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California - The Deserts
WHILE your average Californian is talkative to the verge of garrulity about most things in his State, there are two features of it which he does not voluntarily bring up. One is fleas, the other is deserts.
California - The Mojave
At the outset, it is essential to the enjoyment of a desert outing that you have some definite purpose in view, other than mere pastime. You cannot repair there successully as you do to the beach, for a stroll along the sands and then to your hotel for a bath and a good dinner.
Colorado Desert Of California
As different from the Mojave as one race of men from another, is the Colorado Desert of Southern California. To the lover of the artistic it appeals as far more picturesque than the more northern desert, and its floral life is very different.
California - In Palm Canon
One afternoon of early March, Dutch Jake, the prospector, blew into Palm Springs from the Little Morongos. He undid the packs of his three burros, turned the animals loose in somebody's abandoned field back of the school-house, and set up his cone-shaped miner's tent among the mesquits near the post-office.
Spring Flowers Of The Desert
When the first alder catkins by Eastern brooks are shaking themselves free from the bonds of win-ter, and hepaticas push furry buds up through the brown leaves in sunny pockets of their native woods, when field and forest are rejoicing in the impulse ,of a re-awakening life, God smiles upon His desert, too.
California - The Mountains
THE differences between camping in Easter woods and Western are great and must b borne in mind by all who attempt an outdoor life California. In the East even in summer the campe must be prepared for stormy days, sudden showers hot waves and cool snaps, gnats and mosquitoes damp ground and malaria.
Camping In The Yosemite
The most independent and least expensive way to see the Yosemite Valley is to camp there, and every year thousands spend their vacations thus in this enchanting wonderland, seeing its magnificences as the dweller within hotel walls can never hope to see them.
California - Summer In The Canons
As I sit by my open window this morning of mid-July, the soft pitty-pat of a burro's unshod hoofs greets my ears, and the murmur of pleasant voices. Looking up I see passing along the street in front of our house, our neighbors, the Professor and his wife, starting on their three weeks' summer vacation in the mountains...
Among The Acorn Eaters Of San Diego County
We had been to the Mission and had photographed the ancient date palms at Old Town; we had bought curios at Ramona's renovated marriage place, and had motored to Lakeside for a chicken dinner. We had promenaded in and out of the Coronado's magnificence as nonchalantly as though we were registered there, and had looked on at archery meets and polo.
California - Spring Days In A Carriage
IT is safe to say that ninety-nine out of every hundred visitors in California miss one of its pleasantest possibilities,—the little driving trip.
California - Camulos
To be in harmony with the Ramona motif, it seemed fitting to start from Santa Barbara, from the serene shades of whose beautiful Mission Father Salvierderra was wont to set out on foot upon his periodical visits to the Señora Moreno's ranch.
From Camulos, the Santa Susana Mountains crossed, it is a pleasant road through the olive or-chards, the barley-fields and the berry ranches of the San Fernando Valley, past the ruined Mission of San Fernando, homely of aspect in its present low estate but interesting to the 'Mission enthusiast; through Pasadena, and San Gabriel, through the walnut groves of Whittier to Santa Ana and thence to Capistrano, where we arrived on the evening of our fourth day out.
Rancho San Fulano
I can remember saying testily, - no Californian can give you directions that can be followed. That fellow at Capistrano said it was a straight road and we couldn't possibly get off it, and now look at this!
San Luis Rey, Guajome And Pala
From San Fulano, it was but a short drive into the pretty valley of the San Luis Rey river, where on a little sunny knoll in the midst of a fertile farming country, stands another Mission associated with Ramona, the Mission San Luis Rey.
California - The Practical Side Of It
A chapter may be added as to the practical side of such a trip by carriage as has just been outlined.

It will be found advantageous to give the horse a full day's rest every four or five days, though if the daily travel is easy the Sunday rest will be all that is really needful.

Franciscan Missions
IT is the fashion nowadays to call it by its old Spanish name, El Camino Real—the King's Highway—and to travel it, if one travels it at all, by motor-car, making the run from San Diego to Los Angeles between a late breakfast and an early tea...
In The Santa Barbara Back-country
If you look at a map, you will notice that the northern boundary of what is called Southern California is a three-hundred-mile line of lofty mountains stretching west from the Mojave desert to the Pacific Ocean at Point Conception.
Catalina - Winter On The Isle Of Summer
SANTA CATALINA ISLAND of worldwide fame, fifty miles due south from Los Angeles and thirty miles out at sea-an American Capri set in an ocean of perpetual summer, and possessing a climate quite peculiar to itself—is practically an unexplored country save to a very few.
Catalina - Avalon In Winter
The season on Santa Catalina Island is from June to September. Then the hotels, the rooming houses, the tents on the camp grounds and the private cottages are overflowing with pleasure-seeking humanity, who sometimes crowd the capacity of the island's one little town...
California - Tourist Towns
WITH the first frosts comes the vanguard of winter tourists to Southern California; and the streets of a dozen little cities that make a bid for tourist trade arouse themselves as a drought-stricken country-side brightens up after rain.
California - Tourist Towns Of The Orange Belt
The tourist towns of the orange belt are Red-lands, Riverside and Pasadena. Of these, Red-lands is the smallest, but it has a special charm from its sylvan character.
The stout lady from New York settled herself in her seat as the train began its half-hour run from Castroville to Monterey.
California - Residence In The Land Of Sunshine
ONE of the most hard-worked words in California of recent years is bungalow. In its name so many architectural whimseys have been indulged that it has at last become impossible to de-fine the term with. exactitude. Anything from a plain, unvarnished shack to a two-storied palace with tiled roof and patio may be dubbed a bungalow...
California - Making A Living In The Land Of Sunshine
We were sitting on the porch after a good luncheon, enjoying the warmth of a sunny, winter midday. There was a fragrance of daphne blossoms in the air, and the music of humming bees.
Some Californians
While the settlement of our Pacific slope by Americans is of too recent a date for any marked peculiarity of speech to have yet fastened itself upon the Californian in the sense that it has upon the New Englander or the Southerner of the Atlantic seaboard, the newcomer does not travel far in California before encountering words and expressions that are to him either absolutely strange...
California - Concerning The Climate
OF all the gifts of Nature to the Golden State, none has been more thoroughly advertised than its climate. Nevertheless—or, shall I say, therefore —there is nothing about which the transient visitor is apt to be more unreliably informed beforehand, or to carry away with him after a few weeks' visit, more incomplete notions.
California - The Invalid And The Climate
In the case of invalids, it is to be borne in mind that the climate in itself does not cure, but it enables the ailing one who is careful, to take the needful steps in the line of his cure, without the aggravating assaults upon his progress to which the Eastern climate, do what he will, subjects him.
California - Camp Cookery
IT was before the days of some experiences set down in this book, and Sylvia was seated at a civilized window in a civilized room reading a large green volume. She looked troubled. Passing through the room I noted the anxious expression and inquired the cause.
Comforts Of Home When Camping
To invade the time-honored realm of the camp frying-pan and smoke-blackened coffee-pot with any new suggestions for camp cookery is a fearsome venture.
Some Recipes To Fit The Wilds
If for a brief time you are situated where none but canned meats can be obtained—a situation which from the standpoint of gastronomic comfort is to to be avoided as far as possible-you will find that the following dish, known to us as The Cow-boy's Delight, will prove an acceptable interlude in the monotony...
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