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Canary Islanders
It was a custom among them that, if a man entered his enemy's house by the door, and killed him or did him harm, he was not punished ; but if he came upon him by leaping over the wall, and killed him, then he was put to death, by placing his head upon a flat stone, and with another, of a round form, dashing out his brains.
Cosmogony Of The Taheiteans
It has been asserted more than once in some of your pages, that there is not the least resemblance in the mythologic traditions and Pagan superstition of the inhabitants of the South Seas to those of the old world. Cut off for many years from all intercourse with the Continent, bounded in their transactions by the group of islands in their own more immediate neighbourhood.
Manners And Customs Of The Natives Of Hutaitee, Etc.
We steered for UtahiteÚ, in the latitude of 17 deg. 10 min. South, and longitude of 150 deg. 32 min. W., from the Meridian of Greenwich, from whence Mr. Green made all his calculations. We continued here three months, and became as easy and familiar in the time as the natives, who are a kind, hospitable, active, sensible people.
Ceremonies Of The Treaty With The Cherokees
Cannacaughte of Chotte, the head of the nation, having the pre-ceding day, the 1st of July, summoned a council in his camp of all the headmen, acquainted them that as the business to be transacted the ensuing day was of great importance, it was proper that some person should be appointed who might do it with distinctness and in a way suitable to the solemnity of the act to be done.
Customs Of Guiana In S. America
Those who wish to marry him present him with something to drink, and offer him some wood to kindle a fire near his hammock. If he refuses the offer, it is a token that he will have nothing to say to the lass; if he accepts it, the marriage is concluded, and the bride takes upon her to manage his household the next morning.
The Ledrone Islands
Before the arrival of the Spaniards, they acknowledged no deity, had no idea of any religion, and were without temples, altars, sacrifices, worship, or priests. They had, indeed, some cunning men, called macanas, among them, who, pretending to the gift of prophecy, and to an intimate familiarity with the dead, assumed the power of controlling the living, giving health to the sick.
History Of Some Curious Customs Used By The Natives Of The Feejee Islands
The Feejee Islands are situated about 21░ south latitude, and 174░ west longitude. They are very little known, and have received various names from different navigators. Tongataboo is the best known of this group, and there is an account of it in a work by the missionaries who endeavoured to convert the inhabitants to our holy religion.
Strange Opinions Of Some Indians Concerning The Supreme Being
The Indian Gentiles feign that a certain immense spider was the first cause of all things ; which, drawing the matter from its own bowels, wove the web of this universe, and disposed it with wonderful art : she in the meantime, sitting in the centre of her work, feels and directs the motion of every part.
Some Account Of The Natives Of Louisiana
When the French entered this fine country, they found it inhabited by a great number of different nations. I will only mention the most considerable, which are, the Pascagoulas, the Oumas, the Tonicas, the Natchez, the Tchatcas, the Chicachas, the Tinsas, the Natsitoches, the Adiais, the Assinais, the Alkanas, the Cadodaquious, the Yazous, and the Tchetimactchas.
Nottoway Indians
We shall now introduce a few particulars of the Nottoway Indians, in the state of Virginia, obtained through the medium of a person who lately visited their settlement.The Nottoway Indians, in number about twenty-seven, including men, women, and children, occupy a track of seven thousand acres of excellent land upon the west side of Nottoway river, two miles from Jerusalem in the county of Southampton.
The Character, Manners, And Customs Of The Indians Of Quito
These Indians have such a coolness and insensibility of temper, such a composure or tranquillity of mind, as neither calamities can ruffle, nor prosperous and fortunate events alter or affect. Those things which the rest of mankind so earnestly covet and desire are by them regarded with the most perfect apathy and indifference.
North-american Indian Superstitions
I have been informed by an Englishman who lived many years amongst the Indians in the internal parts of North America, very far to the westward (and who is himself tattooed with all the marks of distinction common with the nations with whom he has had any connections), that he once saw a party of Indians, who had taken some prisoners in war, tattoo a couple of their unfortunate captives with the most curious marks they could devise, and afterwards hang them up upon a tree as a sacrifice to that infernal Being which they worshipped.
New-england Marriage Custom
It must be noted that it is the custom in this country for young persons between whom there is a courtship, or treaty of marriage, to lye together, the woman having her petticoats on, and the man his breeches ; and afterwards, if they do not fall out, they confess the covenant at church, in the midst of the congregation, and to the minister, who declares the marriage legal.
Singular Custom Among The Americans
My wish is occasionally to transmit you some account of the people of these new states; but I am far from being qualified for the purpose, having as yet seen little more than the cities of New York and Philadelphia. I have discovered but few national singularities among them. Their customs and manners are nearly the same with those of England, which they have long been used to copy.
