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What Makes Normal Lunch Depends On Work On Hand
What a normal lunch is depends a good deal on circumstances. Have you a hard afternoon ahead? Or are you going to the ball game? Are you inclined to have a headache if you work too hard? Are you inclined to be costive? Are you underweight? And finally, are you hungry?If there is work to be done, a small but plentifully nutritious lunch is in order.A club sandwich with a small amount of mayonnaise and two slices of toast will furnish you with 500 calories. No wonder you don't want much else for lunch.
Constitutional Dyspepsia Due To Wrong Bodily Force
There have always been two types of dyspeptics. One is the patient with acid indigestion, sour stomach—whose indigestion is really caused by peptic ulcer. He has almost always a ravenous appetite and the indigestion consists of discomfort of more or less severity after a meal has been eaten. But he really digests his food all right, and on account of the appetite keeps in good weight.
Forms Of Indigestion
It has been pointed out that the digestive tract being the oldest part of our animal organism is particularly likely to be upset whenever anything happens to the whole body, either in the way of physical disease or mental distress.Most indigestion, in other words, is not due to actual organic disease of the organs of digestion. Most indigestion is reflex. Some of it is reflex from blood disease or heart disease. The largest part is reflex from nervous disease. It is truly nervous dyspepsia.
Intestinal Parasites
Judging from the number of letters I receive on the subject, intestinal worms are a constant source of interest. And, naturally, of apprehension. For anyone to find that he has just expelled a round-worm or the segment of a tapeworm is naturally to be overcome with acute repugnance. There may be more inside of him. May be? Certainly are. This never happened to him before.
The Treatment Of Pinworms
The pinworm, or seatworm, is a very common parasite found in all countries. Like the roundworm it has a predilection for children and young people. It is more common in cities than in the country. The worm lives exclusively in the body of man, in which it is different from most other animal parasites which have one of the lower animals as an intermediate host.The parasite enters the body in the stage of the egg.
'THERE is no such thing as a little garlic,' is a tried and true doctrine that Drs. H. W. Haggard and L. A. Greenberg of Yale have been engaged in refuting. There is such a thing as 0.00015 milli-grams of the essential oil of garlic which can be detected by chemical analysis of the breath, and that amount can also be detected by the sense of smell. The nose knows.
The Nervous System
THE exposition at San Diego, Cal., was a swell fair. I appear to be a simple-minded person and like fairs. The ingenuity which can get up attractive exhibits in a world where the theater, movie, radio and museums, to say nothing of life itself, are in competition, commands my admiration.
The Nervous System - How Emotional Upsets May Result In Illness
The three primitive emotions of man are fear, anger and self-love. During development to maturity, self-love turns into self-respect or unselfish love for others. In any well balanced character self-respect must be dominant or ill health is likely to follow, particularly if the fear and anger elements are heightened in intensity.
The Nervous System - Patient's Wish To Gain Control Of Nerves Is Aid
To convince a nervous patient that his or her symptoms are caused by an abnormal emotional state, and not by organic disease, is an extremely difficult matter. Quite likely some physician in whom they have complete confidence has already told them that the glandular system is weakened or out of balance, and this has served as a comfortable alibi ever since.
The Nervous System - What Life Factors Conduce To Growth Of Nervous Ills?
We well may ask, 'What are the factors in life which are conducive to the development of functional or nervous diseases?' Generally speaking, diseases are either hereditary or acquired. It is difficult to determine how much of our traits of character are inherited, and how much acquired by contact with other human beings after birth.
Reader Writes Of Methods Used To Cure Stuttering
As a personal experience, for those afflicted with stuttering, the following letter from a reader may be of interest: 'I am writing a few facts in regard to my own cerebral dominance that may interest you.' I was much interested in your articles on stuttering, walking in circles and eyedness, as I changed hands for all actions that are single-handed to cure stuttering some 22 months ago.
Nervous Indigestion In Children
However much lack of appetite in children may be recognized as of nervous or emotional origin, vomiting always is regarded as having an organic basis, and consequently serious.On the whole this attitude is proper. Vomiting in a previously well and happy child is usually the sign of the onset of an infectious disease.
The Nervous System - Deficient Diet Considered One Cause Of Neuritis
It would certainly hardly ever have occurred to our ancestors to suppose that neuritis was due to dietary deficiency. How large a factor such deficiency really plays is only now beginning to be made clear. During the last years of the nineteenth century a mysterious and devastating disease plagued and troubled the Dutch colonial officials in Java—especially the medical officials.
The Nervous System - The Nature Of Hysteria
'He's crazy.' Or, 'You're crazy.' We say these really dreadful words carelessly many times a day. We don't mean them literally. We mean, 'He is incorrect on that subject,' or 'His conception of that subject is out of focus.' But it takes too long to be that accurate. At most we mean, 'He's hysterical.'
Symptoms Of Infantile Paralysis
Summaries of the advances in our knowledge of infantile paralysis have just appeared in several medical journals. These represent largely the experience gained in the widespread epidemic of last year.The year 1932 was not a very bad one for infantile paralysis.
