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In A German Pension
PENSION life is the general rule for foreigners on the Continent of Europe, and accordingly my first experience of German life was in a pension. It is a peculiar life, as interesting as novel. What a mingling of odd characters and varied histories!
Life In The German Pension
AND our home here in the pension ! Verily, the stern abode of the Muses. Neither luxury nor ease allures the soul from its pure devotion to higher, unseen beauty. The ordinary German home,— to the spoiled American, — knows little of either.
In The Heart Of A German Family
ALTHOUGH pension-life has its charms and ad-vantages, it does not answer the purpose either for acquiring the language or mingling in German society. With all its delightful companionship, it must be relinquished ; and, to make the winter in Germany yield its greatest usefulness, you must go right into the heart of a German family.
Old Wittenberg
THE posters on the Säule throughout the city announce an excursion to Wittenberg on Reformation day. To be in this spot on Reformation day, and in the Luther Jubilee Year, that was too rare a privilege to miss. We hated to miss any of our lessons ; but there is so much to be learned in this way that we agreed together to take the holiday and work double the next day.
Parizelchen In Deutsche Gesellschaft
TIME, Time ! hold, hold ! - we cry, for in Germany old Time seems flying faster than ever, and we would have him linger now and make up for the lost time, when the hours are langweilig. The time has at last come when the German and I are beginning to shake hands, and I am being raised from the deep vale of humiliation.
The Luther Year In Luther Land
THE German world stands still to remember all it ever knew about Luther. Celebrate ? The Germans alone know what it is to celebrate. They give themselves up wholly to the time, and as a unit the nation plunges into a celebration.
Holy Night
CHRISTMAS in Germany ! — how we Americans have been looking forward to the pleasure of this season, and it has been far beyond even our brightest dreams ! From childhood days we began to have a love for the German Christmas.
Prosit Neue Jahr !
IT was Mohammed -- was it not ? — who cried, Can one see Heaven and Mecca too ? So during these delightful holidays our enjoyment has been so keen that we take up the cry, Can one see Berlin and Heaven too ? Foreigners live in a state of happy realization and anticipation the union of the two highest stages of bliss.
German Women
THE colony has been agitated by the Lasker trouble. We have all been so indignant at Bismarck ! It may have been unwise in the United States to send the Lasker Resolutions, but that is no reason that Bismarck should treat our minister with indignity.
German Social Life
THE Germans possess a peculiar genius for friendliness. Gemüthlichkeit they call it, and very proud of the word are they. They say we have no équivalent word in the English language, which agues that the trait does not exist among the English people.
Germany - A Week In The Public Schools
THE public buildings and public institutions of Germany are by no means open to the public. It is difficult to obtain entrance to them ; it requires so much ceremony, delay, form — yea, diplomacy, that we often prefer to miss entirely places hedged in by such rites and ceremonies.
Germany - Within The Shadow Of The Past
EMERSON says, - Let the passion for America cast out the passion for Europe - ; yet nothing is stronger to create the passion for America than a touch of the passion for Europe.
Germany - Passion Week And Easter
SPRING has been coming here early. I picked a bunch of snow-drops in our little front yard on the eighth of February, and now the fulness of the spring is here. Gloomy and disagreeable as the winter has been, in the same degree is the German spring-time fresh and beautiful.
A German Idyl
I cannot get it out of my mind these lovely spring days, particularly as we walk through the Thiergarten. There are many birds here, and singing constantly.
Pentecost In Schlesien
AND now Berlin, — dear old Berlin !— is left behind. Very much has been crowded into the short time since Elizabeth and I packed our basket trunks, flung our bags over our shoulders, and set our faces southward. To spend the Pentecost holidays in Schlesien, Schlesien renowned for its Gemüthlichkeit...
On Foot Through Saxon Switzerland
TRAVELLING on foot is a very common thing in Germany, — and a most enjoyable method it is, too. The Germans make many excursions into the country, walking tours, and certain friends or clubs make it a rule to take one or two days each month, winter or summer, for such a tramp. Herr Hauptmann belonged to such a club, and, rain or shine, he set out.
The Luther Places : Eisleben, Wartburg, Worms
In Germany, the land of his birth, life, and death, Luther is honored above all men. With all her great names, in this land of genius, none is so revered as that of Martin Luther. Here we learned to know him more truly, and the admiration acquired in America, where he is so faintly appreciated.
Beyond The Luther Places
WITH the plan of seeing the Luther regions, there was another purpose combined. M. had written to us to be sure to visit her birthplace, and had so charged this solemn duty upon us that we felt it unsafe to return to America with the charge unfulfilled.
Churches And Church Music
How one grows to love the Protestant Church of Germany ! There is a solemnity and beauty in its worship, an earnestness and reverence within its sacred temples, a richness, depth, satisfaction in its service, -- a reverence in all that fills the soul with a completeness of devotion.
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