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Jacobin Republic 1792-94
And now followed a strange phase in the history of the French people. There arose a great flame of enthusiasm for France and the Republic. There was to be an end to compromise at home and abroad ; at home royalists and every form of disloyalty were to be stamped out ; abroad France was to be the protector and helper of all revolutionaries.
The Directory
It witnesses to the immense vitality and the profound rightness of the flood of new ideals and intentions that the French Revolution had released into the world of practical endeavour, that it could still flow in a creative torrent after it had been caricatured and mocked in the grotesque personality and career of Robespierre.
Pause In Reconstruction And The Dawn Of Modern Socialism
The ebb of this tide of Revolution in the world, this tide which had created the great Republic of America and threatened to submerge all European monarchies, was now at hand. It is as if something had thrust up from beneath the surface of human affairs, made a gigantic effort, and for a time spent itself.
Career Of Napoleon Bonaparte
AND now we come to one of the most illuminating figures in modern history, the figure of an adventurer and a wrecker, whose story seems to display with an extraordinary vividness the universal subtle conflict of egotism, vanity, and personality with the weaker, wider claimsof the common good.
Bonaparte As A Republican General
Now surely here was opportunity such as never came to man before. Here was a position in which a man might well bow himself in fear of himself, and search his heart and serve God and man to the utmost.
Napoleon I Emmperor 1804-14
We will not detail the steps by which Napoleon became Emperor. His coronation was the most extraordinary revival of stale history that it is possible to imagine.
Hundred Days Of Napoleon
This was the natural and proper end of Napoleon's career. So this raid of an intolerable egotist across the disordered beginnings of a new time should have closed.
Map Of Europe In 1815
For nearly forty years the idea of the Holy Alliance, the Concert of Europe which arose out of it, and the series of congresses and conferences that succeeded the concert, kept an insecure peace in war-exhausted Europe.
Health Chats - New Year's Resolutions
MY cranky old friend, Dr. Adrian Gibbs, has drawn up a series of New Year's resolutions about medical subjects, which I pass on for the benefit of those who are resolution-minded:1. I resolve not to put off having my children vaccinated against smallpox, typhoid fever, and diphtheria any longer.2. I resolve not to proffer any advice to my neighbors about the sickness in their households, because it is probable I do not understand all about it.
THERE are seven basic essentials of a normal diet:1. Enough nutrition.2. Enough protein.3. Proper mineral salts.4. Fresh life-giving substances—called Vitamins.5. Enough water.6. The food must be reasonably free from bacterial contamination, especially certain disease-producing bacteria and parasites.7. There should be bulk or roughage.Let us study each of these requirements.
Losing Weight
Overweight imposes burdens of many kinds. It is unnecessary to do more than list them: lengthy comment would be as superfluous to the victim of overweight as his extra fat.1. Appearance.—A fat person is not a pretty sight.2. Comfort.—A fat person cannot lean over to tie shoes, go upstairs, run for a street car, with any physical delight.3. Economy.—There are many jobs closed to the fat person.
Gaining Weight
If dietetics is such an exact science why isn't it possible, you ask, to keep people on a good average as to body weight?Of all dietetic questions, the two which interest most people are: 'How can a skinny person like me, get plump?' and 'How can a fatty like me, get thin?'There are a great many different answers involved in these apparently simple questions.
Gaining Weight By Good Posture And Rest
A short time ago two Pittsburgh physicians—Doctors Evans and Strang—gave to the medical world- a new method for the treatment of overweight, which has caused widespread interest and comment. It is of importance, therefore, that they have just published a method for the treatment of underweight.Why are some people chronically underweight?
Diet For Underweight Increases Energy Needs
'Everybody is talking about a reducing diet and nobody talks about what I need, which is a fattening diet,' growled my cynical and emaciated friend the other evening.As in the case of diets for overweight, which we discussed yesterday, the only way in which a diet for underweight need differ from a normal diet is in the energy requirement, but, of course, in the case of the underweight the energy requirement must be stepped up.
The Vitamins
Vitamin A can be used to demonstrate how it has been proved that such things as vitamins exist, how their chemical nature is tested, how their presence or absence in particular food products is determined, and why it is believed that their omission from the diet results in certain diseases or deficiencies.
Nutrition And Dietetics
Energy arises from the combustion of food products, just as the energy of an automobile arises from the combustion of gasoline. And, as in any engine, the chemical conversion of one form of energy into another results in the formation of certain by-products.
