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Leakage Of Heart
People frequently are surprised to find that they have, as the saying goes, leakage of the heart. It may be discovered on a life insurance examination or other routine examination, as for employment. They are surprised because they have had no symptoms from it, no intimations that any such condition existed.Naturally, also, they are quite frightened, and it is not easy to re-assure them.
Why Heart Murmur Need Not Throw Gloom Over Patient
Few heart murmurs mean that activity should be curtailed. Most heart murmurs are harmless. If you hear you have a heart murmur do not let that fact alone throw a gloom over you. It probably will not influence your life at all.
Let Me Feel Your Pulse
The heart beat, under normal conditions, is remarkably regular and similar in all human beings. In adult life it beats a little oftener than once a second--72 times a minute. It is a little faster in child-hood and a little slower in old people. The hearts of different animals also contract at a given rate for nearly every species. The larger the animal, the more likely is the heart beat to be slow.
Rest Is Best Treatment When Heart Is Affected
Although many readers have asked me to discuss the subject of angina pectoris in these articles, I have refrained from doing so largely because there is very little that is constructive that can be said. About the only cheerful aspect of the topic that I know is, that if you reach the age of 65 it is unlikely that you will suffer from it.But you will suffer with so many other things that that itself is rather cold comfort.
Any Strain On The Heart Taboo In Angina Pectoris
If the cause of angina is due to changes in the arteries which supply the heart with blood, and if, as outlined in the preceding article, these arteries tend to become fewer and to narrow with age, much of the treatment of angina is self-evident. It consists in putting as little strain as possible upon a heart which can no longer rapidly supply itself with nourishment.
What Blood Pressure Means
Blood pressure means simply, that in order to keep the blood distributed evenly in the tissues of the entire body, it has to be kept in the blood vessels under a certain amount of pressure. Now, in order for life to be maintained, the blood does have to be distributed evenly to all tissues. Therefore, no matter what changes occur in the body, whether these be weakness of the heart muscle, or loss of elasticity of the blood vessels, the pressure must be maintained if life is to go on.
High Blood Pressure Cure: Relaxation And No Worry
The important element in the management of a patient with high blood pressure is to persuade him that he will have a good time while the treatment is going on.Because the important element consists in giving up things. And most high blood pressure patients are not of the temperament that they submit gracefully to giving up things.The whole basis of any plan for management in these cases is to prevent strain on any part of the body.
Low Blood Pressure Folk Counselled To Be Thankful
Readers frequently write in and ask me what to do for low blood pressure. My feeling usually is to advise them to get down on their knees and thank heaven for it. It only occasionally indicates any serious disease and, in most instances, indicates a type of bodily build which goes with long life and good health.
How The Modern Surgeon Treats Varicose Veins
These enlarged and tortuous veins of the leg may be the cause of very considerable disability. And it is a pleasure to be able to announce that with modern treatment there is no necessity for the serious grades of disability which formerly inevitably occurred.The nature of these varicosities is not as simple as it looks. The veins return blood to the heart and, therefore, have no force behind them to push the blood on as the arteries do.
Explaining The Physiology Of Blood Red, White Cells
Diseases of the blood are commonly supposed by the laity to manifest themselves largely by eruptions on the skin. According to this theory the blood, when diseased, carried impurities around and these impurities affect many organs, especially the skin.In actuality, this theory breaks down almost completely.
Natural Clotting Of Blood And Disease Of Hemophilia
One of the most important properties of the blood is its power of clotting. It is the only liquid tissue in the body, and to do its other functions it must remain liquid. But a liquid tissue would naturally entirely run out of the body if an opening were made in any blood vessel. Nature prevents this catastrophe by the remarkable adaptation of making the blood clot or solidify when exposed to air.
Research Shows Two Types Of Anemia And Treatments
The discovery of a cure for primary anemia, which was announced in 1926, as described in another article, has been productive of a great reawakening of our knowledge of other forms of anemia.In order to understand this, perhaps it is best to explain what is meant by 'primary' anemia, and to do that we may put the cart before the horse and tell what 'secondary' anemia is.
Liver Diet Is Discovered As Treatment For Anemia
Within the last ten years, the North American continent has contributed two of the greatest discoveries to medical science since the time of Pasteur. Pasteur made what was probably the greatest discovery ever made in medicine—the existence of germs and their role in the causation of disease.Infectious diseases are, however, largely diseases of youth. The forms of disease which affect people in middle age are degenerations of the tissues. In the treatment of most of these diseases, we are at present almost powerless.
Digestive Diseases
Salad has become a regular part of a meal. Indeed, for some business men and business women, it is the meal in itself. And with its watercress and lettuce, celery, fruit slices and tomatoes, it makes up a good load of bulk to act as a cleanser. And if one uses mineral oil instead of olive oil (I defy anyone to tell the difference by taste if a little olive oil is put in and the whole skillfully mixed) in the dressing, it leaves out the fattening part and puts in the best laxative for chronic use.
Cause Of Mucous Colitis Directs Treatment Ordered
In treating colitis, several forms of the disease must be considered. One is spastic colitis, which sometimes becomes mucous colitis, and the other is ulcerative colitis.Before the treatment of mucous colitis is started, it is advisable to try to find the cause. This sometimes lies in dietary indiscretions or the habitual use of purgatives. Sometimes the general bodily form induces it; very frequently mental states, nervousness, and an excitable, emotional condition will induce it.
Habitual Cathartic Users
Perhaps the largest group of patients who may be said to poison themselves with drugs, are included in the group of habitual cathartic consumers. Most of them little realize how much damage they are doing to themselves, and would bitterly resent the implication that they are poisoning themselves regularly.
