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Glycosuria (sugar)
In explaining to a person the nature of glycosuria I said: You are suffering from a severe pain that comes from the heart whenever you try to do anything, and sometimes you feel the pain when you are not doing anything. Your blood pressure is high over 200 at the present moment.
Stomach And The Heart
I repeat here what I have said before regarding the close relationship between stomach and heart. Indeed, in the speech of everyday life it is recognized that people with stomach trouble often think they have heart trouble, but sometimes some of the most serious heart attacks affect the stomach first.
Reconstruction In Heart Disease
THE word reconstruction has taken on a new meaning during recent months. It expresses in a better way than any other word the proper attitude toward the alleviation of the troubles of people who have heart disease.
Physical Diagnosis
Reconstruction in heart disease must be founded primarily upon an accurate diagnosis. In no department of medicine has so great an advance been made as in heart disease during the last ten years. 1908 might be said to have been the first date in modern cardiology.
Methods Of Reconstruction
Reconstruction must primarily be physical. You must put your patient and his heart in the best possible physical condition. With educated people, reconstruction must also be men-tal. No matter how much you dislike the task, you must tell the heart patient all about his heart and so explain that he can understand exactly what is the matter, or you can't reconstruct it.
Heart And The Kidneys
THE question as to whether the heart or the kidney comes first into the physician's consideration is a difficult one. When the evident physical disability antedates the evident kidney trouble by many years, the logical conclusion is that the heart comes before the kidney.
Bright's Disease
Bright's disease is the name given to several different conditions, but they always include some trouble of the kidneys. It is a good name because it describes a fairly definite loss of health and implies a general tendency toward the breaking down of the circulation. In a true case of Bright's disease, the heart is always in danger, and the brain itself is sure to suffer more or less as time goes on if the disease is not checked.
Relation Between Heart And Kidneys
The relation between the heart and the kidneys is intimate. When the heart is unable to circulate the blood properly, the kidneys are either badly supplied with blood or the blood stagnates in the region of the kidneys and causes congestion.
Health - How Remedies Should Be Given To Keep It
PEOPLE expect too much from the physicians. There is no walk of life where people expect as much as they do of the medical profession. If a person who had an old house employed the best architects, the best painters, the best carpenters, and the most skilled men in every trade to work on that house, giving as much time as they wanted, when they got through he would not expect to have a new house.
How Much Should The Heart Patient Know Of His Condition?
The patient who has once shown a tendency to circulatory disease of a serious character must never dismiss from his mind the care of his health. By this we do not mean that it is necessary to become invalided or a hypochondriac, but that his life must be so planned that he may live out his expectation, unless he be overcome by some accidental infection or injury.
Tea, Coffee, And Tobacco
WHEN one approaches the subject of tobacco without prejudice and considers it in the light of experience, it appears that there is a marked difference in the way different people react to this drug.
Danger To The Heart From Anti-Fat Treatment
So many people with dangerously weak hearts, a condition resulting from various forms of treatment to reduce flesh, have come under my notice that it seems worth while to devote a chapter to the subject. The weight of the body is a matter of nutrition, and nutrition is under the control of a force having its origin in the nervous and glandular systems that regulate development.
Preventative Dietary For Obesity Foods Allowed
Shellfish and crustaceans: Oysters, clams, scallops, lobster. Eggs in any form, but not more than two a day. Meats: Lean red meats; beefsteak, chops, lamb, mutton, veal, chicken,. capon, turkey (without stuffing or sauces), sweetbread, lean ham, corned beef, smoked beef.
Care Of The Heart During Pregnancy
THE importance of this may not be over looked, for accidents from heart trouble in women are not at all infrequent during the child-bearing period. The obstetric physician often concentrates his attention too closely on his own department.
Nursing In Heart Troubles - Care Of Diet
THE nurse should know that diet in heart disease is to be that which is suited to the individual at the time, rather than a special diet fora special disease. Diet that may be suitable and necessary at the commencement of the care of a person with heart disease may be entirely too restricted later on, or the reverse.
