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Pork Carcasses
Dressed Pigs—Are from 30 to 100 lbs., generally known as Shipper or Market Pigs. The season for these is September 1st to February 15th. During the early part of this season the light pigs are usually plentiful.
Pork Fats
Leaf Lard—Is the pure fat of the hog which surrounds the kidneys and is usually put up in cone shape and flat pieces. Neck Fat (Jowls; Skin On and Skin Off)—Is the fat cheek of the hog. Used largely by sausage manufacturers.
Sausage And Bologna Making
The greatest percentage of sausage and bologna manufactured today is made by the meat packers and wholesale sausage manufacturers.
Definitions Of Various Sausages
Since definitions of various cuts of meat have been furnished, because they are of real interest to every meat retailer, he is naturally interested in definitions of various kinds of sausages. Therefore recipes and definitions have been furnished for the benefit of the meat retailer.
Definitions Of Casing
Sheep Casings—Are the small intestines of sheep, and are prepared by pulling free from the surrounding fat, then soaking in cool water overnight in order to loosen the mucous membranes, then scraping with a wooden knife to remove the membranes and slime.
The poultry industry in itself forms one of the largest industries in the United States It is claimed that the total value even exceeds that of the annual wheat crop in the United States.
Types Of Meat Markets And Marketing Methods
The distribution of meats to the consuming public is accomplished through many different types of retail markets. Traditions and buying habits of the public have also influenced the distribution methods in a great many localities.
St. Louis Union Market
General Rules and Regulations Covering the Operation of the New Union Market...
Semi Public Market
This type of market differs from the regular public market inasmuch as it is usually owned by individuals or a corporation, who put up a building and then sub-lease or rent space or stalls in the market.
Marketing Methods
The markets which operate under different methods of doing business may be generally divided into the following...
Location Of A Meat Market
The young man starting in the retail meat business with the thought in his mind of advancing himself by owning his own store, tries of course, to first select a proper location for the market. As a rule, considerable attention is given to many factors which may influence his future business success.
Meat Market Layout
The lay-out of a market or the proper planning of the most suitable locations for the various fixtures used in a market is of great importance. Economical lay-out has a direct bearing and influence upon sales and accordingly upon the cost of operating the market.
Meat Market Fixtures And Equipment
Comparing a meat market of the year 1890 to our modern present day market, a great change is noticeable. The tendency in modern meat market equipment is towards better sanitation.
Refrigerator Counter
The refrigerator counter has become one of the most important pieces of equipment in the modern market. A market owner who has realized the fast turn-over of products in the retail meat industry, considers the counter of greater importance than the refrigerator.
Mechanical Refrigeration
Mechanical refrigeration is not considered a luxury or convenience, but rather a necessity in the majority of markets. There is no standard type of refrigerating equipment to suit the varying conditions as they exist in different meat markets.
Meat Market Sanitation
Although progressive meat retailers have taken it upon them-selves to maintain a most sanitary meat market, the great majority of municipalities have been more or less indifferent to the enforcement of sanitation in meat markets.
Selling meats at a profit is the principal object of the Meat Retailer. This fundamental fact is not as fully realized by the average market owner as it should be. Modern chain store organizations, however, are fully aware that their main function in business is to sell meats, and sell them at a profit.
Example Of Printed Sales Instructions
Superior Service Spells SuccessEmployes are workers and allies of Service. Employes who regard themselves as important to the Industry, and strive to make the business more successful, soon become worth more to themselves and others.
As advertising is being used more extensively in the retail meat industry, it has become a subject of general interest to the average meat retailers. Like salesmanship, it is a subject on which a great many volumes have been written. Advertising in itself is also a highly specialized profession, requiring a thorough knowledge of the technical details as they may relate to the printer's art.
Wages And Systems Of Payment
The largest expense item in conducting the retail meat business is for wages or salaries. It would seem, therefore, that this most important item should be studied more closely by the meat retailer than any other miscellaneous expenses.
Wage Bill As A Per Cent Of Sales In Retail Meat Shops
Typical Amounts For All StoresOn the average, the wage bill as a percent of sales is 11 to 15 per cent. But such an amount does not tell the whole story. It needs to be supported by detailed figures in which differences in location of shops, their size, and success are considered.
Systems Of Wage Payments
The method of compensation employed in paying meat cutters or clerks has a great influence upon the wage percentages. There are three principle methods of compensation employed such as: 1. Straight Salary. 2. Salary and Commission. 3. Straight Commission.
Eat And Grow Thin - Tragedy Of Fat
It did not want to be fat; but it did want to sit at table and eat of roasted and boiled and stewed and baked and —with gloomy resignation it accepted the hulking consequences. And fat generation followed fat generation in a procession, at once tragic and grotesque, over the quaking earth.
Eat And Grow Thin - The Wrong Way
IT is a melancholy fact that one is what one is born to be. One's destiny is written more or less clearly on one's face. Thus, statisticians aver, out of a hundred persons who die of consumption, ninety have brown or fair hair, a long face and a sharp nose.
Eat And Grow Thin - The Right Way
THERE is nothing new about the Mahdah method of destroying corpulency. It is as old as Galen. It was known to Avicenna and to Ficinus, as it is known to the youngest doctor sitting on the tail-board of an ambulance.
Fat Man In Broadway
BRILLAT SAVARIN, like many French gentlemen, fled to the United States to escape the Terreur of 1793. He observed, as many other travelers have, the unusual proportion of fat men in New York. Is it a heritage of Dutch ancestry?
Eat And Grow Thin - Rather Personal
THE worst of being fat is that it makes one ridiculous. The witty man, declared I am thinking of course of Mr. Gilbert K. Chesterton to walk the world in a suit of tallow, tries to fend off the laughter of others by laughing first at himself.
Eat And Grow Thin - About The Book
AS I have said, Mahdah's method is an ancient one known even to the young gentleman who drops off the tail-end of the ambulance. It is based on a scientific knowledge of food values. All that information you may get for yourself. Any reputable physician will tell you for a few hundred dollars to stop eating starch, sugar and the like.
How To Eat And Grow Thin
SOMETIMES corpulency is due to over eating and then it may be checked by the starvation cure; but usually this drastic treatment is dangerous and unnecessary. Corpulency (unless it is the result of definite disease) is most commonly caused by wrong eating that is, by eating too much carbonaceous food, such as starches, sugars, oils and other fats.
Laws Of Diet
YES, the list of things one must not eat may seem rather appalling when one looks at it for the first time. Soup and bread and potatoes and bacon and sweets and one's wine or beer seem almost a necessary part of the daily meals to one who has never done without them.
Mussels (marinière)
Wash the mussels in several waters, using a small knife and a brush that no particle of dirt may adhere to the shells. When they are perfectly clean put them in a large saucepan with a tumbler of cold water.
Eggplant (turkish Style)
Wash and peel two good-sized egg-plants and chop. Put a pound of raw mutton through the meat-chopper. Season, using paprika. Add a chopped onion and a sprig of parsley.
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