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Properties Of Tea, Cocoa, Effects Of Drinking Them
Tea and coffee owe their stimulating effects to the same substance —caffeine, and cocoa to a closely related substance—theobromine. Theobromine is di-methyl-xanthine and caffeine is tri-methyl-xanthine. Chocolate is almost the same as cocoa except that it contains more fat. —Both contain about 1 to 2 per cent theobromine, but this substance does not have the stimulating power of caffeine.
How Alcohol Affects Body In Varied Amounts Taken
To the question of whether alcohol is a food or a drug, it must be answered that it is both. We discussed its fuel value and action as a food yesterday.As a drug it, like most drugs, must be classified in a different way at different times of its action, and with different amounts taken.
Most patients with diabetes can be treated quite satisfactorily with diet alone. Exactly what that diet should be can only be decided by a physician. This is not said just to boost the fortunes of the medical profession, a plot of which we are often accused when we make such a recommendation, but because it is true and sensible.Each diabetic varies from every other one somewhat, the main variation being in the amount of starch he can consume.
How, Why Insulin Is Used In Treatment Of Diabetes
About 12 years ago the scientific world was startled and rejoiced by the announcement that the substance which had long been looked for in the pancreas, which was the substance lacking in diabetes, had been isolated. It is now named 'insulin,' and can be obtained at any drug store.
Skin And Hair
A wart is neither a cyst nor an infection, but a tumor. A tumor is an over-growth of a set of body cells. Any cells in the body may take on this property of growth, so we may have tumors any place. In general, tumors are of two types—benign and malignant. The benign types are not dangerous except as their growth may become so large as to cause disability...
Skin Disorders - Carbuncles
A carbuncle, like a furuncle, is due to an invasion of the lower layers of the skin by pus-producing germs which are normally present on the surface of the skin. They gain entrance to the lower layers of the skin, as they do in the case of boils, through a hair follicle or a sweat gland, or something of that kind.
Boils, Abscess Of The Skin
The formation of a simple boil, or furuncle, is caused by the invasion into the deeper layers of the skin of germs which are constantly present on the surface of the skin, and the accumulation of white blood cells brought to the spot to destroy these germs and wall them off to prevent their further spread.
How Nature Heals Wounds
Much of the confusion that exists among those not trained in medical science regarding various diseases, would be dispelled if they had an elementary understanding of the science of disease which is called pathology. With this knowledge it would be understood that disease is not an unnatural state, but a perfectly natural one. Disease processes follow natural laws in a perfectly orderly fashion.
What Causes Prickly Heat And Best Treatment For It
Prickly heat is known medically as 'miliaria.' The little red spots of irritation or itching which forms at the mouths of the sweat glands were supposed to be due to the irritation of the perspiration on the sensitive skin, but we recently have had a somewhat different explanation of the cause.The question is, why the perspiration should be irritating in hot weather, and not so irritating when it occurs in a heated house in the winter, or on a warm day in spring or fall.
How Summer Affects Skin In Health And In Disease
The skin suffers more in the summer than in the winter, partly because it is more exposed, and partly because it functions in a greater degree.It is exposed, first, to sun and wind. More surface area is exposed, and it has more enemies in the way of insects and plants in the summer than in the winter.
Shingles, Cause And Cure
Shingles, the medical name of which is herpes zoster, probably is an infectious disease. Just as its cousin, herpes labialis, or fever blisters, is closely related to infection. What the nature of the infection is, is not determined as yet, but it is generally considered among bacteriologists as one of the diseases due to a filterable virus.
Causes And Treatment Of Skin Chapping
Chapping of skin is simply the formation of fissures or cracks in the skin due to a combination of particularly dry and scaly skin and exposure to cold or wind. The condition is more likely to occur during the winter, although any condition of exposure may cause it, even extreme heat. It occurs most frequently on the parts of the body where the skin is thickened and inelastic, especially in regions subjected to frequent movement.
Makeup (powder, Paint, Lipstick) And Their Chemical Composition
Lipsticks are simple in chemical composition, however complicated their application or effects. They are made up of three ingredients—a waxy or fatty base, a dye and a perfume.The base is either paraffin or lanolin (wool fat), or spermaceti, or a mixture of these. The dyes are carmine, or fuchsin, or cudbear, or eosin, or phloxin, or geranium red. The perfumes are as you desire them.There is no danger in the use of lipstick. In fact, for sensitive mucous membranes they are protective.
How Diet Brings Relief To Victim Of Skin Disease
The number of letters and inquiries received on the subject of the skin eruption named psoriasis is equal to, if not greater than about any other single disease. There are two reasons for this—one is that the disease is very chronic and prone to recurrence (the patient, there-fore, is constantly reminded of its existence)...
Poison Ivy
There are several plants of the rhus family which cause poisoning. Poison ivy can be readily distinguished by the characteristic three-leaved branch. The leaves are dark green on the upper surface and velvety underneath. It may grow in the form of a vine or in that of a sort of bush.
Causes And Method Of Treatment For Acne
Acne is a disease that is mostly treated at home; in fact, mostly self-treated and mostly over-treated. Obviously, it is an infection. The pus pockets which form are certainly due to invasion by pus-forming germs—perhaps a special form, the acne bacillus. But, obviously also, the constitution of the patient has something to do with it. The nature of the skin, the age, possibly the actions of the ductless glands.
