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EVERYONE must have noticed the occurrence of plaques of roughness upon the skin of middle-aged and elderly people, especially those of a light or sandy complexion. These spots are known as 'keratoses.' Their importance is due to the fact that some of them are actually the earliest stage of cancer, and that their removal pre-vents the development of cancer in that spot.
Why Public Should Know Facts Concerning Cancer
In ancient medical literature few references to cancer can be found. There are two possible reasons for this—one is that cancer is a disease of the later ages of life, and in the old days of plagues and wars so few people lived to ripe ages that the disease was comparatively rare. Another reason may be that means of curing cancer were unknown up to 65 years ago.
How Cancer Develops And How It May Be Cured
Medical men are frequently asked: 'When are you going to find something out about cancer?' The inference being that we know nothing whatever about it.What is meant by such a question—the germ of truth that it contains—is that we are not certain of the cause of cancer, and we have no certain means of curing every cancer, no matter what stage it is in.
Progress Is Being Made In Treatment Of Cancer
By the injection of a substance named 'prolan,' it has been found possible to reduce the growth of cancer in mice.This report is made by three German investigators, H. Zondek, B. Zondek and W. Hartoch. It is not claimed that the cancer is made to disappear entirely, but the limitation of growth which occurs amounts to nearly 90 per cent.It is possible that in such experiments as these the key to the treatment of cancer will be found.
Home Treatment-first Aid
The first thing to do in preparing a family medicine closet is to dear out all the débris that nobody is using regularly. Most of the liquid preparations have probably been decomposed and become inert by this time so they will not be much of a loss. In recommending what should be in a medicine closet, people usually say that the poisons should be put on the top shelves and nothing but poisons should be put there.
The Dangers Of Self-dosing With Medication
We spoke yesterday of the possibility of danger of continued self-dosing with drugs. In most cases the family physician has prescribed a drug for a patient, thinking that it will be used for a few days, until the symptoms are relieved, but the patient continues to take it for an indefinite period, with disastrous results.Within the past few years, medical literature has been filled with reports of poisoning from the use of atophan or cincophen.
How Folk Treat Themselves To Keep The Doctor Away
Physicians, in general, deplore the habit which many people have of administering drugs to themselves. And yet I think they all know in their hearts it will be done. They do it themselves, and they see their families and friends do it without consulting them.
Why It's Dangerous To Use Cathartics When In Pain
We discussed above the common habit that people have of prescribing for and dosing themselves. All doctors, of course, preach against this, but in so doing I believe they overreach themselves because they antagonize people, who think they are assuming that attitude for selfish purposes and financial gain.
Do You Know What To Do In Case Of An Accident?
What would you do if a member of your family was severely cut and bleeding? Suppose you and another person, in taking a walk, were to find a man who was unconscious, apparently as the result of some accident. Your companion goes to the nearest place for help. What can you do in the meantime? What would you do in case somebody in your family came rushing in with the horrifying announcement that he had accidentally poisoned himself?
How To Stop The Bleeding From Veins Or Arteries
An injury followed by bleeding that does not stop immediately always warrants attention and should have treatment.In order to give intelligent treatment, diagnosis must be made. The important feature in the diagnosis is whether or not the bleeding is coming from an artery or a vein. In order to arrive at a conclusion you must know a little about the circulation of the blood.
How To Resuscitate Person Who Has Ceased Breathing
The induction of artificial respiration is an emergency method of first importance. It is applicable to any condition where the patient is knocked unconscious or shocked, as by drowning or by electric shock, to the point that breathing has ceased. In such an event, artificial respiration takes precedence over every other form of treatment.
How Emergency Treatment For Shock Is Administered
The emergency treatment of electric shock, gas asphyxiation, motor exhaust gas asphyxiation and drowning, all have the one thing in common, that in all these conditions breathing usually stops, and the obvious first aid treatment is artificial respiration.In case of electric shock, the first procedure is sometimes to remove the person from contact with the electric current.
First Aid Measures To Use When Person Takes Poison
Poisoning arises as a domestic emergency, frequently from the accidental ingestion of many substances, such as roach powder, antiseptics, plant sprays, rat poison and, in the case of children, from swallowing cathartic pills containing strychnine.In the treatment of poisoning of this kind, the three things which are naturally indicated are, first, to eliminate all poison possible from the body; second, general methods of stimulation, and, third, the use of an antidote.
Emergency Measures When Folk Take Poison
The first thing everybody tries to think of as soon as a member of the family has taken some poison accidentally, is the right antidote.That, however, is probably the least important element in the emergency procedure for poisoning.What can be done that is most helpful before the doctor comes, is simple, easy, applies to every poison—no matter what kind—cannot possibly do any harm if there has been a false alarm, and need not tax the memory.
Strychnine Is Commonest Cause Of Poison In Child
Five hundred children die a year in the United States from accidental poisoning. This is a minimum statement, because many die without poisoning being suspected or reported when it has actually occurred.And this figure does not include the many cases—accurately diagnosed or not in which the outcome was not fatal.
How Industrial Poisonings Are Detected, Controlled
The poisoning of workers who are employed in manufacturing processes which naturally involve poisoning materials, is, to a very large degree, under control in the United States and other industrial countries. Such control is, however, a comparatively recent development.Industrial poisoning is not so important a subject as industrial diseases in general, for not nearly so many people are employed in trades which carry a poison hazard as there are in the dusty trades or in hot and strenuous labor.
