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The Influence Of Anticonceptional Practices
IN the first part of this book, mention was made of the admirable foresight with which nature provides for everything that is connected with the preservation of the human race and its procreation as well as of the severe punishment she metes upon all irregularities and abuses committed in this respect.
General Considerations On The Possibility Of Rejuvenation
OVER thirty years ago the possibility of making a younger person out of an old man or woman was positively proved. Already at that time photographs were published in the medical journals by Sir Victor Horsley, George Murray, and others, illustrating aged men and women who, after treatment by animal extracts, appeared much younger than their actual age.
Rejuvenation Of Man And Animals By Surgical Methods
BY cutting through the excretory ducts of the sexual glands at a certain point in a number of old marasmic rats of the age of twenty eight to thirty months an age corresponding in rat life to the eighties or more in human subjects Prof. Steinach was able to observe several weeks afterwards an amazing change for the better in their condition.
Rejuvenation By The Ingestion Of Animal Gland Preparations
OLD age being caused by degeneration of the endocrin glands, especially the thyroid and sexual glands, all that is necessary to secure rejuvenation is to improve the condition of these glands. The best and easiest way to do this is to administer by the mouth extracts of these glands, after their extirpation from healthy animals.
Rejuvenation By The Use Of Iodides And Certain Other Drugs
THE rejuvenating effects of arsenic have already been known for a long time. I mentioned them in my book on 'Old Age Deferred,' attributing the effects of arsenic to a stimulation of the sex glands, especially in women, in whom the rejuvenating effects are greater than those obtained in men.Iron, in its different preparations, acts similarly, although its effects do not approach those of arsenic.
Rejuvenation By Means Of The Ultra-violet Rays Of Natural And Artificial Sunlight
SEVERAL thousand years ago, in the sacred books of the Hindus, a rejuvenating effect was attributed to the sun's rays. The latter were stated therein to restore vigor to the muscles of the aged, and to enliven their minds.
Production Of A Youthful Appearance By Means Of The Ultra-violet Rays
IF we consider the faces of the young girls and women of ancient Egypt, painted on the sarcophagi which contain their bodies, the nicely bronzed color of the faces of these daughters of sunny Egypt is likely to make a favorable appeal to us.
Rejuvenation By The Use Of Radium Baths And Mud Baths
RADIUM can rightly be considered as a symbol of eternal youth. For it is constantly giving off energy, yet remains apparently unchanged all the time.In the earliest periods after the discovery of the radium, this strange fact created a great sensation among the scientists, for it seemed to contradict the natural law of the conservation of energy, well established by Robert Mayer, whose sad fate was mentioned in the first part of this book.
Economic Minerals Of Canada
IN attempting even a brief description of the mineral resources of Canada, it will aid clearness of vision, and enable the reader to walk within known bounds and landmarks if we indicate at the, outset the scope and limitations of our inquiry.
Alluvial Gold
ALLUVIAL GOLD: YUKON. Placer gold mining began in the Yukon in 1881. The main district is the Klondike region, where mining began in 1896. This field has an area of about 1,000 square miles, and upwards of seventy or eighty miles of creeks have proved productive. In some parts, the sands worked yielded 2,000 dollars per running foot, with a pay streak varying from 150 to 300 feet wide.
Gold Bearing Quartz
In the Yukon some gold bearing lodes have been discovered, but so far they have not been worked to any extent. In British Columbia there are two distinct classes of gold bearing ores, viz., the free milling ores: from which gold is the only metal recovered by amalgamation ; and the sulphide ores, which, being gold-bearing copper ores, are treated by smelting.
Gold and silver in British Columbia occur in diverse ways. In addition to the gold extracted from the alluvial deposits all over the province, there are a great many veins and other forms of deposits of auriferous and argentiferous minerals.
Copper ores in Canada may be subdivided into two classes, viz., ores containing copper in the native or metallic state, and those in which copper is found in the form of various sulphides.
As already mentioned, lead occurs in British Columbia, mainly in the form of argentiferous galena or silver lead ores. These occur, and are mined in many districts: the most important of which is known as the Slocan district, on Slocan Lake and River, in the interior of British Columbia.
Zinc ore, in the form of zinc blende, occurs widely distributed in British Columbia, and there are also several deposits in Ontario. In the first-named province, zinc ores are found in workable deposits in the Ainsworth division of East Kootenay, and in the Fort Steele division of East Kootenay.
The province of Ontario is responsible for all the nickel produced in Canada. The greater portion is extracted from the nickeliferous pyrrhotite of the Sudbury district, which was discovered during the construction of the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1886.
The silver-bearing ores of the now famous Cobalt district contain a large proportion of cobalt ; but the buyers of ore practically allow nothing for this metal. Should new uses and new outlets be found for cobalt, this region could easily supply large quantities of this metal.
The Canadian deposits of chromite, or chrome iron ore, occur in the serpentine belt of the eastern townships of the province of Quebec. It is only within comparatively recent years that these deposits have been worked. The centre of production is Black Lake, in the township of Coleraine, on the line of the Quebec Central Railway.
Although manganese is not extensively worked in Canada, very large deposits of manganese ores are known in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The ore occurs as crystalline pyrolusite and manganite in limestones, also as bog manganese.
Antimony ores are known to occur in the province of Quebec, at South Ham, Wolfe county ; in New Brunswick, at Prince William, York county, and in Nova Scotia, at West Gore, Hants county. In all of these cases antimony ore is present in workable quantities.
Coal is by far the most important product of the Canadian mines, as the value of the yearly output of coals and lignites reaches thirty five percent. of the total value of the country's mineral production. Coal is abundant and extensively worked on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and its occurrence greatly facilitates over sea trade and local traffic on both oceans.
Petroleum And Natural Gas
In British Columbia there have been no discoveries of economic value of either gas or oil. In the south-eastern part of East Kootenay, in the region crossed by the South Kootenay Pass, some drilling operations were conducted two or three years ago on a large scale, but no satisfactory results were obtained.
Salt And Brines
Brine springs occur in many places in Canada, but the only salt-producing industry of any importance is that of Ontario. In Manitoba a little salt has at times been produced locally from some springs which occur around the shores of Lake Winnipegosis.
The largest known deposits of asbestos occur in the eastern townships of the province of Quebec. In the production of this mineral Canada easily leads the world. The asbestos is largely of the long fibre textile variety, and is much prized. In 1908 the total product of the asbestos industry, including long fibre, short fibre, and asbestic, amounted to over 2,500,000 dollars.
The principal deposits of mica are situated in the western part of the province of Quebec, and in the eastern part of Ontario.
In Labelle and Argenteuil counties in the province of Quebec are situated large areas of graphite bearing limestones and gneisses, of which several deposits are worked. The main areas are in Buckingham township, and the graphite is of the disseminated variety.
There are important deposits of corundum in the northern part of Hastings county in the province of Ontario, and these are worked extensively.
Other Minerals
It is only possible to mention the other minerals of economic importance, as it would take many pages to give even short descriptions of the deposits...
Consciousness Of The Action Of The Heart
THERE is probably no one living who can not become conscious of the heart and circulation by a sufficient concentration of his attention, but most people a good part of the time do not know that they have a heart or that their blood is circulating.
Hearts Out Of Order
There are few things more interesting than the attempt to interpret the meaning of the descriptions that sick people give of their sensations and sufferings. The young child has no power of speech, but the experienced mother can distinguish the cry of hunger from the cry of pain, or the cry of anger.
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