Heat And Metabolism
There is, however, another by-product of the work on an energy machine, and that is heat.The combustion of food—that is, its chemical union with oxygen—goes on continuously in the body, and by a delicate regulatory mechanism keeps the body at the even temperature of about 98% F.
How Action Of The Muscle Resembles That Of Machine
As you stand on a beautiful afternoon such as this, with a long stick in your hand, gazing down at a golf ball, or with a baseball in your hand about to throw it towards the waiting catcher, the actions which you perform are basically those of an extremely efficient ma-chine.The efficient machine is a muscle bundle.
Energy For Body's Needs Is Supplied By Calories
Some illustrations, which attempted to convey graphically just what a calorie is, were given yesterday.For instance, a calorie is the amount of energy which will raise a ton about one and a half feet.This leads us to some interesting calculations. Even in bed, an adult of average weight uses up 1,500 calories. So at the lowest limits of activity your body requires enough energy to raise a ton a little less than half a foot.
Dietetics High In Scale Of The Exact Sciences
On this basis, dietetics is pretty high in the scale of the sciences. Its fundamental basis of measurement is the calorie. Dietitians apply the term 'calorie' to food values, but it really is a measurement of heat in all physical science. It also, of course, can be converted into a mechanical term of energy.
Why Body Must Maintain Acid-alkaline Balance
People talk a great deal of being acid. And like to alkalinize themselves to counteract this.Whether there actually is much acidosis is open to question. Certainly every case of disturbance of the acid-alkaline balance of the body must be rapidly corrected or very serious consequences ensue.We have very delicate chemical methods of determining the exact reaction of the blood and tissues of the body.
Why It Is Wise To Stop Eating Before Satisfied
Not many people know that hunger is a state of the blood. It takes some time—several hours—before food digests, assimilates, and enters the blood stream, when the feeling of hunger at once disappears. That is why it is considered wise to stop eating while the appetite is not entirely satisfied.The difference between hunger and good appetite is only a matter of degree.
Living And Eating Cheaply
That old falsity about two living as cheaply as one has a little grain of truth in it. Two in one family can live cheaper than two single people apart.In four food plans, all having an adequate diet, but increasing in efficiency as the price increases, it will be noticed that the estimated cost for a family of four is never quite four times the estimate for a single person.And the more efficient the diet, the greater is the saving when more than one is considered.
Natural Diet Incomplete Without Various Vegetables
In our natural diet we have in one day's ration some fruit supplying us with quick energy in the form of sugar, with buffer substances to keep the body reaction neutral, with Vitamin C: some cereal to give us energy somewhat more slowly absorbed, and Vitamins A and B: milk with its minerals and vitamins: meat with its essential protein units.But no natural diet is complete without vegetables.
Value Of Oranges In The Diet
We are going to inquire into the virtues of the natural foods an ordinary person would naturally eat in the course of the day. We want to know what place they have in contributing to our health and bodily economy. We want to know how they act, how they are digested.
Glass Of Milk Essential To Health In Natural Diet
The next article on the menu of this natural diet we have been discussing is a glass of milk.We can take our choice about a lot of things, but I really must insist on a glass of milk some time during the day. It doesn't make any difference whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner, In the case of children a glass is best at each meal. For adults one glass is enough.
Why Meat Is Considered Part Of A Natural Diet
For the latter two meals of the day lunch and dinner—our natural diet—that is, the normal diet that average people eat will consist of soup, meat, one or two vegetables, a salad and a dessert. For many people lunch and dinner are more or less close duplications of each other.
Why Fruits Are Valuable As A Warm Weather Food
Fruits are universally the favorite food of summer. And justly so, because they have many advantages, not only as hot weather foods, but as adjuncts all year round.Their hot weather value is due to their high water content and low protein and fat. The low protein and fat makes them, as the phrase is, 'non-heating.'
Beverages - Coffee
When coffee beans are roasted to prepare them for the market, they lose from 13 to 20 per cent of their weight. Half of this loss is moisture and half is organic matter. The organic matter which is lost is about 21 per cent of the total caffeine and 10 per cent of the fat.
Differing Opinions On Coffee, Effect On Brain, Heart, Kidney
The dose of caffeine in an average cup of coffee is from one and a half to three grains, and this is an average medical dose of the drug. Like all other drugs, however, tolerance is established confirmed coffee drinkers require larger doses to get the effect.
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