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Bad Food As The Commonest Cause For Marital Incompatibility
Many a quarreling couple is unaware that the explanation for their seeming uncongeniality is not due so much to mental or spiritual incompatibility as much as to a gnawing, disease breeding, nerve racking common foundation of disease with which either one or both are affected.
Cathartics should work fairly rapidly; that is, at least within six to eight hours after being taken, other-wise if the action of the cathartic is too slow, the desired effect is lost. Cathartics are usually taken for the purpose of eliminating bad food, and especially to prevent the absorption of the harmful or poisonous ingredients of the bad foods.
Sinus Diseases
NASAL sinusitis in all its various forms acute, chronic and otherwise is rapidly, surely and definitely alleviated or cured by common foundationing and the accessory principles of this system.
Latent Or Silent Sinusitis Or Unrecognized Sinusitis
Many sick people have never complained of any sinus, nose or throat trouble, and to their knowledge they have never had any diseases of the nose, throat or sinuses. Many of these patients may even state that as far as they know, they never had any symptoms, signs or complaints referable to the nose.
Eye Diseases
The successful prevention, relief or treatment of most all diseases of the eyes are assured by these methods; a larger percentage of successful results is obtained and in short time. In fact, these curative means are almost a specific in most diseases of the eye, just as they are in most diseases of the ears, and the other organs of the body.
Nose And Throat Diseases
Most nose and throat diseases can be pleasantly cured with surprising ease and rapidity by these methods. The different forms of sinusitis are by far the commonest diseases of the nose. Painful sinuses, pains or tenderness over the sinuses disappear very quickly under the simple use of the antisepticizing treatments.
Common Cold
The antisepticizing treatment is a specific for the common cold. The common cold (coryza, rhinitis), becomes quite easy to handle by means of the antisepticizing treatments and the simple dietary rules of this system. The antisepticizing treatments control the cold very quickly and definitely providing the dietary rules of this system are strictly adhered to.
Avoidability Of Removing Tonsils And Adenoids
It is not absolutely necessary to remove diseased tonsils and adenoids. No matter how swollen, diseased and enlarged the tonsils and adenoids may be, they can be healed completely and made small and normal by the means of this system.
Chronic Cold
All chronic colds are really cases of chronic nasal sinusitis. Usually many of the different sinuses of the individual are chronically inflamed, and have probably been so for a long time. In most, if not all of these patients, all the nasal sinuses are more or less infected, some quite extensively, and again others only to an almost imperceptible degree.
Curability Of Nasal Polyps
Ordinarily, it is the generally accepted opinion that a nose infested with numerous polyps is quite impossible of definite, permanent relief and cure.
Ear Diseases
The treatment of all diseases of the ears is greatly simplified by these methods and therapy. In most cases highly successful results are obtained with almost mathematical exactness and dispatch and with surprising rapidity by just the use of the nasal antisepticizing treatments.
Teeth - Their Permanent Preservation
The only way in which to permanently keep our teeth is to be sure we possess a good nose as defined herein a common foundation of good health. In the Dental Digest, September 1924, the writer published a treatise on the teeth, which he termed - The Relationship of the Nose and Throat to the Teeth, Their Permanent Preservation.
Diseases Of The Lungs - Bronchitis
Bronchitis is just as easily and simply relieved and cured by the use of the antisepticizing treatments as so many other ailments and diseases already mentioned or to be mentioned. As a rule, just one or two antisepticizing treatments will restore the patient's confidence and prove to the patient that he will quickly get well under the continued use of these treatments.
October 12, 1918, the writer published a thesis on what he considered were some of the fundamental principles for the prevention, alleviation and cure of tuberculosis, in the New York Medical Journal under the title - The Real Value of Fresh Air in Tuberculosis and Many Infectious Diseases.
Infantile Paralysis, Influenza, Grippe, Etc.
Such infections as infantile paralysis should be impossible and have no dread for the public when the preventive and rapidly curative values of the nasal antisepticizing treatments are properly understood and used.
Acute Diseases Of The Heart
Almost all cases of heart diseases of both the acute and chronic types are secondary to focal infection from the absorption of germs or their poisons (toxins) or both from local foci.
