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Bacteria As Sources Of Trouble To The Farmer
While the topics already considered comprise the most important factors in agricultural bacteriology, the farmer's relations to bacteria do not end here. These organisms come incidentally into his life in many ways. They are not always his aids as they are in most of the instances thus far cited.
Relation Of Bacteria To Coal
Another one of Nature's processes in which bacteria have played an important part is in the formation of coal. It is unnecessary to emphasize the importance of coal in modern civilization. Aside from its use as fuel, upon which civilization is dependent, coal is a source of an endless variety of valuable products.
Parasitic Bacteria And Their Relation To Disease
PERHAPS the most universally known fact in regard to bacteria is that they are the cause of disease. It is this fact that has made them objects of such wide interest. This is the side of the subject that first attracted attention, has been most studied, and in regard to which there has been the greatest accumulation of evidence.
Pathogenic Germs Which Are Not Strictly Parasitic
Recognising that bacteria may produce poisons, we readily see that it is not always necessary that they should be parasites in order to produce trouble. In their ordinary growth in Nature such bacteria will produce no trouble.The poisons will be produced in decaying material but will seldom be taken into the human body.
What Diseases Are Due To Bacteria?
It is, of course, an extremely important matter to determine to what extent human diseases are caused by bacteria. It is not easy, nor indeed possible, to do this to-day with accuracy. It is no easy matter to prove that any particular disease is caused by bacteria.
Variability Of Pathogenic Powers
As has already been stated, our ideas of the relation of bacteria to disease have undergone quite a change since they were first formulated, and we recognise other factors influencing disease besides the actual presence of the bacterium.
Recovery From Germ Diseases
These resisting forces are not always sufficient to drive off the invaders. The organisms may retain their hold in the body for a time and eventually break down the resistance. After this they may multiply unimpeded and take entire possession of the body.
Diseases Caused By Other Organisms Than Bacteria
Although the purpose of this work is to deal primarily with the bacterial world, it would hardly be fitting to leave the subject without some reference to diseases caused by organisms which do not belong to the group of bacteria.
Methods Of Combating Parasitic Bacteria
THE chief advantage of knowing the cause of disease is that it gives us a vantage ground from which we may hope to find means of avoiding its evils. The study of medicine in the past historyof the world has been almost purely empirical, with a very little of scientific basis.
Bacteria In Surgery
In no line of preventive medicine has bacteriology been of so much, value and so striking in its results as in surgery. Ever since surgery has been practised surgeons have had two difficulties to contend with. The first has been the shock resulting from the operation.
Prevention In Inoculation
It has long been recognised that in most cases recovery from one attack of a contagious disease renders an individual more or less immune against a second attack. It is unusual for an individual to have the same contagious disease twice.
Limits Of Preventive Medicine
With all the advance in preventive medicine we can not hope to avoid disease entirely. We are discovering that the sources of disease are on all sides of us, and so omnipresent that to avoid them completely is impossible.
Curative Medicine
Bacteriology has hitherto contributed less to curative than to preventive medicine. Nevertheless, its contributions to curative medicine have not been unimportant, and there is promise of much more in the future. It is, of course, unsafe to make predictions for the future, but the accomplishments of the last few years give much hope as to further results.
In very recent times, however, our bacteriologists have been pointing out to the world certainentirely new means of assisting the body to fight its battles with bacterial diseases. As already noticed, one of the primal forces in the recovery, from some diseases, at least, is the development in the body of a substance which acts as an antidote to the bacterial poison.
Bacteria - Conclusion
It is hoped that the outline which has been given of the bacterial life of Nature may serve to give some adequate idea of these organisms and correct the erroneous impressions in regard to them which are widely prevalent. It will be seen that, as our friends, bacteria play a vastly more important part in Nature than they do as our enemies.
Good Health - General Propositions
THE general purpose of this work is to prove conclusively that the maintenance of lasting good health in the average man, woman and child is a real, practical, everyday possibility; and to teach simple, accurate means for the maintaining and where necessary, the obtaining of this much desired state of health.
Permanent Good Health A Possibility?
Is the possession and maintenance of permanent good health in most of us a possibility? This can undoubtedly be answered in the affirmative. By the proper use of certain simple, harmless means and principles presented herein, permanent good health can be maintained in the average person throughout a fairly long life.
Medicine For Permanent Good Health
THIS system of medicine is known as the common foundation system of medicine for the following reasons: The explanation of the origin of disease and the efforts to prevent, alleviate, or cure most sicknesses and diseases, are concerned chiefly with and are directed principally against a common source or location of the body.
Our Common Foundation Of Good Health
A common foundation of good health is a certain, highly normal state and definite, symmetrical arrangement and construction of all the structures that go to make up the nose, the interior of the nose (the two nasal fossae) and all the surrounding structures these include all the accessory nasal sinuses.
Our Common Foundation Of Disease
THE interior of the nose of the average person is poorly constructed; it is too poorly constructed for the good and welfare of the average person. This, in its final analysis, is the principal explanation and reason for most of our ailments, diseases, weaknesses, nervousness, etc.
Origin And Causation Of Disease
Why did man get into trouble with his health? When did man first begin to suffer from diseases? Germs, undoubtedly, must have antedated man by ages and ages. As long as man's resistance remained perfect, he was practically free of disease.
Definition Of Common Foundationing
COMMON foundationing a patient is the process of correcting or turning the patient's common foundation of disease into a common foundation of good health by certain, definite means and principles devised by the writer.
Antisepticizing Spray For The Patient's Home Use
The following is a simple, easily applied and extremely useful antisepticizing treatment for the patient's home use. It is a modification of the one the physician uses. The general cooperation of the patient is all important. Aside from the personal attention the physition gives the patient, the patient must assist continually.
Vagus Nerves
The vagus or pneumogastric nerves control the rate and force of the heart action. The marked toxemia (germ poisoning) present in all serious and dangerous illnesses particularly in the critical stages of such illnesses as pneumonia, appendicitis and other serious illnesses poisons the nerve centers of the pneumogastric nerves.
Determining The Causes Of A Disease
The Etiology We hope that this will assist materially in simplifying the understanding of the causation of most of our illnesses and diseases. If we acknowledge and recognize a common foundation of disease, then the causation of diseases is neither as mysterious nor incomprehensible as is generally believed.
Foretelling The Course And Outcome Of A Sickness
The prognosis or the foretelling of the course and termination of a disease is greatly simplified by this system. As a general rule, we may permit ourselves a much more optimistic prognosis where the therapy of this system is properly applied.
Detrimental Effects Of Disease, Pathology Of Disease
The pathology of disease or the detrimental changes brought about in the tissues and structures of the body by disease-producing agencies, in most instances, are not regarded as hopeless of correction in the light of this system.
Dietary Rules - The Effects Of Bad Food
CONTINUING the basic idea of this system, which is devoted to seeking practically definiteness of results in both the prevention and cure of illnesses, the diet is also selected with these same objects in view this is the desire for obtaining definite results by the use of only certain foods.
General Diet
The diet should consist of the simplest and freshest of foods. As much as possible, only sterile or freshly sterilized foods should be eaten.
Scientific Diet For Sick Or Ailing People
The scientific diet of this system for sick or ailing people is the basic diet containing the simplest and most easily digestible of only absolutely fresh and sterile or freshly sterilized foods. It is the fundamental diet from which all other diets start.
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