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Diseases Of The Eye, Ear, Nose And Throat
THOUGH it may occur during any season of the year, like all infections of the respiratory tract, acute tonsillitis is more likely to occur in the winter time and during inclement weather.Anyone who ever has had it will tell you that it is quite a disease. There is not much to be seen in the throat except that the tonsils are swollen and red, and that there are little pockets of pus scattered through them.
Throat Specialist May Give Valuable Advice To Singers
A skillful throat specialist should be able to give aspirants for a singing or speaking career a great deal of valuable advice. One of the things concerning which they frequently are consulted is whether or not a young person with a promising voice should desist from singing or speaking lessons during the period when the voice is changing, at about the age of 14.
Various Diseases Of Head Are Cause Of Bad Breath
Bad breath may come from disease of the nose, tonsils, teeth, gums or general constitutional disease.Atrophic rhinitis, a degeneration of the mucous membrane of the nose, produces the worst forms of bad breath. Fortunately it is not a common disease—fortunately because it is not easy to cure.Infection of the gums with Vincent's germs is another cause.
Some Folk "Hear" Colors While Listening To Music
The senses sometimes get mixed up so that people speak of 'hearing colors.' The condition is known as 'synesthesia.' One case is that of a young girl who came from a very musical family, and gave a piano recital at the age of 11. She has a definite sensation of hearing colors. Of the various theories to account for this condition, one is that it is due to the color of the keys on the piano.
Prevention And Treatment Of Hay Fever
August fifteenth is the date, but whoever is interested had better be getting ready for it now. The opening of the American hay fever season is usually prompt and according to schedule.The number of people in the United States who are affected can only be determined by guess work or calculation, but it is probably not fewer than one in ten. In the Mississippi Valley, including the valleys of the Ohio and Missouri, the home of the ragweed, it must be higher than that.
Test For The Color Blind And How It Is Conducted
About 4 per cent of all males are more or less color blind. While cases have been reported in women, it is rare and not typical in them and the conclusion has been that it is a sex-linked character of males. We know of many sex-linked hereditary qualities. In the case of color blind individuals all of the germ cells with the X chromosome are defective in the gene for color discrimination.
Dangers Of Driving When Color Blind
A large number of men are color blind—about one out of every 25.Considering the enormous increase in automobile traffic, the safety of which at night depends largely on being able to distinguish red and green, the very colors these men confuse, this constitutes a distinct hazard.It is suggested that the primary requisite for a driver's license be a test for color blindness.
Complicated Mechanism Of Eye Compared To Camera
The eye as an optical instrument may be compared to a camera on a tripod. The eyeball is the camera, and a bony socket in the skull, the orbit, is the tripod. The eyeball is moved from side to side and up and down and obliquely by six voluntary muscles. Each of these muscles is attached at one end to the eyeball and at the other to the edge of the orbit.
Glaucoma, The Eye Disease Of Middle Age-Its Cause
One of the functions of the eyeball is to keep its shape. Or to put it another way, to keep distended to the right size.The eye is an optical instrument which, like all optical instruments, depends for its usefulness on focusing rays of light through a lens upon a sensitive surface. In order to do this the chamber of any optical instrument must have a certain depth.
Common Diseases Of Eyes - Pink Eye, Trachoma
Eye troubles may be among the most complicated of all human afflictions, or they may be very simple.Inflammation of the exposed surface of the eyeball for instance, may be due to nothing more mysterious than eyelashes which have become misdirected in their growth. Instead of growing outward so that they can best perform their function of protecting the eye from dust and foreign particles and from glare, they grow inward and scrape the surface of the eyeball as they move over it.
How Abnormal Eyesight Affects The Personality
How the near-sighted child may become an introvert, and how the far-sighted child may develop into an extrovert, are explained by Dr. Arthur P. Wilkinson of Detroit, Mich., in the current issue of The Sight-Saving Review, a quarterly journal published by the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness.
Old And Modern Treatment For A Cinder In Your Eye
The specialty of the eye is of comparatively recent origin.To show how little attention medical men paid to the eye and how little they knew about it as late a time as fifty years ago, the story is told by one of the early American oculists that a patient consulted him with a cinder in the eye. It had been there long enough so that inflammation and ulceration had set in. The oculist asked him in astonishment why he had not consulted a physician.
The Work Of An Eye Clinic
I sat today in the clinic of what I suppose every oculist would acknowledge to be the greatest hospital for eye diseases on earth—Moorfield's in London. Two things impressed me the most. First, that so many eye troubles can be helped by such simple means; second, that eye troubles so often are nothing more nor less than a local expression in the eyes of a general bodily disease.
How Eye Troubles Result From General Bodily Ills
As one sees a group of eye patients it is surprising to notice how often the eye trouble is merely a reflection of disease generally in the body.To illustrate this, let us recount a series of cases shown at an eye clinic the other day.Mr. G's left eye suddenly became painful and the vision blurred. He had an iritis, a poisoning of the eye from elsewhere in the body.
Teeth Worst Offenders
The teeth were unquestionably the worst sources of infection, and as they could not be safely saved, I advised their removal. In addition, I recommended common sense in his living habits and, later, removal of tonsils and appendix, if necessary.