Chronic Heart Diseases
People suffering with disease of the heart muscle it-self or disease of the blood vessels or nerves of the heart which occur mostly in middle aged or older people, are very nicely helped by these methods. The cause of these troubles is undoubtedly due to focal infection,and nothing will as quickly relieve this as common foundationing.
Hardening Of The Arteries - High Blood Pressure
The commonest form of the three kinds of degenerative diseases is hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), with its principal and commonest symptom of high blood pressure. This is also a condition which is a result of the evil effects of a common foundation of disease, maintained or rather continued by bad food.
Degenerative Forms Of Kidney Diseases
Diseases of the kidneys due to degenerative processes are the least common of all the degenerative diseases met with. In essence, it is of the same nature, caused in the same manner as the degenerative disease of the heart and blood vessels.
Acute And Chronic Rheumatism Of The Joints, Muscles And Nerves; Gout
Acute or chronic rheumatism whether of the muscles of different parts of the body or of different joints of the body (arthritis), lumbago (rheumatism of the large muscles of the back), sciatica (rheumatism of the sciatic nerve in back of the thigh and leg), neuralgia (rheumatism of any nerve of the body), myositis (acute inflammatory rheumatism of any muscle of the body)...
Abdominal Diseases
The majority of abdominal diseases are due principally to deficient oxygen intake and focal infection derived from the nasal sinuses a well established common foundation of disease and are, therefore, quite amenable to relief and cure by the treatments and methods of this system.
Stomach And Intestinal Diseases Ulcers Of The Stomach And Intestines
Most of the usual and common diseases of the stomach and intestines are prevented and those present are quickly relieved or cured by the methods and means of this system. Acute indigestion due to bad or poor food, injudicious selection of food, chronic indigestion, chronic gastritis, hyperacidity, dyspepsia and ulcers of the stomach make up the large percentage of stomach diseases.
The majority of cases of indigestion are due to impure, bad or decomposed food. Overeating of good, safe food is rarely if ever a cause of indigestion. Foods that cause indigestion have food poison in them. There is no known, rapid test for the most common food poisons, for those minute, fine traces of poisons which so commonly occur in most of our daily foods...
Most cases of constipation are due to the eating of bad foods and the harmful effects which such bad foods have on the person's common foundation of disease.
As a general rule, under the constant, persistent use of the antisepticizing treatments, the patient ill with acute appendicitis will quickly get well without an operation. Rapidity of relief from all symptoms will be directly in proportion to how soon after the onset of the attack of appendicitis the administration of the antisepticizing treatments has been started.
Diabetes Mellitus
The experience the writer has had with this therapy in diabetic patients has been highly encouraging. This therapy undoubtedly will be found to be a great help to the physician in prolonging the life of these patients, and aid materially in making and maintaining their urine sugar-free.
Avoiding Infections, Ulcers, Gangrene, amputations In Diabetic People
By the conscientious and timely use of the principles and means of common foundationing in people suffering with diabetes, such sad calamities as amputations will become rarities. Ulcers of the feet or other parts can be materially aided towards a speedy and successful recovery and thereby gangrene avoided.
Typhoid Fever
The writer has not had the opportunity to try either the antisepticizing treatments or any of the other methods of common foundationing in typhoid fever, but an associate of his has and the latter was highly enthusiastic with the remarkable aid obtained in the treatment of this disease by the use of the antisepticizing treatments.
Female Diseases
Persistent leucorrheal discharges, which are otherwise stubborn and difficult of relief, will be greatly aided and often complete relief made possible only by correcting the patient's common foundation of disease. Frequently most leucorrheal and vaginal discharges will be relieved and finally cured by merely correcting the patient's common foundation of disease.
Common Foundationing In Maternity Cases And The Lowering Of The Mortality Thereby;
The antisepticizing treatments and possibly some of the other minor surgical means are equally valuable in obstetrical (maternity) cases. The writer is positive that the mortality rate will be greatly lessened when the antisepticizing treatments will be properly used in all maternity cases.
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