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British Columbia And Confederation
Until the last thirty years the Province of British Columbia has occupied a detached position, and it may be well to recall some of the facts of her history. In 1849, Vancouver Island was constituted a Crown Colony, and in 1858 what was formerly called New Caledonia was created a second Crown Colony, under the name of British Columbia, and included all that is now known as British Columbia, excepting Vancouver Island.
Era Of Canadian Railways
FOR a new country transportation is life. Without adequate transportation progress is impossible, and in a country of great distances, such as is Canada, this is more than ever true. Forests, mineral wealth beyond the dreams of avarice, land of amazing fertility, all are comparatively useless without the means to bring them within the human reach.
Hudson's Bay Company
IT will have been noticed that in the earlier chapters dealing with the history of Canada very little mention has been made of the northern and the north-western parts. There is, in fact, very little history to tell of a kind which has any bearing on the evolution of the Canadian race.
Canada - The Development Of The West
WESTERN Canada of today, embracing the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, has been well called The Land of Opportunity. That is to say, for those who are prepared to adapt themselves to existing conditions.
Oats and barley thrive and yield amazingly. Oats frequently weigh from five to fifteen pounds per bushel more than the prescribed standard, and the ordinary crop yields from forty to eighty bushels an acre.
Canada - Ontario
The history of this Province dates back to the time when the country was first settled by the United Empire Loyalists who migrated from the States to the south at the close of the War of Independence. At that time; Upper Canada, as it was then called, was unbroken forest, but to-day it is the most populous Province of the Dominion of Canada with over two and a half millions of people.
Canada - British Columbia
While it has in the past been customary to think and speak of British Columbia as a mountainous country, it is as well to bear in mind that since railway communication has been established the various resources of this western-most Province of Canada have been developed to a remarkable extent...
Canada - The Undeveloped North
WE have seen in foregoing pages the civilisation of Canada, starting in the east in Acadia, moving quickly westward to Quebec, thence more slowly onward to Ontario, through Manitoba to British Columbia.
British Diplomacy And Canada
IT is perhaps only natural that Canada should sometimes chafe at the limitations imposed upon her by the Constitution. Of these limitations perhaps the most obvious and the most irksome to many Canadians is that which prevents the representatives of the people from negotiating directly with foreign powers.
Destiny Of Canada
Canada will be the country of the twentieth century. -SIR WILFRID LAURIER. IN these days Canadians complacently observe that there is a very thorough awakening in all civilised countries to the great part which the Dominion is destined to play in the world's history.
Canada - Social Conditions The American Invasion
ONE of the most remarkable features of recent Western Canadian history has been the large and increasing immigration from the United States.
Canada - The Habitant
THE French Canadian of today is, in a measure, a race apart. Indeed, to enter the town of Quebec, which is the stronghold of French Canada, is to enter a French town. The people are mostly French, the language is French, the Roman Catholic Church is supreme.
Canada - United Empire Loyalists
ONE of the most interesting, if pathetic, incidents in the history of Canada and one which had a marked effect on the early settlement of Ontario and the Maritime provinces was the immigration of loyalists who sought refuge on British territory after the close of the American War of Independence, and who determined at all hazards to live under British laws and institutions.
Canada - Canadian Indians
THE question of the true aborigine is a fruitful subject for scientific discussion all the world over, and it is well for the plain historian to evade the issue by plunging through the mists of antiquity to practical historic records of the people found in the country by early settlers.
Social Life Today Of Canada
THE last thirty or forty years has seen a great change, an inevitable change in the social life of Canada. In the history of all nations one may read in the social life of the people the history of their progress in the scale of nations, but in a young and quickly-growing country the transition becomes extremely rapid.
Labor Organizations Of Canada
IT is only when a country reaches a certain stage of development, when the pioneers and the backwoodsmen have done their work and industries assume a diversified form, calling for that division of labour essential to modern methods of production, and when a capitalist class grows up in the community...
