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Business Letter Writing In General
Ask any business man what is the most important factor in the transaction of his affairs and he will unhesitatingly tell you it is his business correspondence. Measured by results, nothing in the whole realm of business can even approach it.
Business Letter Writing - Application For Position
Very often, about the first business letter a young man writes is one applying for a position. It is his first attempt to break into the game of business, and there are certain rules of the game that he should know and observe. The first is the kind of stationery he should use. Usually one of the most disagreeable tasks a business man has to do is to wade through a mass of answers to his advertisement for help wanted.
Business Letter Writing - Introduction And Answering Inquiries
Through a Letter of Introduction a person not present makes two other persons acquainted. The letter should say what the writer would say if personally present. That is the rule in all correspondence, and the more closely it is followed the more successful it will be.
Business Letter Writing - Ordering Goods, Etc.
In no branch of business letter writing is definiteness and detail more necessary than in ordering goods. In no other branch are more things left unsaid that should have been said. No other branch is so fruitful of delay and unnecessary correspondence. Of all letters these are the easiest to write and the most frequently incomplete.
Business Letter Writing - Complaints
Somewhere between the receipt of an order for goods and their delivery to the customer, something, sometimes, will go wrong. And this in spite of the most careful systems of inspection, packing and shipping. It is often difficult to put one's finger on the time and place where the system broke down, but first thing we know a customer has received the wrong goods...
Business Letter Writing - Adjustments
Trade that is worth going after is worth keeping. The only way to keep it is to satisfy it—in the quality of the merchandise—in the price—in the prompt and efficient service—in the adjustment of complaints—in the handling of collections—in the whole-souled cooperation that recognizes that the manufacturer's as well as the jobber's duty to the customer is never wholly...
Business Letter Writing - Collections
A heavy responsibility rests upon the collection department of any business. One obligation is to see to it that the accounts are kept paid up as close as possible in order to provide funds for the carrying on of the business, and the other is to do this in a way that will not give offense to the customers and so lose their trade.
Business Letter Writing - Installment Accounts
Installment accounts present different conditions that call for different treatment. Instead of dealing with business men and firms, they are, for the most part, individual accounts, back of which there is little, if any, financial responsibility, outside of the hold that the house may have, by contract of conditional sale, chattel mortgage or the like.
Business Letter Writing - Sales Letters, Form Letters
In the study of business letter writing we have thus far considered, under the headings of Answering Inquiries, Acknowledging Orders, Adjustments and Collections, cases where the letters have been part of the daily routine of business, all based upon communications from or transactions with customers or possible customers.
Business Letter Writing - Reviving Old Customers
Every business house finds that it has a varying number of customers who, for some reason or another, have not reordered for a considerable period of time. The natural inference is that they have gone elsewhere for their more recent requirements. It therefore becomes most important to know why this has happened, whether the goods or the service may be at fault.
Modern Merchandising Distribution
From the beginning of time the production of merchandise has been the tangible evidence of the development of civilization. Throughout the coming years it will bear witness to the progress of the human race. In the early days of our country's history, the pioneers, by force of circumstances, were compelled to produce practically everything they needed.
Modern Merchandising - Jobbing Trend Toward Broader Lines
The force that urges us on is the desire for more business. That which we have is not enough. Trade this year is ahead of that of last year. Consequently, unless progress is going to be halted, next year's business must show an increase over that of this year.
Modern Merchandising - Display And Sale
There is more to the business of retailing than simply having a store that is stocked with goods, even of the kind that the public wants. As between two stores, one with a bright, cheery exterior, with show windows wide and well lighted, displaying its merchandise amid pleasing, artistic settings, whose aisles are broad, whose goods are conveniently arranged for easy examination, and another store carrying the very same goods, but dingy in its exterior, negligent of its windows and careless in the display of the wares there shown...
Making Horticulture Pay
If one really desires to succeed in horticulture, nothing can stop him. The little failures that may appear from time to time with various plants, and in different seasons, always lead to better directed efforts, and consequently better success, provided the desire to have a garden is genuine. Supposing some kinds continue to fail even under the best of treatment, one is not obliged to give up.
Soil And Its Care
There is no set standard for measuring the qualities or classifying the merits of soils. Some soils are naturally fit for fruits and vegetables, others have to be bolstered up and coaxed and others are altogether out of garden and orchard classes. These last are few. They are too insignificant to serve as drawbacks. On every farm a garden patch and a fruit plantation site can be found.
Fertilizers And Fertilizing
In gardening two factors are essential: First, a soil that is capable of absorbing and holding water without being so compact and tight as to prevent free movement of water in all directions, and, second, plant food. 'Probably a typical garden soil would be a sandy loam,' writes Dr. E. B. Voorhees, director of the New jersey Experiment Station.
Lime Or Limestone
Lime is applied to the soil mainly to make heavy soils lighter, to make sour soils sweet, to make certain mineral compounds soluble so plants can utilize them, and to act upon the organic matter and make it release plant food.
Great Value Of Humus
Humus in the soil has seldom been taken at its full worth. The mission which it fulfills is second in importance only to that which is fulfilled by the presence of plant food in the soil. Humus is helpful in keeping soil in proper physical balance, in binding soils that are much prone to blow, in increasing the power of soils to absorb and hold moisture and in making more effective the action of...
Water And Its Control
The importance of having the garden well drained is not half appreciated. Of course, if the land is naturally Well drained there would be no necessity of doing the thing artificially. But if the land is low or pockety, it is likely to need draining. While water is necessary to crop growing, excess of water is a detriment in several conspicuous ways.
Conservation Of Moisture
Eastern and southern farmers have much to gain by close study of the methods employed in the West to conserve moisture in the soil, because water saving is their problem, also. When an abundant, well-distributed supply of rain prevails, good crops follow. This order of things is not the general rule, however, as every crop grower well knows.
Function Of Cultivation
Plow deeply, harrow deeply, and cultivate shallow. 'That is the keynote to success,' says W. H. Riddle of Baltimore county, Maryland, 'in raising any crop where the ground should be plowed. The deeper the plowing, the larger the bed to hold the rains as they fall. The deep plowing, say, 8 to 10 inches, prevents washing, more than shallow, as the more water that is held leaves less to run off the...
Fruit Plantations And Their Care
Several methods of propagation are so simple that any amateur may practice them. Probably the simplest of all is layering. In this case a new plant is procured without severing a stem from the parent plant. The simplest forms of this method are with the strawberry, which sends out runners that need only be anchored with stone or clod in order to take root...
Simple Methods Of Grafting
In grafting the simplest method is the cleft. This method is most commonly employed in large trees. The stock or main limb is sawed off at right angles to the direction of its growth. A cleft is made in the end and a scion whittled in narrow wedge shape is thrust into this cleft, which is held open by a wedge until the scion is in place, then the exposed surfaces are covered with grafting wax.
How To Select Fruit Trees
Two of the important questions with the fruit grower today are: Where can I get the kind of fruit trees and select them to my own liking? Orlando Harrison of Worcester county, Maryland, declares there is but one answer to the questions : 'Go yourself to the nursery and be convinced whether you are willing or not to place yourself in the hands of the nurseryman. If satisfied, make up your list of...
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