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Vital Centers For Concentration
IT should be very clear to my readers, now, that subtle bonds of rhythmic influence connect every human being with the vast spaces of the universe, and open to him illimitable resources if he but uses them aright. But alas ! This is the crux of the problem.
Connection Of The Zodiac With Vital Centers
YOU are now prepared to appreciate the significance of the statement that the constellations of the Zodiac severally reflect every stage of the involution of the Spirit into matter and its evolution out of it. Every zodiacal sign is the geometrical symbol of a great truth and fundamental law of existence...
Crown Of Concentration
SO far all the explanations concerning exercises and discipline for concentration have necessarily given prominence to the physical plane, because we must know our mediums of activity in order to use them correctly and beneficially...
Sequence Of Numbers
ONE of the most significant and deepest truths of life, of Nature, of the Universe, is, that there is correspondence — fundamental correspondence — everywhere. The stumbling-block of science has been its separation of man, the observer, from the objects of his study and research...
Seven Fold Constitution Of Humanity
WE have seen that proceeding from Unity through its first uttered thought,— the Voice of God striking upon the waters of Life,— Kosmic vibrations varied by sound, motion, and number, and restrained by unison and harmony, are the base and order of the Universe.
Color In The Visible And Invisible World - Part I
ALL that exists, the whole visible Universe, is a manifestation of Force, of vibratory energy differentiated not by velocity alone but by form; and every form has its color, as also its tone, or sound. Thus certain colors are inseparably associated with certain forms of vibration, and, consequently, with conditions of substance.
Color In The Visible And Invisible World - Part II
IT is important to understand very clearly what is the personal responsibility for the key to which the Self responds. When this is comprehended and kept in mind, the frequent objections to the public teaching of these Truths of Being—which hastens the evolution of the Soul as nothing else can...
Color In The Visible And Invisible World - Part III
AS we have found order, law, and system throughout the Kosmos, there must be order, underlying Mme. Blavatsky's seeming denial of it, in the numbering of the human principles. Her statement is true in the sense that the vehicle most highly developed is the most prominent one in the individual, and its color overshadows all other.
Normal Colors Of Man's Principles - Part I
No problem of Occult knowledge has ex-cited more controversy than the one we must now consider,— the correspondence of the Principles with color and tone, and therefore with number. For myself, I think it not merely, unwise but impossible to surround it with hard and fast lines.
Normal Colors Of Man's Principles - Part II
SINCE Prâna is the unifying and vitalizing force between all the Principles, its special vehicle, the Etheric body, is subtly related to all, though most closely permeating, in the form of vapor, visible fo psychic sight as a perfect shadow, the physical body of which it is both prototype and counterpart; for not only does it foreshadow coming disorders...
Auric Envelope - Its Constitution
WHEN we talk about the Auric Envelope, which encloses the physical body in a luminous ovoid mist, within and upon which the colors of the aura play, we are not describing something which is conjectured as possible or probable, but something which has been seen by many eyes.
Auric Envelope - How Affected
ALTHOUGH personal character determines certain prevalent and more or less permanent colors, the human aura expands and varies in colors and hues according to the nature and the intensity of man's thoughts and emotions, every thought having its effect.
Auric Envelope : Its Colors
OF all the colors radiating throughout the aura, red and green have the most widely varying significations according to their purity or degradation.
How To Acquire Rhythmic Breathing
THE whole Law of the Rhythmic Breath is now unfolded to you; you know its importance ; you know that the vibrations surrounding every human being (as also all living things from plants upward) are exactly symptomatic of internal conditions, being outward manifestations of those conditions...
Practical Application Of These Laws
THE first application of the Tattvic Law is to realize that you are yourself responsible for the character of the forces active within. There is not an act of life nor a thought to which the Law does not apply; it expresses it-self in the form of like vibrations everywhere and in everything.
Health - The Royal Road
ARE you joyously swinging along the ROYAL ROAD the path to health? Or are you plodding, stumbling along the bumpy by roads that lead to ILLNESS?
Health - The Sun And The Air
THE Sun, we have said, is the Giver of Life. As such he has been worshipped by primitive peoples since the world began. And not only by primitive folk the highly civilized Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans worshipped the Giver of Life.
Health - Exercise
We all exercise for the sheer joy of it. But this joy isn't the same as the one we experience when we see our favorite movie star come out on top. It is far more fundamental than that. Consciously or otherwise, we realize that we are doing what Nature has intended us to do what all animal life must do. For motion is necessary for life it is more it is Life itself.
How To Exercise The Lungs
As we have said, correct breathing is at the basis of every exercise. It is through the lungs that our bodies receive their supply of oxygen and it is through the lungs that a large portion of the body's waste, in the form of carbon dioxide, is eliminated. This exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, you will recall, takes place through the blood vessels.
Combination Lung And Muscle Exercises
The exercises which we have just described are de-signed for the purpose of exercising the lungs only, although to be sure some of them also exercise external or skeletal muscles other than those of the chest and diaphragm which are exercised in any type of lung exercise. In addition to these, there are many exercises which combine lung and muscle exercise.
Outdoor Exercises And Sports
The ideal way to get one's exercise is, of course, out of doors in the sunshine and fresh air. And the ideal exercises are those which assume the form of play rather than the form of routine exercises similar to those done in the home. The games or sports have, in addition to their effect on the muscles, an important psychological value.
Special And Systematic Exercises
For those of us who are not fortunate enough to get our exercise out-of-doors in the form of play, there are many sets of exercises designed to call every muscle into activity which can be performed in the home, without the aid of apparatus.
Bathing And Its Importance To The Body
WE ALL probably judge one another, both consciously and subconsciously, more by the condition of our skin than by anything else. A clear, clean skin is usually indicative of a healthy body and its implications of right living habits, self respect, social mindedness and a keen, alert mind.
The Skin And Its Function
The significance of soap and water and a clean skin for a long life and a healthy one, can only be appreciated if the structure and the functions of the skin are understood. Strangely enough and it is to be regretted in spite of the importance of the skin our knowledge of dermatology is far from complete.
Diseases Of The Skin
We sincerely believe that enough has been said to convince the reader that the skin deserves as much care as any other organ and we hope that those of you who have been guilty of neglecting it, will hence-forth treat it with all the respect it deserves.
Why The Skin Must Be Kept Clean
It should be obvious by this time that a clean skin is all important. Since the skin has been provided for by nature to act as a protective covering of the body as well as an organ of elimination, it is essential for its complete and perfect functioning that the integrity of its surface remain unbroken.
Care Of The Skin
The hygiene of the skin embraces all the factors that are essential for the maintenance of general good health. Sleep, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, proper elimination of waste, balanced diet, protective, but nonrestricting clothing and bathing are all necessary.
Water Way To Balanced Health
NONE of us bathe merely for external cleanliness and the benefits derived therefrom. If that were true, junior would not have to be reprimanded for swimming in the old pond long before the trees are green, and Atlantic City and Palm Beach would be unknown.
Cold Baths
Let us first consider the effect of full immersion cold baths. If you are brave enough and hardy enough to enjoy such a bath, you'll be wise if you take the precaution of sponging your neck, head and chest with water of a temperature below that of the bath if possible. This mitigates the initial shock.
Hot Baths
Very hot baths cause a momentary constriction of the blood vessels of the skin, giving rise to pallor, the sensation of cold with shivering, and in some instances goose flesh. The pallor and roughness of the skin last for only a few seconds and quickly give way to a dusky redness.
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