Canada - Knights Of Labor
The greatest passing Labour wave that ever struck Canada was the Knight of Labour movement in the early eighties. This institution was founded on the secret society principle, with signs and passwords, a working formula to open and close the Assemblies, as the local bodies were called, and signs of recognition, by which brother Knights who were strangers could recognise each other.
Chief Cities Of Canada
THE census of 1910 showed that sixty-two cities and towns in Canada had each a population of 5,000 persons or more. Of these, twenty-four had a population of 10,000 or over, and of the twenty-four twelve had populations of 20,000 or more.
Canada - Montreal
In point of size and commerce the importance of Montreal, with an estimated population of 456,000, stands easily first. Situated on the St. Lawrence, at the junction of that river with the Ottawa River, it occupies a most important strategical position from the point of view of commerce, and its surroundings are most picturesque.
Canada - Quebec
Over-past in the race for wealth and commerce by its pushing neighbour, Montreal, the old city of Quebec stands apart and most deeply fascinating for the lover of the picturesque and the student of history. Quebec is purely French—French in its buildings, in its churches, in its people ; French in its whole atmosphere.
Canada - Toronto
Enthroned upon the shores of Lake Ontario lies Toronto, in its way one of the finest cities of the continent. It is a city of large distances, of long streets and fine buildings ; tree-edged when the centre or business part is passed. Toronto was planned on a large scale and laid out without regard to space, unlike many Canadian cities which have grown up carelessly as it were.
Canada - Hamilton
Hamilton, which is situated on the south shore of Hamilton Bay, the western extremity of Lake Ontario, forty miles distant from Toronto, is an attractive city, and can not only boast of being one of the most important manufacturing centres of the Dominion, but to be the distributing centre of the fruit grown in the fertile Niagara Peninsula.
Canada - Ottawa
Ottawa, the capital of the Dominion of Canada, is situated on the south bank of the river of the same name, and is about 120 miles distant from Montreal. Here are the magnificent Government buildings, Gothic in style, situated on a high bluff overlooking the river.
Canada - Halifax
Halifax, the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, occupies a commanding position as the most easterly seaport of Canada and rejoices in possessing one of the world's finest natural harbours. The city is the eastern terminus of the Inter-colonial Railway, by which it is connected up with the other great railway systems of the Dominion, and is otherwise well served by provincial lines.
Canada - St. John
St. John is a comparatively modern city with a population numbering some fifty-seven thousand inhabitants, and by far the most important business centre in New Brunswick, though Fredericton is the provincial seat of Government. Since the disastrous fire in 1877 a handsome town has sprung up and the splendid harbour affords every accommodation for a large number of vessels.
Canada - Winnipeg
Winnipeg, now one of the best known cities in the Dominion, is spoken of as the Chicago of Canada. It has grown since 1870 from a small trading post with a population of some few hundreds to a fine modern city with some 130,000 (the local claim is 170,000) inhabitants.
Canada - Edmonton
Edmonton, the capital of the province of Alberta, was formerly best known as the jumping off place for the fur-trade regions to the north. At the Census of 1906 it had a population of over 20,000, and the number of the inhabitants at the present time is estimated to be over 28,000.
Canada - Calgary
Calgary, a charmingly situated town, overlooked by the white peaks of the Rocky Mountains, on the Bow and Elbow Rivers, and on the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, is the wholesale distributing point and financial centre for southern Alberta.
Canada - Vancouver
To obtain some idea of the former appearance of the site of the present city of Vancouver, it is sufficient to pay a visit to Stanley Park, a magnificent pleasure resort in the vicinity. There may be seen groves of towering fir and cedar trees, such as were growing at the time when it was decided to make the terminus of the newly constructed Canadian Pacific Railway on Burrard Inlet.
Canada - Victoria
The approach by water to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, has often been described as nearly, if not quite, equal in beauty to the approach to Stock-holm. The city is situated on a deep, narrow inlet opening from the Strait of Juan de Fuca into the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island, and is eighty miles distant from the mainland.
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