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Seven Varieties Of Irregular Hearts
In every study there is always one hard and disagreeable task that must be performed before progress is possible. All through this book we have spoken in terms, as far as possible, that were not so technical as to require a dictionary.
Nature Of The Disorders Of The Heart Beat
EVERY science is advanced by periods of activity, after which a long time may elapse be-fore any great thing is done. It happened that, in the advancement of the knowledge of heart disease, about ten years ago a renaissance began and continued actively until the World War temporarily put an end to investigation.
Question Of Outgrowing Defects And Diseases
Sometimes it means that the physician is trying to give courage and hope with regard to something about which you are worried. At other times it means exactly what the physician says. There are many conditions of the heart that have to do with its development.
A Benign Type Of Paralysis Of The Auricle
I am making this the subject of special attention in the study of the heart because it has considerable importance, and also because I want to have it on record, so that I can use it for the encouragement of people with this particular trouble.
Examination Of The Heart Patient - General Procedure
IN deciding what constitutes a proper examination of a heart patient many considerations will modify the conclusion. The life insurance examination is merely intended to exclude heart disease, and is entirely negative in its operations.
Another important examination of all heart patients is that which gives a knowledge of the functions of the kidneys. The kidneys of those who have heart trouble are nearly always affected in some way. This is so much so that a large number of heart patients are supposed to be suffering from kidney trouble.
Therapeutic Tests
Another important line of investigation in the case of those who have heart trouble must be founded upon what physicians call therapeutic tests. This means that the person must be studied as to the way he reacts under various forms of treatment and different plans of regimen.
Size And Shape Of The Heart
The determination of the size and shape of the heart has always been a matter of much concern to physicians. It seems a simple matter, but .is really difficult. If this appears doubtful, put some familiar object underneath a thick carpet and see how many people can recognize it by thumping it and feeling of it through the carpet.
Foxglove Or Digitalis Foxglove As An Efficient Remedy In Heart Conditions
FOXGLOVE is a familiar flower to those who have gardens, and when it is seen growing, one hardly realizes how much it has influenced human life and history. Its use was discovered by an Englishman named Withering about 1785 because it had the reputation of relieving dropsy in people who had rapid and irregular hearts.
Chemistry Of Digitalis
My mental picture is this : The digitalis acts in a chemical way on the tissue of the heart very much as alkali acts on an acid mixture when you drop it in a little at a time. If you place some-litmus paper or other indicator in the test-tube and drop in the alkali solution, all of a sudden the mixture changes to blue, and then you know that you have your solution saturated.
Drugs And The Heart
Not all drugs affect the heart, but many of them do, and some profoundly. When the heart has become accustomed to a drug, as for instance, morphine or alcohol, if these are suddenly withdrawn, serious heart weakness is apt to ensue ; so that the danger to the heart arises rather from the sudden stoppage than from the continued use of them.
Nitroglycerin - And How To Use It
BECAUSE the art of medicine pertains to life, comfort, and happiness, it is naturally supposed to be different from other arts and sciences. It was recognized even by the ancients as a difficult art, demanding the highest intelligence and particularly requiring much experience.
Heart Troubles And The Cure Resort
As I approach this subject I find it difficult to treat it honestly and competently. The minute a cure resort becomes wholly scientific, it is a failure; and yet the cure resort that hasn't a substantial scientific basis does not carry the confidence of the profession or of the people that is necessary for its success.
How The Cure Resort Treatment May Be Imitated At Home
What can be done and what is easy to do are two different things. The cure resort treatment of heart disease can be imitated and has often been imitated in the home; but this is quite difficult, because one must revise in a measure the psychology of the whole family and the habits of the patient suffering from heart trouble.
Exercise And The Heart
There is a close similarity between the management of a person who has a heart crippled by disease and the management of a young person who is preparing for an athletic contest. In the one case, we are trying to arrange it so that the person with a crippled heart can do more work with greater liberty as time goes on.