Gradual Heart Failure
In gradual heart failure, which is more common than sudden heart failure, the signs creep on slowly. The heart, which has usually been diseased or overburdened before there are any conscious symptoms, gradually loses its power to circulate the blood, and, as a result, the blood stagnates in some part of the body and causes distress.
Heart And The Liver
Liver trouble and heart disease are closely allied. One of the most frequent symptoms of heart disease is tenderness over the liver. This indicates a failure of the heart to remove properly the blood from the liver. Enlargement and tenderness of the liver is an important indication of a general disturbance of the circulation which finally results in failure of the heart.
Dropsy is an increase in the moisture of the tissues, or rather, in the spaces between the cells and fibres of the tissues. There is a natural and normal moisture in the tissues that keeps them pliable and bathes all the surface of the organs.
Low Blood Pressure
When the pressure of the blood vessels is low, the circulation can not answer as many demands on it as when the blood pressure is high, and a person in this condition is apt to suffer from bad circulation. Low blood pressure is constitutional with some, and these are said to suffer from constitutional low arterial tension. Such people are liable to have uncomfortable experiences all their life.
Palpitation of the heart is the name given to attacks that come on by day or night, often suddenly. The person who has the attack suddenly flushes up ; there is distress in the chest, and the heart becomes exceedingly rapid. True palpitation is always of this character, tho slight disturbances with intermittences of the pulse and fluttering of the heart may happen in less well-defined attacks.
Softening Of The Heart
This is a serious condition and may be either functional or organic. When it is functional, it is due to temporary loss of tone in the heart. By tone I mean a condition of partial contraction that exists in all healthy muscles.
Rheumatism Of The Heart
Rheumatism of the heart is an affection to which every one is liable if he becomes subject to rheumatism in its acute form. It is a frequent cause of heart disease, and attacks particularly the young, tho it may attack people at any age. It is apt to cause injury to all parts of the heart and blood vessels.
Sudden Heart Failure
It is necessary that the nurse should be instructed in the signs and treatment of sudden heart failure, because her help is often the only help available, and by the time the physician can be summoned the emergency has passed. The danger of sudden heart failure is the most important element in all accidents that are fatal a short time after the person has been injured.
How Trees Grow And Multiply
The trees of the forest grow by forming new layers of wood directly under the bark. Trees are held upright in the soil by means of roots which reach to a depth of many feet where the soil is loose and porous. These roots are the supports of the tree.
Forest Families
Trees are as queer in picking out places to live and in their habits of growth as are the peoples of the various races which inhabit the world. Some trees do best in the icy northland. They become weak and die when brought to warm climates.
Forests And Floods
Forests are necessary at the headwaters of streams. The trees break the force of the rain drops, and the forest floor, acting as a large sponge, absorbs rainfall and prevents run-off and floods. Unless there are forests at the sources of streams and rivers, floods occur.
Wild Life Of The Forest
The forests of our country are the home and breeding grounds of hundreds of millions of birds and game animals, which the forests provide with food and shelter. If we had no forests, many of these birds and animals would soon disappear.
Important Forest Trees And Their Uses
Of our native trees, the white pine is one of the best and most valuable. It is a tall straight tree that grows to a height of 100 to 150 feet. It produces wood that is light in weight and easy to work because it is so soft. At ,one time there were extensive pine forests in the northeastern states.
Greatest Enemy Of The Forest Fire
Our forests are exposed to destruction by many enemies, the worst of which is fire. From 8,000,000 to 12,000,000 acres of forest lands annually are burned over by destructive fires.
Insects And Diseases That Destroy Forests
Forest insects and tree diseases occasion heavy losses each year among the standing marketable trees. Insects cause a total loss of more than $100,000,000 annually to the forest products of the United States. A great number of destructive insects are constantly at work in the forests injuring or killing live trees or else attacking dead timber.
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