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Canada - Governor-general And The High Commissioner
IN Canada the Crown is represented by a Governor-General who holds office during the pleasure of the Sovereign of Great Britain. An administrator or other officer may be appointed by the Dominion Government on behalf of the Crown, and all provisions made in the Act of Confederation in reference to the Governor-General, apply to him.
High Commissioner For Canada
During a visit to Great Britain in 1879 of the then Canadian Premier, Sir John A. Macdonald, with Sir Leonard Tilley and Sir Charles Tupper, a memorandum was presented by them urging the necessity of providing further means for constant and confidential communication between Her Majesty's Government and the Dominion of Canada...
Canada - Constitutional Parliament, Etc.
IN considering the Constitutional history of Canada, it will be found that it divides itself naturally into four epochs. (1) The period of French rule between 1608 and 1760, (2) the period from 1760 to 1840 when representative institutions were slowly evolving to their full strength, (3) the period from 1840 to 1867 when representative government was fully established...
Canada - Constitution And Parliamentary
There are in Canada sixteen Departments of State, presided over by Ministers, viz., Justice, Finance, Agriculture, Secretary of State, External Affairs, Marine and Fisheries, Naval Service, Militia, Customs, Inland Revenue, Interior, Post Office, Public Works, Trade and Commerce, Customs, and Labour.
Parliament Of Canada
As in the case of Great Britain, the Parliament is composed of two houses, the upper house, or Senate, and the lower house or House of Commons. Two houses always formed part of the provincial legislature from 1791 to 1867, when Ontario decided to confine her house of legislature to an elected assembly under the Lieutenant-Governor.
Canada - The Dominion Franchise
The Dominion Franchise is a most liberal measure, which provides, generally speaking, that all male citizens over the age of twenty-one years, who are not, by Act or otherwise disqualified, are entitled to vote.
Canada - Sessional Indemnity
The payment of Members of the Federal Parliament has been in vogue ever since Confederation. It has been found in practice to work well ; while not acting as a deterrent to men in a good financial position entering Parliament, it has enabled many, who would otherwise have been unable to do so, to use their talents in aiding in the government of their country.
Canada - Public Lands
The Public Lands in Canada are those which are administered by the Dominion Government and are called Dominion Lands and those which are at the disposal of the several Provincial Governments and are known as Crown Lands.
Canada - Public Lands In The Provinces
Ontario public lands are under the control of the Crown Lands Department of the provincial government at Toronto. Agricultural lands can be obtained from the Crown by actual settlers subject to certain settlement conditions. Free grants are offered of not more than 100 to 160 acres for a single man, and 160 to 200 acres for the head of a family, in the districts of what is known as New Ontario...
Canada - Defence Militia
To seek the origin of the Canadian militia one must go back to the days when Canada was peopled by trappers and fighters who lived in a constant state of warfare with Indians, and of necessity were able to use their arms in self-defence.
Canada - Royal Mounted Police
From the year 1873 onwards there has been in existence a force of a military character operating in Western Canada, under the control of the Dominion Government, which has established for itself a reputation which is world wide.
Canada's Navy
The arrival of the Cruiser Niobe at Halifax, on the 21st October, and the Rainbow at Esquimault on the 7th November, marks a departure of the greatest consequence in the policy of Canada.
Canada - Banking And Currency In British North America
THE Banking system of Canada is of no mushroom growth. It has been built up with the development of the country, and has, in the main, kept pace with its progress. It may be said, generally, that all the joint stock banks of the Dominion carry on business under a general banking law.
Canada - Currency
In the early days of the French regime, beaver skins served as a currency in Canada, and in 1669 wheat was declared a legal tender, at four francs for three French bushels. In 1774 moose skins were declared a legal tender, at the current market rate.
Canada - Customs Revenue And Taxation
A LARGE proportion of the current revenue of Canada is obtained from Customs taxation, as is shown by the fact that out of the total revenue on account of the Consolidated Fund for the year ended March 31st, 1909, of 85,000,000 dollars, the receipts from Customs Taxes amounted to over 47,000,000 dollars, which latter figure grew to 61,000,000 dollars in 1909-10.
Canada - Education
BY the provisions of the British North America Act the conduct of Education was left under the control of the provinces. That being so, there is necessarily a slight difference in the various systems followed, but taking it broadly the system pervading Canada is based on the principle of free education, out of funds supplied by government grants and local taxation.
Canada - Rural Education
In dealing with a country like Canada, the educationist must always keep before him the fact that the vast majority of children in rural schools will be employed on the Land. It is, therefore, of the first importance to instil into their minds as early as possible in the school career a love of the soil and a knowledge of the principles which underlie successful agriculture.
Canada - The Macdonald Institutes
With the organisation of these manual training departments in rural schools came the demand for well-trained teachers to supervise them, and this was met by Sir William Macdonald's generous foundation of two large buildings at the Ontario agricultural college at Guelph for the residence and the training of teachers.
Canada - Universities
The University of Toronto and McGill University, Montreal, are in the front rank of educational institutions on the American continent, and their renown as seats of learning, equipped and maintained according to a high standard of efficiency, has spread far and wide.
Cap O' Rushes
WELL, there was once a very rich gentleman, and he'd three daughters, and he thought he'd see how fond they were of him.
ONCE upon a time there was a teeny-tiny woman lived in a teeny-tiny house in a teeny-tiny village. Now, one day this teeny-tiny woman put on her teeny-tiny bonnet, and went out of her teeny-tiny house to take a teeny-tiny walk.
Jack And The Beanstalk
THERE was once upon a time a poor widow who had an only son named Jack, and a cow named Milky-white. And all they had to live on was the milk the cow gave every morning which they carried to the market and sold. But one morning Milky-white gave no milk and they didn't know what to do.
Story 0f The Three Little Pigs
THERE was an old sow with three little pigs, and as she had not enough to keep them, she sent them out to seek their fortune. The first that went off met a man with a bundle of straw, and said to him...
The Master And His Pupil
THERE was once a very learned man in the north-country who knew all the languages under the sun, and who was acquainted with all the mysteries of creation.
Titty Mouse And Tatty Mouse
TITTY MOUSE and Tatty Mouse both lived in a house,Titty Mouse went a-leasing and Tatty Mouse went a-leasing,So they both went a-leasing.Titty Mouse leased an ear of corn, and Tatty Mouse leased an ear of corn, So they both leased an ear of corn.
Jack And His Golden Snuff-box
ONCE upon a time, and a very good time it was though it was neither in my time nor in your time nor in any one else's time, there was an old man and an old woman, and they had one son, and they lived in a great forest.
Story Of The Three Bears
ONCE upon a time there were Three Bears, who lived together in a house of their own, in a wood. One of them was a Little, Small, Wee Bear ; and one was a Middle-sized Bear, and the other was a Great, Huge Bear. They had each a pot for their porridge, a little pot for the Little, Small, Wee Bear ; and a middle-sized pot for the Middle Bear, and a great pot for the Great, Huge Bear.
Jack The Giant Killer
WHEN good King Arthur reigned, there lived near the Land's End of England, in the county of Cornwall, a farmer who had one only son called Jack. He was brisk and of a ready, lively wit, so that nobody or nothing could worst him.In those days the Mount of Cornwall was kept by a huge giant named Cormoran.
ONE day Henny-penny was picking up corn in the cornyard when—whack !—something hit her upon the head.
Childe Rowland
So at last her eldest brother went to the Warlock Merlin and told him all the case, and asked him it he knew where Burd Ellen was.
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