves this distressing complaint as quickly as the daily or almost daily use of the antisepticizing treatments.
Headaches - Head Pains - Neuralgias
A headache is only a symptom and not a disease in itself. Headaches may be caused by most any illness, disease, indisposition, weakness or bodily change; then again they may be absent in the most serious illnesses. Very few cases of headaches, whether severe or mild, will be encountered which will not yield to an antisepticizing treatment or two.
Only people quite ill or people afflicted with a marked common foundation of disease and its pronounced, generalized effects, suffer with persistent insomnia. Excepting cases due to accidental causes, persistent insomnia means the presence of a marked or decided common foundation of disease.
Disturbing Dreams
In healthy or normal people the best check we have of the correctness and purity of the food eaten is the presence or absence of dreams upon retiring. In well people, with absolutely pure and proper food, there will be no dreams.
Disturbed Sleep
Disturbed sleep may assume a multitude of forms. Slight twitchings of the limbs or different parts of the limbs may be present; violent forms of twitchings may occur. All forms of sounds and noises may be emitted by the person while asleep, even prolonged sentences may be spoken ; mouth breathing, snoring or emitting other unintelligible remarks are all forms of disturbed sleep.
The Relief Of Tremors, Twitchings, Trembling Of The Hands
Tremors, twitchings, trembling of the hands, tremors of the tongue, either in the young or old, are easily and readily relieved and mostly cured by the treatments and other methods and principles of this system. These tremors may be present in the hands, feet, upper or lower limbs, tongue or face.
Mental Diseases
Psychiatrists complain that permanent or even beneficial results in their field are obtained too slowly by present day methods, taking on the average from one to three or more years and only too frequently not at all.
The explanation for underweight will be found in the person's common foundation of disease, intensified by the continual eating of harmful food; both these errors or unfavorable factors have existed, as a rule, for the greater part of the individual's life.
Obese people, people who are overweight, who seem to be inclined to be lazy, will lose considerable weight and have their energy rapidly restored by the faithful, constant application of the antisepticizing treatments, the dietary principles and other methods of this system.
Drug Addiction
Again the fact that such a thing as a common foundation of disease exists is invariably proven to be present in the cases of these poor, unfortunate drug addicts. The writer has as yet failed to find one such addict who did not have a decidedly marked common foundation of disease.
Many people indulge in alcoholic liquors; only the exception becomes a chronic drunkard. Undoubtedly there are reasons just why some become addicted to its use and others again do not. Hereditary factors, or more properly speaking, environment frequently, but not always play a part in this.
Anemia And Increasing The Hemoglobin Of The Blood
The lower the percentage of the hemoglobin content of the blood, the more severe the anemia. Most anemias are due to the same general and specific causes described by this system ; these same causes induce most all our ailments.
Tumors - Cancer
As a result of the wonderful, successful response to treatment which was obtained in most ailments, sicknesses and diseases by these methods and therapy, the writer has grown more and more enthusiastic daily and has not hesitated to use these methods and therapy even in cases of all types and kinds of malignant tumors and has always been rewarded by some encouragement in all cases...
A Broader System Of Medicine
THE common foundation system of medicine is extremely simple, highly practical, efficient and possessing in most respects the quality of mathematical accuracy.
Shortening The Hospital Stay Of The Patient
Another pleasant thought in connection with this work is the fact that it will empty our hospitals of most of their patients and will greatly shorten hospitalization. The reason for this is that it is almost impossible to keep most patients in bed for any considerable length of time when these methods are used.
Youth Prolonged Old Age Deferred
The average person grows old prematurely. In the space of a few short years, after most people have reached an age which is far from middle age, they will suddenly present all the appearances and characteristics of middle age. Many men and women will go along nicely for a number of years and then rapidly begin to show signs of aging.
Curability Of Supposedly Incurable Diseases
The public and many members of the medical profession are laboring under the mistaken idea that many of our common and rare diseases are incurable; and that many operations are unavoidable and must be risked; they believe there is no other way out.
A Logical Explanation For Failures In Life
If we will carefully study and analyze the life history of men and women who have been successful in business, but who later failed, we will be surprised to find that in most instances the explanation for failure will be found in poor health which has overtaken these people more concretely, in their common foundation of disease which has finally succeeded in upsetting them.
Prevention Of Untimely Deaths
The definite abilities of this system to rather rapidly control the progress of disease, makes possible in most cases the prevention of untimely deaths.
The prime object of this work is to enable most people to live to a ripe, old age with all their physical and mental faculties in good order. By the principles and means of this system, longevity can be made the rule and not the exception.
The body of the average individual inherently has the power to live to an age far beyond the biblical three score and ten. The body will continue living unless violently interfered with by powerful factors given rise to by disease or accident.
Good Health - Conclusion
The concluding remarks of the writer's contribution to the Medical Clinics of North America of November 1925, New York Number, are quoted here in full: One inquires what is to be done about it all? What a tremendous amount of reorganization we will have to go through. It will all have to go back to the colleges for proper and careful lucid teaching to the student body.
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