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Sedative Bath
In addition to these baths which vary markedly from the temperature of the skin, there is another bath, a bath whose beneficial effects are well known amongst the medicos, but which is sadly neglected by the average person. However, when its delightful effects are once experienced by an individual living under the stress and strain of modern city life, it has found a life-long strong advocate.
MOST of us remember the World War song that began with these words, and most of us frankly or reluctantly admit that the words quite aptly fit ourselves. We secretly envy and at times resent those rare individuals who hop gaily out of bed at the first tinkle of the alarm clock if they use one at all and blithely go about the business of setting up exercises, bathing and dressing...
WHEN you were very, very young you ate for three reasons first, because you were hungry and had dreadful gnawing pains in the region of your stomach; second, because the taste and smell of whatever you were eating was exceedingly pleasant; and third, because the grown-ups simply made you.
Proteins, Carbohydrates And Fats
The nutritive parts of the food we eat are called the five food elements. They are the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral matter and water. Recently a sixth element has been added the vitamins. However, as they are not used directly for energy or for tissue-building.
In addition to the elements derived from the proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the body is composed of mineral elements. The bones, for example, are made up of calcium and phosphorus. The brain, too, has a large amount of phosphorus.
Contrary to most person's belief, the amount of water in the tissues proper of the body remains quite constant. Moreover, any deviation from the total amount, no matter how slight, is very serious and may result in death if the condition is not remedied. We all know stories of the agonies of men lost on a desert when their water supply has given out.
In the course of our discussion on food, we have pointed out the necessity of eating a certain amount of each element. It is only in this way that you can achieve a balanced diet, that is, a diet that meets all the requirements of the body.
Animal Or Vegetable?
Human nature isn't happy without fads. Fads are after all nothing but glorified hobbies and everybody now and then likes to ride a hobby. In the beginning of the century it was the fad for women to be plump; during and immediately after the war, thin and without any suggestion of anatomy; now anatomy is very much in evidence but the too plump silhouette is taboo.
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa And Alcohol
Probably all your life you have been lectured on the evils of these beverages and unless you have personally experienced the harm they may have wrought, you have dismissed the subject with a shrug and kept on drinking your coffee, tea or whatever be your favorite beverage.
Philosophy Of Eating
A REPAST that delights the eye and whose delectable aroma and flavor tantalizes the palate and calls for more, a repast sewed with quiet smoothness amid pleasant surroundings and congenial companions is one of the oldest and most universal pleasures of civilization.
When To Eat
Before you read this section, pause for a moment to think over the eating habits of your family or friends and their opinion on the subject of when to eat. You'll probably remember such phrases as these: Eat when you're hungry, that's my motto; Three meals a day for me; One good meal at night, that's all I need; I don't feel good unless I have a big breakfast plenty of bacon and eggs...
Vitamins And Their Importance In Health
LET us go back in imagination to the year 1250, when the Seventh Crusade under that noble king, Saint Louis, was invading the Near East. A happy, hopeful band it had left France a short time before, each member sure that he would win his heart's desire,whether it was wealth, fame, love or oblivion.
Food And The Acid-alkali Balance Of The Body
IN ADDITION to their caloric, vitamin and mineral value which we have just discussed, foods exert an acid, alkaline or neutral effect in the body. But before we consider this aspect of nutrition, we should pause to explain what acid and alkaline signify with reference to the tissues of the body.
Now long ago I met a friend of mine who had recently moved to the suburbs, and, like all suburbanites, he is very proud of his flower garden.
Alimentary Canal Constipation
Look at the word and pronounce it to yourself. Slow and heavy and lumbering probably no word in medical phraseology so aptly fits in sound and appearance all that it stands for sluggishness, lassitude, dull wits, dull eyes, heavy head, muggy skin, lack of appetite, poor digestion, sleepy days and wakeful nights, moods of depression and discouragement, irritability.
