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Compound Bank Interest
Leading banks that have savings departments, and the foremost banks given wholly to savings, have within recent years instituted a system by which depositors may get compound interest. The process is simple, and mutually beneficial to the banks and the savers.
Gold And Silver - Other Metals
As nearly as may be determined after careful research and estimate, gold to the amount of nearly $11,000,000,000 has been produced within the limits of history as we know it. About $2,-500,000,000 has been used in the arts, or lost through wear and tear of coins; somewhere around $1,500,000,000 has been exported to Asia and hoarded, and about $2,000,000,000 has been lost in ways now unknown.
The dictionary defines thrift as - frugality; good husbandry; economical management in regard to property; prosperity; success and advance in the acquisition of property ; increase of worldly goods; gain; luck; fortune; the condition of one who thrives.
Collection Of Commercial Paper - Negotiable Instruments Law
In making collections of drafts, notes, checks, and other negotiable instruments, the bank to which they are entrusted for collection assumes certain duties and obligations, and for its failure properly to discharge the same it is liable to the depositor.
International Finance And Trade
While United States export trade has for many years shown a balance in our favor, the country was a free buyer with a low selling power. That we had balances in our favor was not because we went after foreign trade, but because the foreign trader was obliged to come to us for things he could get nowhere else, and needed.
Federal Foreign Banking Act
Even prior to the World War, American commerce had been pushing its way into the four corners of the globe. It was true that it had been carried almost entirely in foreign ships, but the thing that seemed to satisfy us for the moment, was the fact that it went, and the manner of its going was something of lesser importance.
Banks, Workmen, And Retailers
During the movement conducted by The National Citizens' League for the Promotion of a Sound Banking System, which led up to and largely assisted in establishing the present Reserve Bank System, that league issued (1912) a book under the title Banking Reform.
Foreign And Domestic Exchange
Foreign exchange is commonly thought to be complicated because some of the principles involved are not familiar. But they are the same as those of domestic exchange, except that in foreign exchange coinage bases have to be equalized. Domestic exchange is free from this necessity.
Problems In Money And Banking
What determines the value of money? That is, the purchasing power of money as expressed by the money prices of other things. There is no such thing in fact as the general purchasing power of money. Money lias, in reality, a large number of different values, expressed by the different quantities of different things that it will buy.
Corporations In General
The growth of business within the past years has been such that its prosecution and development have called for the use of capital to an extent far beyond the purse of any individual. This called for either the partnership or the corporation, that the combined resources of a number of men might be enlisted to carry on the desired projects.
Corporations - Steps In Incorporating
The first step in the organization of a corporation is to decide upon its name. This must be stated in the charter or certificate of incorporation. When allowed, it becomes both the name and the property of the corporation exclusively, and necessary legal steps may be taken to prevent its use or the use of a name so similar as to be calculated to deceive.
Charter Or Certificate Of Incorporation
The different states have prescribed the general form of corporate charters or certificates of incorporation, and the matters that must be set forth therein.
After the charter or certificate of incorporation has been duly executed and filed in the office of the Secretary of State and any duplicates or certified copies thereof filed in any other necessary offices, and any required court orders secured, the next step is the holding of the first meetings of the incorporators...
By-laws Of Hopkins Manufacturing Company
Certificates of Stock shall be in form approved by the Board of Directors, both as to Preferred and Common, clearly stating the rights and privileges of each class in relation to the other, and shall be numbered consecutively and issued in numerical order from the stock certificate book.
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