How Infantile Paralysis Infection Is Passed On
The cause of infantile paralysis is a virus—one of those germs too tiny to be seen even by the most powerful microscope. But we know the disease is infectious, and that the virus is actually an entity. When a monkey who has been infected with the disease dies, its brain can be removed and ground into an emulsion and passed through a filter. This clear filtrate, injected into another monkey's brain, will reproduce the disease.
Is Hypnotism Humbug?
A number of inquiries about hypnotism which have been coming to this desk, indicate that interest in the subject is reviving. They can perhaps best be answered in the form of a questionnaire.Is there such a thing as hypnotism or is it humbug? Certainly hypnotism is real, not humbug. A trance state, hypnosis, can be induced in nearly any person, the subject, by any experienced hypnotist (operator).
What Is Anatomic Basis For Brain Power?
A reader of my articles writes to ask an opinion as to what anatomical differences there are between brains of low and high ability.He has understood that it is not size, shape or weight which makes the difference, but the blood supply to the brain.The problem has racked the intellects of many generations of physiologists.
Chronic Headache-the Various Causes
I recently heard a symposium by all the members of a clinic, on headache. One wrote on headache of digestive origin, one on headache of kidney origin, one on headache of eye origin, one on headache of nasal origin, one on headache of nervous origin and one on headache of allergic origin, so you can see that when the headache is chronic a large number of conditions and disturbances can cause this...
Treatments Of Insomnia Are Mental And Physical
I once knew a middle-aged man who claimed that he had been the victim of insomnia since the age of 20, and was convinced that it had not impaired his health at all. He declared, with some show of conviction, that he had not exceeded four hours of sleep a night during that time.He usually went to bed at 10 to 10:30, and fell asleep about 12. He usually woke up at two, turned on his bed light and read until about 3:30, when he went to sleep again; he woke up at 5:30.
The Phenomenon Of Sleep
Professor Laird of Colgate university has made some scientific studies of 'Sleep,' recently published in an interesting little book of that title. A number of volunteers from the student body agreed to be human guinea-pigs for experimental purposes, and the professor and his associates tried out all kinds of ideas on them.There are five general theories of exactly how and why we go to sleep. None of them are proved.
Many Headaches Caused By Eyes' Need Of Glasses
Most of us use our eyes from twelve to fifteen hours every day, and when anyone is bothered with a chronic headache, certainly the first thing that should be thought of is a proper examination of the eyes to see that they are adjusted to meet the demands of this much work.Many people do not like to wear glasses, and because of the fear that this may be found necessary, they frequently conceal important facts about the history of their headaches from their doctors.
Diseases Of The Respiratory System
WHEN an adult has a bronchial cough, it is usually simple infection following an infection of the upper respiratory passages, the nose and throat. A cold in the chest, in fact. The adult does not have nearly as many other conditions which cause bronchial coughs as does the baby, which we described earlier.
Rest Is Considered Best Tuberculosis Treatment
Because a young man took a walk and got tired and sat down to rest, we may say that the modern treatment of tuberculosis began on the day that he thought over his experience.His name was Peter Detweiler, and he was a young medical student who had contracted tuberculosis.
How Tuberculosis Is Spread And Methods Of Prevention
Tuberculosis of the lungs (consumption) is one of the most hopeful of all chronic diseases. Hopeful for the individual who has it because cure is probable.Hopeful, too, for the world, because, more than any other chronic disease, it is disappearing.Tuberculosis can now almost be said to be a rare disease.
What Tuberculosis Patient Should Know About Disease
The first thing a patient with tuberculosis ought to know is that the disease can be cured.Instead of being discouraged or feeling that he is under sentence of death, the actual diagnosis of the disease should be a signal for courage and hope.
No Pain To Warn Person Attacked By Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis is an insidious disease. The early symptoms are usually not very noticeable or troublesome. There is seldom pain, that great alarm clock of the system, to warn the victim of danger. The disease unfolds so slowly that one can hardly put his finger on the day, or the week, or the month, or even the year which separates good health from poor.
How One May Best Avoid An Attack Of Pneumonia
Pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs, is one of the most serious diseases of the winter season. The largest number of cases occur in the months of December, January, February and March. If, however, the winter is mild, the high peak of incidence may be put off until March and April.This relation to cold, damp weather, exposure, etc., cannot be underestimated in concluding exactly what factors operate in producing pneumonia in any given case.
Climate, Weather And Pneumonia
Early spring is particularly the period for respiratory infections. It used to be more so than it is today. Pneumonia, in general, is less prevalent, I believe, and less severe, than it once was, although it still is a serious menace. Whether the decline in its incidence is due to the fact that we do not have as severe winters as we used to cannot be said certainly.
Diseases Of The Ductless Glands
THE first extract of any gland of the body to be used on a human patient was the thyroid gland. And this was only so short a time ago as 1891. The patient on whom it was used died in 1919, having been kept alive, or at least kept in good health, by the gland extract for 28 years.
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