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Strawberries For Decoration
Flowers may be secured from strawberries in a somewhat similar manner. They should not be dug up, however, until after the ground has been frozen for at least two weeks. There is not as much need with them to thaw out the ground gradually, and they may be placed directly in the sunlight. The strawberry plants will not bloom as soon as the pansies, but flowers you are sure to get.
Winter Care Of Outdoor Plants
Generally a few thrifty geranium slips have been started early in the fall to produce flowers during the winter, writes Cora B. Williams, so there remains the work of preserving the old plants which have spent their vitality in almost perpetual bloom throughout the summer.
Favorite House Plants
Nearly everybody keeps house plants, more or less, writes Mrs. E. B. Murray of Saranac county, New York, but how few have flowers all the time or even more than now and then, and yet it is a comparatively easy thing if one only knows how.
Bulbs For The House
Upon the care we give our plants and bulbs during the fall depends in a great measure the joy we will get from them in the year to come, writes H. Hunt. Neglected then, they will be so weakened by the long, cold winter that a whole season will be required in which to recuperate, or we must mourn the loss of them entirely. Bulbs and plants that are to go into the house or cellar should not be left out too long, as there is danger that the frost will penetrate to the roots enough to destroy their vitality.
Book Of The Round Table And The Three Quests
IN the beginning of King Arthur, after that he was chosen king by adventure and by grace, for the most part the barons knew not that he was Utherpendragon's son, but as Merlin made it appear openly known.
Book Of Morgan Le Fay, And The Three Damsels
THEN after the quests of Sir Gawaine, of Sir Tor, and of King Pellinore, Merlin fell in a dotage on the damsel that King Pellinore brought to the court with him ; and she was one of the damsels of the lake, Nimue by name.
Book Of Sir Launcelot Du Lake
Now leave we of Sir Tristram de Lyons, and speak we of Sir Launcelot du Lake, and Sir Galahad, Sir Launcelot's son, how he was begotten, and in what manner. Afore the time that Sir Galahad was begotten or born, there came in a hermit unto King Arthur, on Whitsunday, as the knights sat at the Round Table...
Book Of Sir Galahad
AT the vigil of Pentecost, when all the fellowship of the Round Table were come unto Camelot, and there they all heard their service, and then all the tables were covered, ready to set thereon the meat, right so entered into the hall a full fair gentlewoman on horseback, that had ridden full fast, for her horse was all besweat.
Book Of Sir Percivale
Now, saith the tale, that when Sir Launcelot was ridden after Sir Galahad, his son, the which had all these adventures here rehearsed, Sir Percivale returned again unto the recluse, where he deemed to have tidings of that knight which Sir Launcelot followed...
Book Of The Achievement Of The Holy Grail
As, saith the history, that when Sir Galahad had rescued Sir Percivale from the twenty knights, he rode unto a waste forest, wherein he rode many journeys, and found there many adventures, which he brought to an end. Then he took his way to sea on a day...
Book Of Sir Mador
Now after that the quest of the Sancgreal was fulfilled, and that all the knights that were left alive were come again to the Round Table, as the book of the Sancgreal maketh mention, then there was there great joy in the court, and especially King Arthur and Queen Guenever made great joy of the remnant that were come home...
Book Of Elaine
IThus it passed forth until our Lady-day, the assumption, and within fifteen days of that feast, King Arthur let cry a great joust and tournament that should be at that day at Camelot, that is, Winchester : and the King let cry that he, and the King of Scotland, would joust against all that would come against them.
Book Of The Queen's Maying
AND thus it passed on from Candlemas until after Easter, that the month of May was come, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to- bring forth fruit. For, like as herbs and trees bring forth fruit, and flourish in May, in like-wise every lusty heart, that is in any manner a lover, springeth and flourisheth in lusty deeds...
Book Of Sir Launcelot And The King
AT that season of the merry month of May, when every heart flourisheth and rejoiceth; for, as the season is lusty to behold and comfortable, so man and woman rejoice, and be glad of summer coming with her fresh flowers : for winter, with his rough winds and blasts, causeth a lusty man and woman to cower, and sit by the fire.
