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Contagious Diseases - New Methods Of Treatment Used For Whooping Cough
The old-fashioned treatment of whooping cough was largely aimed at symptoms, and was designed to help the child during the paroxysm of coughing and to reduce the number of these paroxysms.Two methods in the treatment of whooping cough which are new are along this line. One is the carbon dioxide treatment. The other is the use of ether in oil.
Contagious Diseases - Human Disease Spreaders-Carriers
We all benefit by the increased protection that has been given the public through the covering and wrapping of food in stores, pasteurization of milk, and so on. This involves the elimination of infected food handlers in places where food is manufactured.There is, however, another source of infection of food from food handlers which occurs after the manufacture and purchase, and that is infection by cooks and food handlers in the kitchen.
Diseases Acquired From Animals
LONG chapters in the history of human life and misery could be written on the basis of the ability of mosquitoes to spread disease. Cities, and even countries, have undoubtedly been destroyed by malaria. and other diseases brought by mosquitoes. There are ruins of ancient towns in Italy, the inhabitants of which have long since either fled or been killed by this malignant scourge.
Diseases Acquired From Animals - Mosquitoes Carrying Tropical Diseases
Mosquitoes are probably the most dangerous insects on earth. One or another species carries malaria, yellow fever and tropical diseases such as dengue fever, filariasis, and possibly African sleeping sickness. There are some 60 species in the United States, but only three of them are known to carry malaria and one yellow fever.The malarial mosquito occurs all over the United States in numbers sufficient to infect thousands of people.
Diseases Acquired From Animals - Cockroaches, Filthy And Destructive Insects
Cockroaches can seldom be accused of being the cause of disease. But this is merely a speculation, and it is quite possible that the cock-roach may be a carrier of a number of diseases, although we do not know the details of the- dissemination.In more tropical countries the cockroach may attack human beings in a way that is more than annoying.
Diseases Acquired From Animals - The Bedbug Is No Disgrace To Victims
Cimex lectularius is supposed to be unmentionable under the heading of its garden or domestic name—the bedbug. But this is a silly piece of prudery and we shall pay no attention to it, especially as many of our readers are interested in the subject.Bedbugs are engaging little creatures, according to my entomological friends. It is impossible to know a bedbug intimately without having one's interest aroused.
Diseases Domestic Animals Can Give To Human Beings
The only infectious disease which the horse transmits to man is rare. It is called 'glanders' or 'farcy.' Its rareness is shown by the fact that there were only 59 deaths registered in the United States for this disease from 1911 to 1920.In the horse, glanders appears in the nose and in lumps, so-called farcy buds, beneath the skin. The disease is transmitted to man from the nasal secretion or spray from the whinny of the horse.
Diseases We Can Acquire From Dogs
Hydrophobia is the most serious disease which can be transmitted from the dog to man. It is, in fact, the most serious disease that an animal can transmit to man.Of course, it can only be transmitted in one way—that is, by a rabid or mad dog's biting a human being or dripping saliva on an open wound or break in the skin.
Diseases We Can Acquire From Pets-Cat Asthma
I have just received a medical book from London which was printed in 1868. Its contents are, therefore, not very new, but they happen to be something that is a good deal better—they are true.It is called, 'On Asthma,' and is by Dr. Henry Hyde Salter. When it was new nobody believed it because Dr. Salter announced a very queer thing. He announced that he and several members of his family had had asthma for many years and that he was finally convinced that it came from the presence in the household of cats.
Learn To Recognize Rabies And To Prevent Development
Mad dogs are encountered in all countries and during all seasons. In the United States hydrophobia, or rabies, is present in all sections, and in one year 111 people died as the result of the bite of rabid dogs.This may not seem a large number of deaths compared to the toll taken by other diseases, but when one considers the horror of the form of death that hydrophobia takes, the indescribable suffering the patient goes through, and the fact that all such deaths are preventable, the need of vigilance and increased activity in preventive measures is seen.
Tularemia Is A Disease Often Acquired By Hunters
Tularemia in man is not serious in most instances, recovery being the rule in the vast majority of instances. But the disability is sufficiently uncomfortable and time-consuming to warrant observance of the method of prevention advocated above.
Summer Pest—the Chiggers, How They Attack, Remedy
The name is Trombicula irritans, ladies and gentlemen. And if you meet the little fellow this summer you will know the irritans was not spoken in jest. Chiggers, to you.They are eight-legged creatures and belong to the family of mites, more closely related to the spiders than the insects.The chigger forms which attack human beings are larval stages of the adult mite, whose normal host is not definitely known.
Flies, Gnats Are Seen As Dangerous Enemies Of Man
The flies and their cousins, the gnats, are not only pests, but dangerous enemies of mankind.Entirely aside from their role as carriers of disease, they can do serious harm by their biting habits. The mouth parts of the flies differ somewhat in the different families, but all consist of a needle-like projection which can penetrate any kind of skin to perfection.
What Forms Of Poisoning Come From Insect Stings
There are several different forms of irritation or poisoning from the sting of insects. With most of them, the local pain, swelling and tenderness is due to the injection of formic acid.A secondary form of poisoning really is due to foreign protein shock. This happens with bees and wasps only when there are a great many stings. The same is true of red ant bites.
Diseases From Pets-Parrots
We are frequently reminded, by despatches in the newspapers, that it is possible to catch a disease from the pet parrot.Parrot fever is a disease much like influenza, is due to a germ, and is caught from sick parrots or parrakeets.The disease has been known to medical science since 1879.