Mouth, Pharynx And Esophagus
When you convey a piece of food to your mouth, particularly if it is savory, you instinctively roll it about, with your tongue and crunch or chew it with your teeth in order to get its full flavor and to swallow it with ease. Flavor, we have learned, is important for good digestion for it helps to increase the flow of digestive juices, just as the sight and smell of appetizing food do.
In the stomach the process of digestion is continued, a large part of the protein being broken down into a form suitable for absorption. The digestive action of the stomach is twofold mechanical and chemical. The circular and longitudinal muscles of the stomach contract and relax with a rhythm like motion.
Small Intestine
The term small intestine is somewhat misleading, for in an adult it is all of twenty feet long. Small refers only to its diameter which is considerably smaller than that of the large intestine. It is in reality one continuous tube, but is usually medically considered as being divided into three sections.
Large Intestine
Some time after the food mass reaches the valve, at certain intervals, the valve relaxes every time a peristaltic wave passes over the lower end of the ileum. This allows the food to pass into the large intestine. In contrast to the small intestine, the large intestine is only about five feet in length, but, as we have said, its diameter is of much greater width.
Intestinal Bacteria
Before we see how the waste is eliminated, we should say a few words on the bacteriology of the intestines, for it is a matter of considerable importance. At birth the gastro intestinal tract of an infant is sterile, but shortly after various bacteria appear in the feces. These vary in type until the child is fed a general diet.
Elimination Of Waste
And now, after all the nutriment has been absorbed and the flora of the intestines has done its duty, the waste matter is really ready at last to be evacuated.The mechanism is interesting. Remember that the inner surface of the colon is peculiarly constructed.
Constipation or intestinal stasis may be acute or chronic. Acute refers to that type of constipation which occurs quite suddenly and which is usually of short duration. Ordinarily this type of constipation is quite easily and simply remedied. This is because the trouble usually lies in the colon and the rest of the digestive tract keeps on functioning normally.
Spastic Constipation
Atonic constipation has for its immediate cause sluggishness of the muscles of the intestine. Spastic constipation, on the other hand, is brought about by a spasm or constriction of the muscles. The former type is the commoner one and is the type which concerns us.
Causes Of Constipation
It doesn't require a scientifically trained mind to see what is wrong with such a day a day, too, that is all too common in any civilized community. Yet, as evidenced by the prevalence of constipation, colds and similar conditions due to unhygienic living habits, we are apt to neglect the simple rules of health.
Symptoms Of Constipation
Constipation, we have said, is not a disease entity. It is a sign or symptom a sign that your body is being neglected or abused, or that some invading force has weakened your system and, in spite of your body's gallant fight, is gaining control of it. It is a symptom of an abnormal condition in the same sense that fever is a symptom. But there the analogy ends.
Effects Of Constipation
First of all let us consider the effect that constipation has on our happiness, the ability to enjoy ourselves and to give pleasure to others, on our work and financial condition. Most of us, if we were asked what was the greatest blessing we can have, would promptly respond, health.
Treatment Of Constipation
IF we were able to lead the ideal life which Nature planned for us, a life free from anxiety and so ordered that we regularly got plenty of sleep, exercise, fresh air, relaxation and a well-balanced diet, beyond a doubt constipation would be a rare affliction.
Mechanically Acting Cathartics
First of all, let us consider bran, popularly called a food laxative. While it was believed for a time to have a chemical action, it has now been established that its action is mechanical. It increases the bulk of the intestinal contents and by reason of the spicate shape of its particles irritates the nerve endings of the intestinal walls.
Chemically Acting Cathartics
Of all the remedies for intestinal ailments having a chemical action, we all would perhaps recall first, that old family standby, castor oil, and we would recall it with a shudder. Children of this generation certainly don't know how fortunate they are! Castor oil is absorbed principally by the small intestines and therefore its action on the colon is only indirect.
Colonic Irrigation
Before examining the various forms of colonic irrigation or internal bathing, let us review the requirements of the apparatus and the method of its application.
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