Poison From Shoe Dye - Its Cause And Effect
Shoe dye poisoning may be a mystery as to the cause when it occurs, but it leaves no doubt that something has happened. It nearly scares the victim and every one who sees him to death.Including the doctor. I have described it before and I recently had a letter from a physician of wide experience who said that on reading an account of such a case which I had written, the mystery of a case which had puzzled him for months was solved.
How Common Articles May Poison Some Folk
The wild animal lives in a constant state of danger. Every mouthful of food it eats must be punctuated by a look around to see that none of its enemies are waiting to pounce on it. Every move it makes is fraught with danger of which, in most instances, it is unaware.Man in a state of civilization often congratulates himself that he is better off. Maybe he is, but our recent record of kidnapings, murders, and gang warfares would not lead one to become too optimistic.
Fire As A Winter Hazard
After falls, the most serious hazard of winter is burns. Burns, scalds and explosions take the lives of 6,000 men, women and children every year. More people, according to a recent study, are burned to death in their homes than anywhere else. Nineteen kinds of fires are described and 11 occur most frequently in homes.The causes of fatal or injurious fires, according to 'Hygeia,' the Health Magazine, are as follows...
How To Prevent Tetanus After July Fourth Accident
The modern Fourth of July is a convincing example that unnecessary accidental destruction of life can be prevented by the marshalling of public opinion. We can believe that the dreadful death toll from automobile accidents in our own day is capable of reduction.Just think. In 1903 there were 4,449 Fourth of July injuries sufficiently grave to be reported, in the United States. Of these 415 developed lockjaw, 406 of whom died.
Drastic Treatment Needed In Cases Of Sunstroke
The mildest of the diseases due to heat is heat cramps. Two other conditions are distinguished which are due to the same cause—one is heat exhaustion and the other heat stroke or sunstroke.Heat exhaustion is characterized by pronounced weakness, stupor, pallor, profuse perspiration, increase of the heart beat and lowering of blood pressure. The victims of plain heat exhaustion seldom become unconscious. The temperature usually is moderately raised.
Summer Hygiene-dangers, Care Of Swimming Pools
Swimming is such a splendid form of exercise and so perfectly adapted to summer that the increase in swimming pools in all communities is to be welcomed.Is there any danger from the use of swimming pools? And if so, what should be done to make them safe?The dangers are very real. It is impossible for a swimmer to prevent secretions from the nose and mouth from being mixed with the water. These are frequently harmless but may be highly infectious.
Follow These Ten Rules For Beneficial Vacation
It always is well in the early summer to remind those who are going on a vacation that the purpose of the vacation is to be restful and healthful and make you better able to do your work the rest of the year. It seems to me that the restful part is most frequently neglected in American vacations.A week after most people return from their vacations they are able to say that they feel almost as well as before they left, and while this is not sensible, it is very human.
Hydrotherapeutic Institute In Bathtub Of Every Home
The high level of average healthfulness in modern life is not entirely due to the discoveries of the medical profession. Medicine has been very adaptable in its habit of incorporating important discoveries made by people outside its own ranks.
Home Care Of The Sick
THE home care of the sick by a member of the household is, in many cases, a necessity for financial reasons, and under no circumstances is it to be despised. Most sick people are more comfortable at home than at a hospital, and for most illnesses, even those that require confinement to bed, the patients are actually safer at home.
Diet For The Convalescent Patient
Convalescent or invalid diets need not differ fundamentally from the requirements of a balanced diet for a normal person. These requirements are, as we have repeated so often this week, as follows: The diet MUST (1) furnish enough energy to keep the body going; (2) furnish enough material for growth and replacement of tissue waste; (3) furnish enough water, inorganic mineral salts and vitamins...
Home Nursing—making The Invalid's Bed
The invalid's whole universe is his bed. The member of the household who undertakes to be the official home nurse must learn to make it comfortable, safe and helpful.The position in which the bed should be placed is worth the first consideration. Let it be where there is light and sunshine, where the sick person can look out of the window, at the same time not where the light will bother the eyes.
Home Care Of The Sick-bathing
To give the invalid a bath in bed is rightly regarded as the apex of the nicety of nursing technique.The home nurse regards this procedure with awe and dread. Yet all she needs to do to gain assurance is to plan a bath in bed and give one.The whole secret of success is in planning ahead. Close the windows and put a screen in front of the door. A screen can be improvised with a clothes horse and a blanket. A table and chair should be put at the head of the bed at the right side of the patient.
The Aged
Old age is a physiological process which makes definite changes in the body quite as natural as the reverse processes which occur during the period of growth on the other side of the Hill of Life.The late Dr. Warthin called old age 'the major involution,' meaning it was a change of all the organs of the body, as contrasted with 'minor involution,' in which a single organ was concerned.
Treatment Of Old Age
The treatment of old age should be begun in middle age. All the activities of life must be diminished. Long periods of physical or mental exertion are to be absolutely interdicted. This is wisdom, not only for the individual, but for the social organism.One of the wisest men I know said he never intended to write a business letter, make an important decision, or write a check for less than $50, after the age of 65.
Pneumonia Is One Danger Of Aged Person Ill In Bed
Pneumonia is one of the great dangers of old age. If you care to look at the matter in a different way, you may, with Dr. William Osier, call it 'the old man's friend.' It is particularly likely to occur if the patient is kept in bed for any length of time. For this reason a fractured bone in old people has far greater potentiality for harm than simply the consideration of the fracture itself would indicate.
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