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How To Use The J. B. L. Cascade
The J. B. L. Cascade is very simple to use as simple in its operation as it is effective in its results.However, one should follow the directions as set forth in this chapter, directions which have been carefulIy and scientifically worked out and, furthermore, tested as to their correctness and efficiency by thousands of J. B. L. users.
What To Do In Accidents - First Aid
In accident prompt first aid for a slight injury may often prevent a serious one, or save life. First aid is not intended to take the place of a physician's services. Whenever there is a serious injury, a doctor should always be summoned.
Psychology Applied To Medicine
PROFESSOR LADD has defined psychology as the science which describes and explains the phenomena of consciousness.
PREYER has said that instincts are observable in the human animal only in infancy. This may not be strictly true, yet the preponderance of the instinctive in early life has for us some very important lessons. The other fact of immense practical value is the transiency of these instincts.
It is said there is no accounting for genius. The authorship of Shakespeare's plays has been discussed at great length, and while (to use the words of Sir Roger de Coverley) a great deal might be said on both sides, the principal argument against the Shakespeare claim is that his education, knowing little Latin and less Greek, was too meager to make it possible.
Evolution Of Special Senses
SENSATION IS the means of communication between an organism and the outside world, the material universe.
Blind Spots
EACH optic disc, which is the head of the nerve, is a blind spot, but the fact escapes our attention be-cause ordinarily the image cannot fall on both at the same time, so that one or the other eye can always see every point in the binocular field. Indeed, if only one eye be used, the blind spot is so small and eccentric that it is never noticed.
Hypnotism Historical
HYPNOTISM is a contraction of the term neurohypnotism (nerve sleep), coined by Dr. James Braid, of Manchester, Eng., 1843, to cover certain psychic phenomena, which under varied forms and names are as old as civilization. The well-known power of the snake to charm the bird while he approaches his prey, would suggest that it even antedates the evolution of man.
THE hypnotic state varies in intensity in different individuals, or in the same individual at different times, from a slight drowsiness to almost complete coma. Many attempts have been made to classify these stages by the phenomena exhibited, but it should be understood that these are but arbitrary divisions.
THE acceptance of the phenomena of hypnotism as facts forces upon us the attempt to answer the question, - What is hypnotism?
THERAPEUTICS is the science which treats of remedial agents, first and foremost among which, from time immemorial, have been drugs. We have extended the definition to include surgery, electricity, orthopedics, and mechanotherapy.
Psychic Element In The Practise Of Medicine
PERHAPS the most potent means of giving healthful suggestion is the personality of the physician himself. How often one hears a patient remark of his beloved physician : It does me good to see him come in.
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