IT is a well-known fact that alcoholic beverages in large amounts are deleterious to all men. There are many persons, too, who are unable to take them even in small amounts without injury to their health. But if anybody should claim that small quantities of an alcoholic beverage, such as beer or wine, are harmful to all adults, he would certainly be making a statement that could not be supported by any argument of scientific value.
THERE is no doubt that in the old Roman Empire, when wars were so frequent and no one was sure of his personal safety, many thousands must have perished by the sword or lost their lives by some unnatural means. In those times it was not in the natural order of things that people should die at home in their beds, and countless were those whose days were ended by violence.
WHEN a man is an inveterate smoker, his passion for tobacco may obtain sometimes such a hold upon him that it would seem nearly impossible for him to deliver himself from its nefarious influence. This accounts for the fact that when, several centuries ago, the smoking habit was prohibited with heavy punishment and fines, it was found impossible to put a stop to its propagation.
Sexual Indiscretion
WHEN this universe was created, its Creator paid special attention to all things that would ensure conservation of the lives of mankind and of the lower animals. This is plainly shown by the fact that he implanted in the breast of every creature two instincts which dominate it in an overwhelming and irresistible manner, holding it, as it were, in fetters of iron, viz., hunger and the sexual impulse.
IN the third year of the late war I was ordered by my superiors to take measures to check an epidemic of typhoid fever that had broken out in Uzsok, in the Carpathians, the scene of the great battle between the Russian and Austro-Hungarian forces. The task that lay before me was to prevent the spread of the infection by all means at my disposal.
IF the average length of human life were at least a hundred years, I could readily understand why so many people work day and night, amidst the greatest privations, with much suffering, groaning and lamenting, merely in order to lay aside a sum sufficient to permit them to enjoy life for a span of years more, free of care and sorrow.
IN eastern countries it is the custom to consign the bodies of the deceased to earth clothed only in a simple shroud. The latter, of course, has no pockets, and it is a proverb in these countries, when the penuriousness of some persons is being censured, to remark that the shroud has no pockets, meaning by this that when one dies he cannot take any of his riches with him.
WHEN a person becomes very angry, one may observe how the veins of his head, especially the forehead, become distended. As these veins are closely connected with the blood-vessels in the inner cavities of the skull and with those of the brain, their distention indicates that on account of the emotion of anger, certain changes on the blood-vessels of the brain, viz., a congestion of these vessels, must have taken place.
IF there were no sexual instinct, vanity would not exist on this earth, either. For naturally it can be only a result of the sexual instinct if, in man or animals, the male or female tries hard to captivate the attention of the opposite sex. Man and the animals have, indeed, learned how to do this from their great teacher, nature.
Avoidance Of Parenthood
A WEDDING! What a delightful festival it means for mankind! But if it is the most delightful festival the human race can enjoy on earth, it does not mean the greatest happiness for all the other creatures of this universe. Especially is this not so in the short-lived world of the insects, for to them it means very often the beginning of the end.
The Influence Of Smoking On The Female Organism
THE shrunken and flaccid features and facial muscles of even relatively young women from Russia, Greece, and the Orient who came to consult me in Carlsbad in the years preceding the late war were often very striking, and when I inquired into the cause of the condition, I found that nearly all of these women were smokers, and had been addicted to the use of tobacco for years.
The Influence Of Insufficient Nourishment And Reduction Cures On The Female Organism
IT is a matter of common observation that women of the poorer classes age rapidly, as a rule. It seems natural to attribute this to hard work and a scanty intake of food. That insufficient nourishment is the main factor, however, follows from the fact that the same condition is witnessed among women who are engaged quietly in household du-ties or sew the whole day long.
Influence Of An Improperly Constituted Diet On The Female Organism
IF one enters a restaurant where a number of women and girls are eating, one readily observes how irrationally many of them, especially the younger ones, make their selections of food. Pastry and other dainties are the chief articles chosen, and nitrogenous foods are often only to a slight extent or not at all represented.
The Influence Of An Insufficient Intake Of Fluids On The Female Organism
MANY women are in the habit of taking too little fluid. Not a few women practically never drink any liquid, not even during meals. As a rule, there is present in these women a condition of weakness of the thyroid gland which we have already described as occurring during, before, or after the climacteric years.
The Influence Of Unduly Frequent Use Of Purgatives On The Female Organism
IN Paris, in the Eighteenth Century, it was the custom of the 'dames du monde,' compelled to give careful consideration to the maintenance of their good complexions, to have a midwife come to their apartments daily and administer to them a 'wholesome' enema.
The Influence Of Cosmetics
IF many women afflicted, owing to illness or an unwholesome mode of life, with a dull, sickly, yellowish-gray complexion form the habit of introducing a life-like red tint into the 'gray monotony' previously existing, we can readily understand the reason for this custom, which is not inexcusable, moreover, when looked at from the human, or more strictly speaking the women's, standpoint.
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