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Mountain And Desert Hay Fever
Leaving the ragweeds we come to the Composites which comprise the largest plant family in the vegetable kingdom. They too have a finger in the hay fever pie. Fortunately for hay fever sufferers only one branch of this family, namely the wormwoods, are an important cause of hay fever.
Other Hay Fever Families
Two closely related plant groups, that contain several hay fever producing species, are the Pigweed and Goose-foot families. It has been reported that persons sensitive to one member of either family are usually sensitive to all the members of both families.
Unseasonal Hay Fever
PEOPLE often come to the doctor in the winter time complaining of hay fever. What is this condition that makes noses run and eyes itch at a time when trees, grasses, and weeds are all tucked into their winter beds? It really is the same as hay fever...
Seasonal Hay Fever Not Due To Pollens
The allergic rhinitis which is closest to hay fever, with-out being hay fever in the strict sense of the word, is that due to mold spores. These are the molds which have so often unhappily surprised you growing on bread or fruit, in the cellar, or on the shower curtain.
Character And Nature Of Hay Fever
IT IS one thing to determine that your hay fever is due to the ragweed pollens in the air, but it is quite a different problem to discover what causes you to have hay fever while your neighbor who breathes the same pollens, remains unaffected.
Is Hay Fever Hereditary?
Allergic ailments or the tendency to become allergic is inherited. Hay fever is one of several allergic diseases, therefore hay fever is inherited. The concept that hay fever is hereditary is not merely a belief based on philosophy. Nor is it just a theory based on vague or general observation.
Nature Of Heredity
An inherited trait or characteristic is one which is passed down from parents to children. Some of you are undoubtedly wondering how you possibly could have inherited your hay fever when neither your mother nor father are allergic.
At What Age Can You Expect Hay Fever
Why didn't my hay fever start until I was twenty years old while the 10 year old kid next door has had hay fever for five years?
Character And Nature Of Hay Feverites
THE first scholars who thought and then wrote about hay fever would have done well to search before they wrote. The 1870's in the United States were in a sense the Dark Ages of history in hay fever.
Allergy And Personality
Hay feverites are misunderstood. The very description of the condition of sensitivity to plant pollens is misinterpreted. As a hay fever sufferer your sensitivity to the responsible plant pollens gives others the impression that you are psychologically sensitive.
Hay Fever - Theories Of Basic Causes
THE underlying cause of hay fever is unknown. What about the information on pollens and heredity?
Is Hay Fever A Neurosis?
Among the very early theories offered to explain the sudden appearance of hay fever in a previously normal individual was the idea that hay fever is a neurosis. Or in other words that it is a functional nervous disease.
Diagnosis And Treatment Of Hay Fever
UP TO now the reader has learned much about the background and causes of hay fever. There are many approaches to its treatment. This is true of all diseases that do not have a simple, satisfactory cure.
Hay Fever - Specific Therapy
A person with mild hay fever may be able to get along quite well with some of the mechanical devices just cited. But if his hay fever is at all severe, and if he is unable to obtain complete avoidance by going to a resort, he should be immunized.
Hay Fever - Treatment
When the diagnosis is made, the doctor starts treatment by injecting a small amount of the extract under the patient's skin. At each visit, the dose is increased. It takes usually between fifteen and twenty injections to bring the person to complete immunity no matter how sensitive he is.
Hay Fever And The Elements
THIS famous quotation awakens in us the mood that represents the annual struggle between ragweed plants, the elements and hay fever victims. Will it be a good season or a bad season? Will the suffering be wide-spread or localized? Only the gods and godesses in control of the elements can foretell the answer.
Sunlight, Humidity And Asthma
Cloudy days on which the sun remains hidden bring relief from hay fever symptoms. Everyone is familiar with the early morning dew on grasses and plants in the field. To remove this dampness the drying effects of the sun are needed.
Wind And Hay Fever Symptoms
If it were not for the wind the plight of the late summer hay fever sufferer would be immeasurably improved. It has often been written that the forces of civilization bring ragweed to areas that were once hay fever free. This may be true to some extent.
Altitude Temperature And Hay Fever
Aside from having the wind to aid them in traveling north, east, south and west, pollens have the ability to boost themselves into the skies. Pollens have been located as high as two to three miles in altitude. In reaching these altitudes they imitate balloons and glider planes.
Hay Fever Around The World
FROM 1873 to 1916 both the medical profession and the population of hay fever sufferers were content to rely on hearsay concerning hay fever conditions through-out the United States. Interest in the subject of geographical distribution of hay fever centered about locating hay fever resorts.
Hay Fever Resorts
UNTIL an absolute cure for hay fever is found, no book on the subject will be considered complete without a section on hay fever resorts. Escape to the resorts can be employed alone, or as an extra precaution by patients taking inoculative treatments who experience symptoms only during the peak pollen days of the ragweed hay fever season.
Place Of The Hay Fever Resort
It is well to bear in mind that the hay fever resort, as a means for obtaining relief from seasonal symptoms is not reserved solely for individuals who can take extended summer vacations. The hay fever resort can and should be employed judiciously in conjunction with immunizing inoculative treatments.
Men, Research, And The History Of Hay Fever
FROM a maze of unknown and undescribed afflictions besetting mankind, hay fever was extracted and held up to the light. Thus exposed, it was at first ignored, then ridiculed, misnamed, and misunderstood. This mutation among diseases grew by leaps and bounds.
Evils Of Philosophizing In Medicine
Dr. Elliotson was not alone in his lack of imagination. For the next thirty years the interested doctors satisfied themselves with philosophy and theories, never venturing the slightest attempt at experimentation. A Dr. Laforgue was the first to introduce the idea of neuroticism in hay fever. Dr. Abbots Smith wrote a book that went through four editions from 1860 to 1866.
Pioneering Moderns In Hay Fever Research
Dr. William Scheppegrell Coming into the last leg of the hay fever road we meet many great men who started with modern hay fever in its infancy. A few of these men have actually grown up with hay fever developments.
History Of Banking
Trade is the calm health of nations. Credit is its lifeblood. Money is its nerve system. Trade originated in barter between primitive peoples. The first property was communal owned by a group or a tribe. Personal property developed out of individual possession of ornaments, usually stones or shells having color or form that gave them a quality of decoration.
Banks And Banking
The name bank is derived from the Italian word banco, a bench ; the early Italian banks being in the habit of transacting their business on benches or tables in the market-places of the principal towns. The First Banking Institution of Importance was the Bank of Venice, which was established in 1171.
National Banks
Why So Called. In 1863 a national law was passed in accordance with which banks might be organized and conducted alike throughout the country. Banks formed under that and subsequent laws of Congress are called National Banks, for the reason that they are organized under national laws and their notes secured by national obligations.
Federal Reserve Banks
While the country was recovering from the panic of 1907-8, President Wilson, on June 24, 1913, sent to the Congress a currency message in which he said: We must have a currency, not rigid as now, but readily, elastically responsive to sound credit, the expanding and contracting credits of every-day transactions, the normal ebb and flow of personal and corporate dealings.
Finance, Credit And Commercial Exchange
Money and Credit are so closely interwoven with the commercial life of a nation that it is essential for every person engaged in business to have some knowledge of the part which they play in it.
A Bank Account - Trade Acceptance
Importance of Keeping. A bank account is a matter of great convenience as well as pecuniary benefit to business men and women. Where considerable business is done, money is constantly accumulating, which, when deposited in a reliable bank, is more secure from burglary than elsewhere.
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