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Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee - Hans Holbein The Younger
This portrait dates from about 1539, when Holbein was in the heydey of his success in England, painting all the people of importance at the court of Henry VIII, whose successive queens and candidates for queens were posing for him.
The Virgin With The Child And Angels - Bernard Van Orley
Bernard van Orley was the best known of the Brussels artists of the sixteenth century. It is said that he went to Italy, where he became a friend of Raphael. The productions of his maturity display a strong preference for Italianized compositions and details.
Lady Rich - Hans Holbein The Younger
Lady Rich was Elizabeth, daughter and heiress to William Jenks, a prosperous grocer of London.Nothing is known of her history except that in 1535 she married Richard Rich, an unscrupulous but successful lawyer, who in 1548 was raised to the peer-age and made Lord Chancellor of England, and that she was the mother of ten daughters and three sons whose names have been preserved.
Ulrich Fugger - Hans Maier
Little is known of this painter. He was from the Austrian Tyrol and was influenced by Strigel, Schaüfelin, and Amberger. Max J. Friedlander, in the Repertorium für Kunstwissenschaft, 1895, has made the latest reconstruction of his work, listing twenty pictures by him, most of which have hereto fore been labeled as of the School of Bernhard Strigel.
A Lady Of Rank As Saint Bibiana - Bartholommeo Montagna
It was the fashion in the Renaissance for persons of quality to have themselves painted with the attributes of their patron saints. This young lady holds a palm leaf in the right hand and an ugly short dagger pierces her left breast through the jeweled strip of ornament that edges her green bodice.
The Holy Family - Andrea Mantegna
This picture entered into the arena of modern discussion in 1904 with an article by Wilhelm Bode in the Kunstchronik, reviewing Paul Kristeller's book on Mantegna. In this article was given a reproduction of our picture, which Dr. Bode there pronounced to be a genuine work of the later time of the master.
Portrait Of A Young Man (called The Artist) - Antonello Da Messina
I can not ascertain on what grounds the debonair young person whom this picture represents has been identified as the portrait of the artist himself, but such was its title as far back as 1879 when lent by its owner at that time, Henry Willet, to the Royal Academy Exhibition.
The Crucifixion - Fra Angelico
This little picture comes from the collection of the Marquis de Gouvello. Its only public appearance in recent times was at the Alsace Lorraine Exhibition held at the Louvre in 1885 under the auspices of the French Government for the purpose of raising funds for the help of the exiles from the lost provinces.
Madonna And Child - Andrea Del Verrocchio
The London Times in its account of the sale in the Butler Collection, of which this picture formed a part, said, "The great surprise of the sale was the price paid for the Madonna and Child catalogued as by Andrea del Verrocchio, a work of great beauty of the finest period of Florentine art...
The Last Communion Of Saint Jerome - Botticelli
Botticelli, says the Anonimo Gaddiano, made very many little paintings which were most beautiful and among the rest a Saint Jerome, a singular work. Our Saint Jerome may well be the singular work referred to.
Virgin And Child With Angels - Sebastiano Mainardi
The Virgin, with her head bowed and her hands joined in an attitude of prayer, is seated in the center of the picture with the Christ Child poised half lying on her right knee. He is supported by a child angel and raises His hands toward His mother.
Borso D'este - Cosimo Tura
On the authority of Bernhard Berenson this admirable little portrait is thus ascribed in the Altman catalogue. It has borne many names. When lent to the Art Treasures Exhibition in Manchester in 1857 by William Drury Lowe, it was called Portrait of a Youth in Profile by Pietro della Francesca and at the Leeds Exhibition in 1868 it appeared under the same title.
The Virgin And Child With Saint Joseph And A Child Angel - Filippino Lippi
The Virgin is seated holding the Child on her knee, Saint Joseph is at the right, and a child angel at the left. Two diminutive, diaphanous cherubs hold a veil back of the Virgin's head. In the background are half-ruined arches through the openings of which is a landscape of strangely formed rocks and distant hills.
Portrait Of A Man - Dirk Bouts
The sitter is a thin-faced man of early middle age with strong and earnest features. He is posed in the manner so frequent in Flanders in the fifteenth century, his fingers joined as if in prayer. Only the upper part of the hands is visible, the frame cutting off the rest.
Thomas Portinari And Marie Portinari, His Wife - Hans Memling
These portraits were freely discussed at the time of the Bruges exhibition in 1902, where they were exhibited by their owner at the time, Leopold Goldschmidt. Georges Hulin, the compiler of the catalogue of the exhibition, enters them as they are here named.
