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Horse Racing
A duller task could scarcely be undertaken than that of endeavouring to trace the history of horse-racing from material furnished by the vague and contradictory accounts of the earliest writers on the subject. It may safely be assumed that racing dates from the period when two energetic men found themselves side by side on high-couraged horses.
Horse Breeding
That there is no royal road to the production of good horses is shown by the fact that many owners to whom money has been of no importance, who have added long experience and keen observation to practically unlimited expenditure, have vainly tried all their lives to breed the object of every racing man's ambition—a Derby winner.
Horse Training
As a rule the trainer has worked his way to the position he occupies after apprenticeship as a jockey. In very many cases, having become too heavy to ride on the flat, he has afterwards taken to riding over a country...
Yearling Sales Of Thoroughbred Horses
A particularly interesting feature of the season to genuine lovers of the thoroughbred horse is the sales of yearlings which take place periodically. On the mornings and evenings of the days on which the New-market July Meetings are held Messrs.
Time For Horse Racing
Occasionally in reports of races a comment is appended to the effect that the time was so many minutes, seconds, and fifths of seconds. The chances are that the figures lack correctness; but, if they happen to be accurate, they are utterly worthless for all practical purposes.
Jockey Club
The Jockey Club, an association of noblemen and gentlemen dating from 1751, gradually became the supreme authority and the governing body of the Turf. The control of racing exercised by the Club is absolute.
Horse Racing Officials
The duties of the various officials will be found fully set forth in the Rules of Racing, and need not be repeated here at length. That a HANDICAPPER should give general satisfaction is of course not for a moment to be expected...
Messrs. Weatherby.
The name of Messrs. Weatherby occurs more than once in this article, and a few words must be added about the firm. Messrs. Weatherby are the active agents of the Jockey Club, the connexion having apparently arisen from the fact that in the year 1773 a Mr. James Weatherby first published the Racing Calendar...
Jockeys For Thoroughbred Horses
Considerably over 3,000 horses run every year in England. The number in 1896 was 3,189, and almost all these horses have their own boys, who ride at exercise, and, as the phrase goes, do them, that is to say groom and attend to them in their stables.
Thoroughbred Two Year Old Races
It must be assumed that by a happy combination of gentleness and firmness, by good hands, a strong seat in the saddle, and a temper most under control when most severely tried, the yearling has been backed, after the preliminary processes of bitting, saddling and lunging...
Thoroughbred Weight For Age Races
It has been seen that practically everything depends upon the weight a horse carries. There is an old saying that weight will bring together a donkey and a Derby winner, and the extravagant assertion may be accepted as tending to show how vast a difference a horse's burden is recognised as making.
Famous Horses
Some few years since a journal devoted to racing sought the ideas of a number of authorities as to the names of the best ten horses of the century. Great difference of opinion prevailed, there being general agreement about only a few animals.
Handicap Horse Racing
From one point of view the handicap is an altogether absurd institution ; for the result is simply and solely to show how far wrong the handicapper is in his estimate of the ability of the horses he weights.
Claiming Races For Thorough Bred Horses
Selling races are the lowest forms of contest recognised by the rules of racing ; and selling handicaps, the lowest of all, are, on the face of them, manifestly ridiculous.
Speed Rating For Thorough Horses
Speed is the first requisite of the racehorse, his value depending largely upon the distance of ground over which he can maintain his best pace, that is to say, whether or not he is a stayer.
Race Courses For Thorough Bred Horses
By general consent the best meeting of the year is held at Ascot. The sport here is consistently good, and it is the one place where no selling race is found in the programme. There are only five handicaps during the four days over which the meeting extends, and one of these, the Royal Hunt Cup, is perhaps only second in general interest to the Cambridgeshire.
Cost Of Horse Racing
The cost of racing may, of course, be anything. It may result in an annual profit or loss of many thousands of pounds, according to the scale on which it is followed and the luck which befalls an owner.
Youth At Any Age
Feed the brute, - snapped the old lady. Now this perhaps is vulgar but it is undoubtedly the truth. A good dinner will turn the roaring, raging lion into a sweet-tempered and docile lamb.
Breakfast - Eating Without Fear
Before going any farther I should state clearly, concisely and emphatically that I am not a medical man. I am not even a quack, but I am fond of nice things to eat and drink, and the keynote to the mode of living I suggest, is Moderation.
Luncheon - Eating Without Fear
You have breakfasted at 7:30 or 8 A. M. because you're a commuter or a commuter's wife. There is nothing more to worry about till lunch, which happens between 12:30 and 1:30. During this time you must absolutely refrain from drinking anything, and above all from ice water.
Dinners And Diners - Eating Without Fear
I am sure that more than half the battle in the pleasures of eating, is refined and dainty service. I do not mean frills and furbelows. There is nothing I hate more than one of those tables, photographs of which are so popular in monthly journals devoted to women.
Curries - Eating Without Fear
There are few dishes that conjure up more dreams of delight than curry. To me the very thought of curry stirs my emotions. Nothing is better than a good curry—nothing is nastier than a bad one. Restaurant and hotel curries are generally beneath contempt.
Delights Of The Table - Eating Without Fear
I have tried, as far as I know, all the known ways of living—hotels, boarding houses, furnished rooms, furnished. apartments with housekeeping privileges, - clubs, unfurnished apartments, and houses. But for my acumen, when in my early twenties, I would be a dyspeptic old buffer today.
Lunch And Punch - Eating Without Fear
Some years ago I met a man who had been through the Siege of Paris, during the Franco-German war. He had described the suffering of the people; how, when the animals of the Jardin des Plantes had been slaughtered for food—by the way, he was enthusiastic over the succulence of elephant's foot—even rats were at a premium.
Dishes For Days - Eating Without Fear
In these unregenerate days, when religion occupies only a small part of the time of some of us, we still retain the customs of our forbears on their festivals and fasts. The Church in days gone by occupied itself largely with the eating and drinking of its members. It took an intelligent interest in their health.
Pastry - Eating Without Fear
Every cook has her (or his) own way of making pastry, but when it comes down to cases there are only two sorts of pastry, i. e., good and bad. I experimented some years before I arrived at, what I consider, a good puff paste and a good short crust.
Vegetables - Eating Without Fear
I am afraid few people realize the food value of vegetables, and though they may realize it, they do all they can, by the way they cook them, to make them mal-nutritious. Some time ago, a doctor recommended that the water in which vegetables were boiled should be consumed, claiming that all the good qualities were in the water.
Italo-american - Eating Without Fear
She taught me how to make spaghetti and rissorto. The more I think of it the more am I convinced that spaghetti was the mess of red pottage for which Esau sold his birthright. But the spaghetti one gets at the Italian table d'hôte restaurants, is not the spaghetti of Signora Fiametta.
Drinks - Eating Without Fear
Sometimes I feel that I ought to have been born a hundred years ago—or even a hundred and fifty; and yet at other times I realize that had I been, I would have missed knowing all the nice people I do know and whose friendship I value so highly.
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