Arthritis, Bones And Joints Chronic Arthritis
FOR the past five years it has been particularly evident that physicians, especially American physicians, have been concentrating their attention on the difficult problem of chronic arthritis or chronic inflammation of the joints.These crippling and deforming changes which occur in so many people affect usually a large number of the joints of the body. It is on this account that they present so serious a disease problem.
Rest Is Important Element In Treatment For Arthritis
It must be understood that the causes of chronic arthritis are quite complicated, and that any single or simple form of treatment is inadequate to deal with all the factors involved.One of the most important elements in the treatment of arthritis is rest. Or at least the wise institution of exercise interspersed with rest.
Relief Of Pain Necessary In Treatment Of Arthritis
Judging by the relative number of letters I receive on the subject, the disease called 'arthritis' or 'chronic rheumatism' is one of the commonest and most troublesome. I judge that the reason there is so much complaint about it is that it causes pain. People are more indifferent to such chronic diseases as diabetes and high blood pressure, and even heart disease, because they do not cause pain.
Good Posture And Vitality
Perhaps nothing contributes more to give the impression of this superior vitality than good posture. Perhaps we remember people more on account of their graceful carriage, effortless walk, easy assumption of different positions—sitting, playing games—than we do beauty of face, skin, hands, or figure.
How To Make Your Walking Effortless And Efficient
To make your own walking effortless and efficient, place yourself in the proper posture of standing described in the article preceding. Your feet should be parallel and your spine balanced on your pelvis, your head balanced on your spine, so that a plumb line dropped from the lobe of your ear should pass through shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.
Backache Usually Due To Muscle, Tendon Pain
One of the pleasures of childhood was to study a folding anatomical mannikin, with superimposed plates. You lifted up the fold which pictured the skin and there underneath were the muscles. You lifted up the picture of the muscles and there were the ribs and peritoneum. You lifted them up and there were the lungs and heart and intestines and stomach and liver.
Manipulation, Massage Treatment Of Backache
During the World war, a genial old physician who was the head of the department of orthopedic surgery in our camp, used to show me how he treated backache due to sacro-iliac dislocation. He put the patient on a hard table, gave him a light anesthetic, and then gave the legs and spine such a pull and a twist as I have never seen.
Sciatica—Nature And Treatment
'Sciatica' is a very general term used for any pain in the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, arises from the spinal cord low down in the back, and proceeds down the back of the leg, breaking up into divisions which go dear to the toes.It is reasonable to expect, therefore, on account of its length, that many irritative factors could produce pain in this nerve. Indeed, it is customary in medical circles to consider sciatic pain under two divisions: (1) pain of the nerve itself, and (2) pain of the nerve due to inflammation or pressure on the nerve from disease of the structures through which it passes.
Massage May Be Employed To Treat Any Backache
Among the many methods which can be employed for the treatment of minor illnesses by the home doctor, is massage. Massage, of course, is really a highly specialized form of treatment, and those who are properly trained in it have to spend a good many years in perfecting themselves in the technic.
Swimming is for many reasons one of the best exercises known. It is especially good for weak and underdeveloped people because the buoyancy of the water supports the limbs and allows free movements in all directions. Thus muscles can be trained in any desired manner, and muscles which are not used in ordinary movements can be brought into play in the water and developed.
Tennis Is Game For Youth, Golf For The Middleaged
For most of us, exercise is confined to tennis and golf. And in their respective fields they are perfect. They develop, besides the all-around work-out of all the muscles of the body, those mental attributes which are quite as important results of athletic endeavor as muscular strength, endurance, accuracy of eye and arm, and skill.The question of endurance is largely a question of heart power.
Swimming Calls Into Play Most Muscles Of The Body
Swimming is regarded by most athletic trainers as probably the best form of exercise. Because while it is fairly violent, it is, in the long run, stimulating instead of fatiguing. It calls upon the use of more muscles than any other form of exercise, and yet to be successful the good swimmer must relax as well as exert.When swimming the body develops about twelve times as much heat as when sitting still.
Scientific Exercises Aid In Treating Injured Joint
Exercise can be scientifically devised so that the motions of the body, with or without apparatus, will restore diseased or injured tissues to normal or nearly normal functions in many conditions. In any injury involving a joint, and these are the conditions which respond best to therapeutic exercise, there is one group of muscles which is strong and another group which is relatively weak.
Exercises For Various Parts-wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle
Exercises for the hand and wrist after injury, in order to restore normal function are as follows:1. Wring out a wet towel. Start with a hand towel and work up to a double thickness of bath towel.2. Pick up a soft rubber ball, squeezing it and letting it go, alternately, 20 or 30 times.3. With the hand hanging at the side, carry a book between the thumb and the fingers.4. Make a fist with the fingers and thumb and open fully. Do this over and over again. Do it against resistance offered by the other hand.
Foot Ills
I notice that in the bedroom scenes in motion pictures, whenever the hero or heroine is called from bed to answer the telephone, he, or she, invariably pauses at the side of the bed to don a pair of slippers. This in spite of the invariably elegant appointments of the room, including a carpet or rug which appears to be of the thickest and softest nap.
Muscles, Bones And Joints, Exercise
We see an insect like a dragon fly poised in mid-air. Its wings beat so rapidly that they are invisible—mere blurs. It must take a lot of sugar and oxygen to allow muscles to function that rapidly without fatigue. The insect's muscle is just like the human muscle, at least in this, that unless it is supplied with materials, fatigue accumulates until it has to stop.
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