The Betrothal Of Saint Catherine - Hans Memling
The scene takes place in a garden. A canopy with a background of red and gold brocade has been erected in front of a vine-covered trellis and before it, a little to the right of the center of the picture, sits the Virgin holding the nude Christ Child on her lap. Saint Catherine is a Flemish princess of the fifteenth century.
Portrait Of An Old Man - Hans Memling
This picture is worthier of Memling's reputation as portraitist than are the likenesses of Portinari and his wife. Like them it was shown at the Exhibition of Flemish Primitives in Bruges in 1902. It was there ascribed by its owner, Baron Albert Oppenheim, to Jan Van Eyck.
Christ Taking Leave Of His Mother - Gerard David
The earliest mention of Gerard David that has come down to us is found in Guicciardini's Description of the Low Countries, 1528, in which his name occurs in the list of prominent painters also Gerard, known to be among the best illuminators.
Goldsmiths Work
THE three cases in the middle of GALLERY 2 are arranged with the smaller and more precious objects in the Benjamin Altman Collection. In describing them the four pieces of Goldsmiths' Work and Jewelry in CASE B will be discussed first.
ENAMEL in essence is glass powdered, made into a paste by the addition of water, colored by the various metallic oxides, applied as the artist may desire to the metallic base, and fused in the heat of the furnace. Whatever the technical method, be it cloisonné, champlevé, basse taille, or painted enamel, this vitrified paste is the medium with which the artist works.
ROCK CRYSTAL is a pure, translucent variety of quartz, possessing a double refraction of light. It is usually white in color but at times brown, black, or yellow.
Chinese Porcelains, Snuff Bottles And Lacquers
ALTHOUGH in the other sections of the Hand-book to the Altman Collection the objects in the different rooms are noted in the order in which they are placed, the arrangement of the Chinese porcelains in GALLERIES 3 and 4 has been necessarily governed by the character of the exhibits, which are grouped more with regard to color and effect than to the historical sequence of the pieces.
Chinese Porcelains
WITH the Chinese porcelains purchased from Samuel P. Avery nearly forty years ago, and the magnificent J. Pierpont Morgan Collection of the same ware exhibited here on loan since 1894, the Museum display of later Chinese ceramics has long been among the best anywhere available to the public a display which the Altman bequest now makes of unrivaled importance.
Snuff Bottles
THE Chinese throughout the entire development of their art evinced a fondness for small and precious talismans and toys which they treasured in hidden places or often carried about in the folds of their huge sleeves.
JAPANESE lacquer is a form of art which at the present moment is, perhaps, not held in such general favor as twenty years ago, but even the most uninterested observer cannot fail to be impressed by the high quality and impeccable workmanship.
Sculpture, Rugs, Tapestries Furniture, And Miscellaneous Objects
GALLERY FIVE is devoted to the sculpture, rugs, tapestries, furniture, and miscellaneous objects which are included in the Altman bequest, although, owing to exigencies of space and arrangement, a few examples of each class of material will be found distributed through the other four galleries given over to the present temporary exhibition of the collection.
Portrait Of A Priest - Mino Da Fiesole
All Florentine sculptors of the fifteenth century delighted in portraiture and Mino da Fiesole, one of the most appreciated among them, began his career by making portrait-busts, from which he passed to the larger and more monumental works for which he is famous.
Charles Ix, King Of France - Germain Pilon
Pilon spent most of the productive period of his life in working for the French Court, which under Catherine de Medici and her sons, offered employment to a host of artists in widely diversified fields. Among the sculptors of the epoch Pilon was the most successful...
Bust Of A Youth - School Of Verrocchio
The round-faced smoothness of adolescence in this lifelike bust of an unknown youth does not conceal the personality never lacking in the Florentine character during the Renaissance. Verrocchio, the sculptor of the great equestrian figure of Colleone in Venice...
Mars And Venus - In The Style Of Jacopo Sansovino
The artist who inspired these bronzes as well as the two similar statuettes Nos. 64 and 65, and who was the author of the terracotta, No. 60, is one of the outstanding figures of the Late Renaissance, ranking with equal distinction as sculptor and architect.
Julius Caesar - In The Manner Of Antonio Rossellino
As is said in referring to the Madonna and Child, No. 66, Rossellino, the sculptor whose influence may be seen in this bust, chose rather to depict the gentler aspects of character than the more heroic; in this imagined portrait the world's conqueror has the face of a speculative philosopher but scarcely that of the Captain of the Hosts.
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