Effect Of Drugs And Diet On Chronic Constipation
Regular emptying of the intestines should be a physiological process dependent upon the character of the food and the type of individual, and under most circumstances should not be interfered with. Sometimes, it is true, a state of ill health results from improper regulation of these functions, but it occurs far less often than is generally supposed by the laity.What should be done, however, if such a condition exists?
Mineral Oil Is Best Drug For Chronic Constipation
To summarize the ideas about the treatment of constipation which have been discussed with so much detail this time, as possibly to be confusing, I would say, first, that probably in less than one-third of the patients who feel they need treatment for constipation is active treatment really needed.
Meaning Of Indigestion, Its Forms And Probable Causes
The term 'indigestion' frequently is criticised by medical purists. Neither indigestion nor dyspepsia, they say, means anything. The terms are not particular enough. What kind of indigestion is it and what is the cause of it, they want to know?For our purposes, however, in spite of the purists, indigestion is a sufficiently good word. At least it is comprehensive and understandable.
Ulcer Of The Stomach
The general conception of indigestion may be summed up very simply by saying that the common belief is that it is due to inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining and that it is caused by eating the wrong kind of food.The medical profession would, I believe, unanimously reject both of these propositions.Inflammation of the stomach—gastritis—either acute or chronic—in the strict interpretation of the term is a myth.
Diet Alone Is Effective To Relieve Indigestion
There are, of course, hundreds of different kinds of dyspepsia, due to hundreds of different things. Anybody who experiences dyspepsia for the first time should certainly consult a physician. This should really be carried on to the second, third and steenth time, but experience teaches us that the confirmed dyspeptic eventually prefers to treat himself.In general, you will find that this unfortunate race can be divided into a few simple groups.
More But Smaller Meals Increase The Efficiency
More but smaller meals.Thus can be expressed the slogan which comes out of the valuable research of Dr. Howard W. Haggard and Dr. Leon A. Greenberg, of Yale.Why do we have three meals a day? Is there any scientific basis for such an arrangement? Why is breakfast a light meal, and supper a heavy meal?And why, oh! why, I ask, and ask in vain, do I have to eat my evening meal at half past six, whether I am hungry or not?
Effect Of Cooking On Food
Naturetherapists believe that walking barefoot in the dew, lying in cold streams naked, exposing oneself ditto to the sun's rays, eating hay, grain, oats and other uncooked foods will cure about anything. Most of us, however, prefer our food cooked. Cooking does two things to food:The first is esthetic, it develops new flavors and improves its appearance.The second is hygienic—sterilizes it to some extent, makes it easier to keep longer.
Causes Of Kidney Stones And The Influence Of Diet
Strictly speaking, stones do not form in the kidney itself, but only in the collecting basin at the end of the kidney tubules, called the 'pelvis of the kidney.' We have here the conditions favorable for the formation of a stone, i. e., a body cavity where fluid holding minerals in solution may be held stationary.Also in the pelvis of the kidney there may be the other determining factor for the formation of a stone—that is to say, a foreign body around which the minerals can crystallize.
Few Of Those Who Complain Of Stomach Have Serious Ill
Of all the people who complain of their stomachs and their digestions, very few of them have any organic disease of that organ.The only common disease in which there is a structural change in the stomach is ulcer. The only other organic disease of the stomach that is even fairly common is cancer, and cancer of the stomach is comparatively a rare disease—at least, infrequent.
Correct Methods Of Making Diagnosis Of Stomach Ache
The modern physician recognizes that the ordinary acute discomfort in the general region of the midline is very likely to be something serious—acute appendicitis, gallstones, kidney stone, a strangulated hernia, intestinal obstruction, perforation of a stomach ulcer, peritonitis or acute pancreatitis. Perhaps even distant organs—the heart, the lungs, the spinal cord—may be the real seat of the trouble, and the pain a referred one.
The Liver And Its Dangers
People talk about being 'liverish,' and that their liver is out of order, and by this they mean, perhaps, that poisons have accumulated in the system.It is very reasonable to suppose, from what we know concerning the working of the liver, that such conditions should arise. All the blood from the intestines with the absorbed food, goes through the liver first, to the amount of 700 quarts a day, and naturally if there are any poisons in this blood the liver will be affected.
Treatment Of Haemorrhoids Is Safe, Simple, Painless
Rectal disorders are so universal and so important, that I shall take this opportunity to answer the many questions that have come to me by mail in the past few years on this subject.Of all the diseases of the rectum the condition that causes trouble the most often is haemorrhoids or piles.
Ice Cream Now Considered Extremely Healthful Food
It is curious and amusing to look at the history of some of our foods today.The tomato was at first supposed to be poisonous. I can remember when the little wild tomatoes (about the size of a small plum) were pointed out to us children to avoid. If we ate one it would kill us. The truth is these little tomatoes are perfectly delicious. And tomatoes in general are among the most healthful of foods—the juice is as rich as orange juice in vitamin C.
How Gallstones Are Formed, Best Diet And Medication
The gallbladder is an ideal place for the formation of stones—a sluggish pool, a backwater from the main channel of bile flow. Thus the bile is held stationary in one spot and the salts in solution in the bile are liable, under these conditions, to crystallize, with the formation of gallstones.As in the case of kidney stones, the proper treatment for a case of requires surgical operation. In fact, only a small percentage are in this category.
High Appendicitis Death Rate Due To Early Bad Management
First, everyone should know that appendicitis is a common disease. It is especially common in young people. In fact, it is, in the great majority of cases, a disease of the first 30 years of life.Second, appendicitis is a dangerous disease. When the life insurance companies get worried about the death rate from a disease it is time to take some notice of their warnings.
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