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Husband And Wife
Liability of Husband for Goods Sold to Wife. —When goods necessary and suitable to the position in life of a wife are sold to her, the jury will be justified in finding a verdict against the husband, if the husband authorized her either expressly or impliedly (e. g., by permitting it as a common practice), or if the husband himself neglected or refused to furnish her with such necessaries.
Practical Law And Business Pointers, Mines And Mining
Consulting Lawyer.—In minor matters it is better to lose your money than to rush into litigation, but in matters of any importance never act without the advice of good counsel.An Attorney's Power.—An attorney-at-law has no implied authority to compound or give up any rights of his clients, but an attorney of record may consent to a judgment against his client.Bank Checks.
Breach Of Trust
Breach of trust is the wilful misappropriaton of personal property by one who has been intrusted with its possession in confidence.As Distinguished from Larceny.—The cases where personal property is taken by a person to whom it has been intrusted, and who converts it to his own use, present very nice discriminations between ordinary breaches of trust and outright larceny.
Legal Gifts
Definition.—A gift is the voluntary and gratuitous transfer or conveyance of the right and possession of property by one person to another.Names of Parties. The giver of the property is called the donor, the receiver the donee.Who May Make a Gift.—Any person competent to transact ordinary business may give what-ever he owns to any other person.
Finder Of Lost Property
The general law on this subject is, that the finder of money or goods if he takes possession of the property, is to use all due means to discover the rightful owner. Failing to find the rightful owner, after taking due means to do so, the finder of the lost articles is entitled to regard them as his own property.
Law Of Subscriptions
Subscription is the placing of a signature under a written or printed agreement. By such an act a person contracts, in writing, to pay a sum of money for a specific purpose; as a subscription to a charitable institution, a subscription for a book, etc.
Building And Loan Association
These associations, usually incorporated, are established for the purpose of loaning money to their members upon real estate security. They make it their object to enable persons having a lot to borrow money thereon for the purpose of erecting a dwelling, allowing them to repay the money in installments amounting to little more than ordinary monthly rent.
Offer And Acceptance
1. The Offer.—An offer, or proposal to do a thing, may be made either by words or signs, either orally or in writing, but in law it is not regarded as an offer until it comes to the knowledge of the person to whom it is made.Offer by Mail.—In commercial transactions when an offer is made by mail, the general rule is that the offerer is entitled to an answer by return mail, but this will not apply in all cases; for example, where there are several mails each day.
Points On Criminal Law
Ignorance No Excuse.—Every person is presumed to know what the law is, and ignorance is no excuse for crime.Arrests.-Anyone without a warrant may arrest a person committing a felony in his presence, and any peace officer may arrest a person while committing a breach of the peace or immediately afterwards.
Mines And Mining
The Public Land Laws of the United States make provision for the location of claims on and the acquisition of the title to 'mineral lands,' 'lands valuable for minerals,' etc. The first in time is the first in right.
Laws On Public Roads, Fence Laws
Surveys.-In states where surveys are made on base and meridian lines, roads are laid on the section lines. In states where boundaries are fixed by natural objects (by metes and bounds) roads are laid by agreement with owners of the land, though these, if they obstruct what is obviously a necessary public convenience, may be dealt with in condemnation proceedings.
Postal Service
The postal service of the United States handles over 50 per cent more mail matter than the postal service of Great Britain, and over 100 per cent more than the postal service of France.
Insurance And C.O.D. Mail
C. O. D. Fees, Conditions, and Indemnity.—Domestic third and fourth-class mail, except (note exceptions under Insured) may be sent C. O. D.; that is, the price of the article and charges thereon (including if desired the postage and fee prepaid) will be collected from the addressee, not to exceed $10, on payment of a fee of 12 cents (in stamps affixed to the parcel) in addition to postage.
Air Mail Service
Domestic.—Five cents for the first ounce or fraction and ten cents for each additional ounce or fraction thereof, fully prepaid; such charge includes transportation to or from the Air Mail route as well as transportation by air.Canada.—Same as Domestic.Foreign.—Regular rate of postage plus 4 cents for the first ounce or fraction and 8 cents for each additional ounce or fraction.Registry Service.—Any mailable matter for dispatch by Air Mail, will be accepted for registration.
Registration, Money Orders And Foreign Postage
Registration.—All mail but parcel post may be registered at the rate of 15 cents for each package in addition to the regular rates of postage to be fully prepaid by stamps. Each package must bear the name and address of the sender, and a receipt will be returned from the person to whom addressed for 3 cents additional postage, provided requested in writing on parcel.
Woman Suffrage And Statutory Rights, Prohibition
The national suffrage amendment, originally drafted by Susan B. Anthony in 1875, and first introduced in Congress on January 10, 1878, was adopted by a two-thirds vote of the House of Representatives January 10, 1918. It, however, failed of adoption by the Senate, and the measure was thereby defeated.
August 1, 1917, the United States Senate passed a resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States. December 17, 1917, the House of Representatives also passed the resolution. It is described as 'The National Prohibition Amendment Resolution.'
Definitions. Terms Employed.—Insurance is a contract (called a policy) by which one of the parties, called the insurer, binds himself to the other, called the insured, to pay him a sum of money or otherwise indemnify him in case of the happening of a fortuitous event, provided for in a general or special manner in the contract, in consideration of a certain sum of money called a premium...
Federal Control Laws Railroads
As the corporations engaged in the transportation of passengers and merchandise between the different states and foreign countries grew and multiplied, both in number and in power and influence, it became recognized that if they were left to themselves and without the restraining hand of governmental regulation in the conduct of their business and affairs, they might, through their very greatness...
Transportation Act
Settlement of Labor Controversies.—The act of February 28, 1920, which is known as the Transportation Act, in addition to its numerous amendments to the Interstate Commerce Act in extending the powers and duties of the Inter-state Commerce Commission, provides a comprehensive plan for the settlement of labor controversies between carriers and their employees and subordinate officials...
Federal Water Power Act
The demand, increasing as the years went by, that some steps be taken by the national government for the conservation of the remaining water power of the country and its use in the larger interests of the people, took shape in the enactment by Congress of the Federal Water Power Act, approved June 10, 1920.
Oil, Coal And Phosphate Land Act
Under the Act of February 25, 1920, millions of acres of public lands in the west were opened for mineral development. All of the development in the public lands under the act is in the control of the Secretary of the Interior.
Unfair Competition In Commerce
The act to create a Federal Trade Commission, approved September 26, 1914, provides that such commission shall be composed of five commissioners and shall have an official seal, which shall be judiciously noticed.The commission is empowered and directed to prevent persons, partnerships or corporations, except banks, and common carriers subject to the acts to regulate commerce, from using unfair or unjustly discriminating methods of competition in commerce.
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