Why Eyes Become Crossed And Corrective Treatment
'When Elsie was only 18 months old she fell down and bumped the back of her head (or had measles, or whooping cough, or had a hard time cutting a tooth), and ever since then she has been cross-eyed.' So Dr. Henry S. Gracile tells the story of the typical case of this kind in his article on 'Hygiene of the Eye.'
How Blindness Is Prevented In The Newly-born Infant
The common cause of blindness in children is infection of the eyeball, during the process of birth. The person of the mother may harbor germs which get into the baby's eyes and set up the inflammation which results in scarring and opacity of the cornea.
How Foreign Substances May Get Into The Eyes
BB shots, bits of broken bottle, metal shavings, arrows and stones, have all penetrated and lodged in the eyeball. I know a physician who has taught his children, and every child in the neighborhood, to cover their eyes instinctively whenever they see that a glass or bottle is going to be dropped on the floor or sidewalk.BB shots get into children's eyes usually by glancing from a target or wall at which the sharpshooter is aiming. Golf balls hitting a rock or tree and bouncing back to break a player's glasses, often cause foreign bodies and laceration in the eye.
Ill Fitting Dental Plate Found To Affect Hearing
New diseases are not easy to discover. While it is the ambition of every doctor to do so, it is thwarted by the industry of our predecessors—practically every disease that flesh has been heir to has been described.About the best we can do is to find a modem cause for a new set of symptoms.
Ear Troubles
The commonest forms of ear trouble are (1) deafness, (2) head noises or ringing in the ears (tinnitus), (3) otitis media or pus in the middle ear, with perforation of and discharge from the ear drum, and the complications of otitis media, mastoid infection and brain abscess, and (4) diseases of the external ear impacted cerumen, furunculosis and eczema.
Earache In Children
The modern child's specialist spends as much time learning to examine the ear as he does any other part of the body. This is be-cause the child may have the earache before he is able to describe it and in any suspicious fever or upset, or onset of irritability, the ear should always be investigated.In children, earache is usually due to infection of the middle ear and formation of pus inside the drum.
Laughter And Tears
WE can explain some of the most complicated processes in the working of your body—processes so obscure that you do not even know that you perform them. But no man on earth can explain the mystery of laughter—an act so universal and common that life begins with it, and it is shared by emperor and clown.
Sunlight, Ventilation And Cleanliness
WHILE a good coat of tan generally is considered to be a sign of health, it really has nothing to do with health at all. It simply is a protective action on the part of the body against the rays of the sun which may and can do harm. Sunlight is certainly necessary for health, but at the same time, in too large doses it can cause many uncomfortable and even serious conditions.
How Sunlight In Winter May Be Brought Indoors
There were some warnings last summer about the people who like to lie out in the sun on the beaches, to the effect that it was possible that certain skin cancers might develop from too much of such exposure.It is to be hoped that this will not be taken too seriously. Certainly it applies only to elderly people, and certainly it applies only to the summer.
Dangers Of The Sunlight, Ultraviolet Ray Treatment
People forget, although they may realize perfectly the dangers of taking too much of a drug, that all forms of treatment can be carried to excess and have their dangers. This is especially likely to be true of treatments in which no sensation is felt during the period of treatment.
How A Dog Demonstrated Use Of Sun In Healing Wounds
A dog who knew more than a doctor initiated the use of light in medical treatment.The dog belonged to a Swiss doctor, named Rollier, and back in 1902 Dr. Rollier found that his dog had a tumor on the spine. Which he removed with surgical precision.'I treated the wound,' says Dr. Rollier, 'and was determined to keep it covered with a bandage, which the dog was just as determined to remove.
Effect Of Sunlight On Body In Various Ills, Conditions
A number of diseases are apparently favorably affected by light.The common cold, both as to prevention and treatment, is still in the doubtful class. There is evidence from some workers who make claims for the use of ultraviolet radiation, that it prevents frequent colds. They advise brief exposures a few times weekly of the entire body. However, the most careful observers are still unwilling to believe that this has any positive effect.
Ventilation Is Winter Problem Because Of Varied Clothing
'Why,' asks a somewhat angry reader, 'are women so much more likely to be cold inside a room in the winter than men? Does this imply any difference in health?' The answer is, of course, evident to everyone, but the fact that it constitutes a considerable health hazard is not quite so often taken into account. The difference is, of course, largely due to the difference in clothing.
Effect Of Air Conditioning On The Health Of Workers
A great deal of importance has been placed on the benefits of air conditioning to health. Experiments conducted in China and India, where high temperatures and humidities are continuous, by several large industries, resulted in the conclusion that continuous heat affected not only the physical condition, but also had some effect on the glands.
The Best Disinfectants
The standard of the efficacy of a chemical disinfectant is the so-called carbolic coefficient. Roughly, the test is made by adding a definite amount of a culture of typhoid bacilli to definite amounts of definite concentrations of the chemical to be tested. At intervals of from 21 to 121 minutes the solutions are tested to determine if any germs are alive.If the chemical under test kills the culture in a higher solution than carbolic acid, its coefficient is above 1.
Why Soap Is Considered One Of Best Antiseptics
'What is a good antiseptic?' is a question which is frequently asked. One of the best is pure soap.It is probable that the fact most of us keep as free from infections as we do is owing to the regular use of soap and water. The surgeon who prepares his hands for an operation is always more careful of the preliminary scrubbing with soap than he is of using the various germicidal solutions that are prepared for him.
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