Explaining Ten Factors Which May Cause Eczema
I am frequently in receipt of letters which ask for advice about the cause or treatment of 'eczema.' These are very puzzling because the term 'eczema' alone does not mean anything. It used to be applied to any exudative inflammation of the skin which could not be otherwise classified. Modern skin specialists hardly use the term at all, or if so, very infrequently.
Daily Hair Care
The best thing for the hair is combing and brushing it. To make this effective, however, it is important that the comb and brush be clean and antiseptic. They should be washed frequently in soap and water, or ammonia, and dried in the sun, if possible. If the sun is not available they may be wrapped in a clean towel and placed on a window sill where the fresh air can reach them.
Dandruff And Daily Care Of Scalp
A certain amount of scaling of the scalp is normal. This is known as dandruff. The scales, which are merely pieces of dead skin, are held in by the hair. With the proper daily care of the hair this dandruff will not become excessive and go on to the stage of disease.If the scalp is allowed to become greasy and the scales to accumulate, a hard grease forms over the scalp.
Medical Science Seeks Reason For Graying Hair
First, what is the purpose nature has in turning the hair gray? Animals change the color of their coats seasonally, and become gray or white in the winter, but it is easy to see this is protective—their white fur makes them harder for their enemies to see against the snow. No such design can be ascribed to the graying of human hair.
Growth Of Hair
Hair is an outgrowth from the cells of the skin, just as certain skin cells form into the sweat glands and oily or sebaceous glands, or into fingernails or toenails. Just as certain cells of the mucous membrane of the mouth form into teeth so do certain cells in the skin evolve into hairs.
Salt In Treatment Of Skin Infections
There is nothing concerning which I receive more letters than acne, a condition of infection of the skin of the face of young people, or, in plain words, pimples.Many forms of treatment have been tried—some of them successful in some cases, others in other cases. There is probably no single remedy which is calculated to do all of these patients benefit.
Commonest Skin Disease In Summer Is Ringworm
The commonest skin disease in summer is probably the commonest disease, except the common cold, which afflicts people in the United States—ringworm, or athlete's foot, or Dhobie itch.It is caused by the invasion into the skin of a small fungus which is related to yeast. It forms a network of branching roots, which grow insidiously in the upper layers of the skin.
Prevention Of Athlete's Foot
The condition of the skin which has come to be known as 'athlete's foot,' while apparently mild and harmless in most cases, may become a serious health menace.Indeed, in many school gymnasiums its prevalence interferes with much of the school athletics. In one junior high school 50 per cent of the students were excluded from the swimming pool, locker rooms and shower baths on account of the severity of the disease on their persons.
Electrolysis Is Best Way To Remove Superfluous Hair
There are several ways to remove superfluous hair. It would be very unfair to say that any one method is the best. In many cases, the use of a razor is probably as good as any. A German dermatologist recently came out flat-footedly and said that the best way was to make an application of 10 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 50 parts of alcohol, apply this on a towel over the superfluous hairs, and then rub them off with pumice stone. For permanent removal, the root itself must be killed. Probably the only good safe method of removal is by electrolysis, which involves the use of a galvanic current with an electric needle.
Common Colds
FROM time immemorial, we have been advised to bundle up and keep dry and warm, so as to avoid catching cold. The very word "cold suggests that exposure has something to do with it. If this is true it is important because it shows us a way of prevention. There is something to keeping the feet dry, and keeping out of draughts.
Contagious Diseases
NOBODY thinks nowadays that he is ever going to get smallpox. And this is justified, because in most cases if he does, it is a reflection on his intelligence.But smallpox is still around, and we see a few cases of it every year. It is distinctly a disease of winter. Somebody gets it and begins to feel an aching in his bones, crowds in with some other people around a stove, or huddles with some old bums near a doorway where there is some heat. And the result is, inevitably, three or four cases.
Contagious Diseases - German Measles And Chicken-pox
German measles is a mild disease. In appearance, the eruption is a sort of combination of measles and scarlet fever. The early symptoms are sore throat, a little headache, and low temperature before the eruption.Patients should be quarantined until after the disappearance of the rash, but this rule is not strictly enforced. The patients are so mildly ill and the disease is so little dangerous that it is not treated with very much seriousness, and probably properly so.
Contagious Diseases - Scarlet Fever Becoming Milder But Needs Medical Supervision
Scarlet fever is apparently becoming very much milder in the United States than it was a few years ago. It is still, however, sufficiently serious to require that cases be quarantined and put under careful medical supervision.Scarlet fever is not nearly so contagious as measles in that the incubation period is very short and the quarantine period is very long, and that it can be carried by fomites (intermediary persons or objects).
Contagious Diseases - Measles
Measles is one of the diseases which are called 'neighborly diseases.' For the reason that it appears in neighborhoods or in a single room in school.Of all contagious diseases, it is probably the most contagious. It is almost certain that anyone who has never had measles and who is exposed to it will take it.It is transmitted entirely by human contact—from one sick individual to another.
Contagious Diseases - Early Diagnosis Important In Treatment Of Diphtheria
The child of from three to five years who shows lassitude and a lack of interest in play, possibly complains of a little sort throat, possibly has a little fever—once more at this season let us remind ourselves of the necessity of determining early whether a child with such symptoms has diphtheria or not.Diphtheria, according to the text books on medicine, is particularly likely to occur in epidemic form during dry seasons.
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