Baths And Exercises In Heart Disease
From what has been written so far, it must be evident to the most casual reader that there are two elements in heart disease; one consisting of material disorders showing change in the structure or arrangement of the organs of circulation, and the other consisting of changes in the activities of these organs, or, as it is sometimes exprest, functional disorders.
Stimulants And Restoratives
All forms of treatment have the quality of acting either as stimulants or as restoratives. In other words, if you whip' a horse you stimulate him, if you feed him you restore him. Some measures, indeed, may have the qualities both of stimulation and of restoration, but one or the other always predominates.
Blood Letting In The Heart Disease
THE history of blood letting is quite interesting, and has become more so of late, because some things have been made clear by the frightful influenza epidemic that has been prevalent. During the eighteenth century blood letting was common and universal in the treatment of disease.
How To Meet Emergencies
For a long time I have been interested in a society called the Society for Instruction in First Aid to the Injured. This society was started about thirty years ago to teach what to do in emergencies.
Emergencies And How To Meet Them
There are certain definite emergencies that arise in cases of suffering from heart trouble about which the sufferer himself and his friends should be instructed. These are, attacks of shortness of breath, attacks of palpitation, attacks of pain, a hemorrhage from the lungs, and attacks of great feebleness of heart action.
Treatment Of Palpitation
When a person has an attack of palpitation, it is not possible by any known means to cause the heart immediately to become slow and regular. So the first thing is to make him as comfortable as possible, and reassure him in everyway.
Attacks Of Pain
Pain is an extremely depressing symptom in connection with all kinds of disease of the heart. Ordinarily, however, people are so much afraid of heart trouble that they make excuses alleging other pains than the real one.
Hemorrhage From The Lungs
In those suffering from heart trouble hemorrhage from the lungs is not ordinarily dangerous, and is important only as indicating that there is considerable congestion of the lungs. Most sufferers are benefited rather than otherwise by the loss of a fair quantity of blood, and while it is terrifying to have people bleed from the lungs, it ought not to be the cause of undue anxiety.
Attacks Of Marked Feebleness Or Heart Failure
Attacks of great feebleness of the heart are liable to excite unnecessary anxiety; because the rule is that hearts go to pieces in a struggle rather than by just lying down and petering out. In most instances a slowly and gently acting heart, even tho it does not cause 'a satisfactory pulse, is behaving in a conservative manner.
Care Of The Heart - Diet And The Heart
So much has been written and is constantly being written about diet that one may apologize for adding a new chapter on this subject as related to heart disease.
Heart Troubles General Instructions
The diet ordered is for you for the present time, and has nothing to do with the requirements of other people, or of you under other circumstances. Avoid all eggs (and dishes made with eggs) fish,meat and stock soups, except as specifically ordered.
Diet For Heart Disease
Diet is a matter of quality, not of quantity, in its relation to the heart. In general, of course, people who overload their systems with unnecessary food put a burden upon the heart, but this does not damage it specifically.
Care Of The Heart In The Young
Can a healthy young heart be torn or stretched as the result of its own activity? This is a difficult question to answer. The negative answer is certainly true with most children under fifteen or sixteen years of age. In the young child the heart is so large in proportion to the size of the child that no activity can possibly do harm.
Care Of The Heart In The Middle Aged
Self recognition of middle age is a rare occurrence. At exactly what year this happens it is hard to say. According to the threescore years and ten tradition, thirty-five ought to be middle age. We usually think of middle age as being somewhere between forty and sixty.
Care Of The Heart In The Aged
There are no rules for the care of the heart in the aged that do not apply at other times of life. The tendency of old people to become bedridden and to lose their initiative should always be remembered, as the recommendation of less activity might lead to cessation of all activity.
Animal Proteins—sugar Anaphylaxis
THE question of anaphylaxis, a condition of increased susceptibility to toxic or remedial agents, has in it no doubt the germ of much progress in the knowledge of disease, and we have already achieved a fair amount, of success. Part of the success is founded on fact, and part of it is founded on an elaboration of theory based on the facts that are established.
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