Book Of The Morte D' Arthur
As Sir Mordred was ruler of all England, he caused letters to be made, as though they came from beyond the sea, and the letters specified that King Arthur was slain in battle with Sir Launcelot ; wherefore Sir Mordred made a parliament, and called the lords together, and there he made them to chuse him King, and so he was crowned at Canterbury, and held a feast there fifteen days.
Bacteria As Plants
DURING the last fifteen years the subject of bacteriology has developed with a marvellous rapidity. At the beginning of the ninth decade of the century bacteria were scarcely heard of outside of scientific circles, and very little was known about them even among scientists.
What Are Bacteria?
The most interesting facts connected with the subject of bacteriology concern the powers and influence in Nature possessed by the bacteria.
Spore Formation
In addition to their power of reproduction by simple division, many species of bacteria have a second method by means of spores. Spores are special rounded or oval bits of bacteria protoplasm capable of resisting adverse conditions which would destroy the ordinary bacteria.
Classification Of Bacteria
While it has generally been recognised that bacteria are plants, any further classification has proved a matter of great difficulty, and bacteriologists find it extremely difficult to devise means of distinguishing species. Their extreme simplicity makes it no easy matter to find points by which any species can be recognised.
Where Bacteria Are Found
There are no other plants or animals so universally found in Nature as the bacteria. It is this universal presence, together with their great powers of multiplication, which renders them of so much importance in Nature. They exist almost everywhere on the surface of the earth.
Miscellaneous Use Of Bacteria In The Arts
THE foods upon which bacteria live are in endless variety, almost every product of animal or vegetable life serving to supply their needs. Some species appear to require somewhat definite kinds of food, and have therefore rather narrow conditions of life, but the majority may live upon a great variety of organic compounds.
Benefits Derived From The Products Of Bacterial Life
While bacteria thus play a part in our industries simply from their power of producing decomposition, it is primarily because of the products of their action that they are of value. Wherever bacteria seize hold of organic matter and feed upon it, there are certain to be developed new chemical compounds, resulting largely from decomposition, but partly also from constructive processes.
Relation Of Bacteria To The Dairy Industry
DAIRYING is one of the most primitive of our industries. From the very earliest period, ever since man began to keep domestic cattle, he has been familiar with dairying. During these many centuries certain methods of procedure have been developed which produce desired results.
Effect Of Bacteria On Milk
The first and most universal change effected in milk is its souring. So universal is this phenomenon that it is generally regarded as an inevitable change which can not be avoided, and, as already pointed out, has in the past been regarded as anormal property of milk.
Bacteria In Butter Making
Cream ripening.—Passing from milk to butter, we find a somewhat different story, inasmuch as here bacteria are direct allies to the dairyman rather than his enemies. Without being aware of it, butter makers have for years been making use of bacteria in their butter making and have been. profiting by the products which the bacteria have furnished them.
Use Of Artificial Bacteria Cultures For Cream Ripening
Bacteriologists have been for some time endeavouring to aid butter makers in this direction by furnishing them with the bacteria needful for the best results in cream ripening. The method of doing this is extremely simple in principle, but proves to be somewhat difficult in practice.
Bacteria In Cheese
Cheese ripening.—The third great product of the dairy industry is cheese, and in connection with this product the dairyman is even more dependent upon bacteria than he is in the production of butter. In the manufacture of cheese the casein of the milk is separated from the other products by the use of rennet, and is collected in large masses and pressed, forming the fresh cheese.
Bacteria In Natural Processes - Agriculture
THUS far, in considering the relations of bacteria to mankind, we have taken into account only the arts and manufactures, and have found bacteria playing no unimportant part in many of the industries of our modern civilized life.
Bacteria As Agents In Nature's Food Cycle
But the matter by no means ends here. When we come to think of it, it is a matter of consider-able surprise that the surface of the earth has been able to continue producing animals and plants for the many millions of years during which life has been in existence.
Relation Of Bacteria To Agriculture
We have already noticed that bacteria play an important part in some of the agricultural industries, particularly in the dairy. From the consideration of the matters just discussed, it is manifest that these organisms must have an even more intimate relation to the farmer's occupation.
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