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A DELIGHTFUL impression is made upon the stranger, who, on a bright June day, enters the picturesque and charming city of Stockholm. Built partly upon eight islands, connected by bridges, in the short river which forms the outlet of Lake Millar, it possesses romantic features unlike those of any other capital.
King Carl XV. Of Sweden And Norway
FROM Gustaf Adolf Square, looking over Norrbro, one sees the massive royal palace ; to the right there is a low, small wing attached to it. The simple and unostentatious taste of Carl XV. had made him choose this comfortable and home-like part of the extensive building for his own abode ; the larger rooms of the main building were used only on state occasions.
Sailing Towards The Midnight Sun
AT the extreme northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia, near the right bank of the picturesque Tome River, lies Haparanda da, the most northerly town in Sweden, to which tourists from the South resort, in order to see the midnight sun, and to observe the coast scenery.
Country Within The Arctic Circle
THE country, which extends from the Gulf of Bothnia to the northern extremity of Europe, is almost entirely within the arctic circle, and presents a vegetation not seen elsewhere at such high latitudes. Vast areas are covered with forests of pine and fir, the latter predominating, while many hills are clad with the white birch to their very top.
Crossing The Torne
FROM Pajala the journey northwards may be continued in two ways : by ascending the Torne, or by crossing the narrow tract of land opposite Pajala, and going up the Muonio River.
Island Of Magero
THE island of Magero forms the most northern land in Europe, and is separated from the main-land by a deep charnel--Magero sound—more than a mile wide. It is an elevated plateau, with very abrupt sides, and indented with well-sheltered bays and fjords, the greatest altitude being about 1700 feet above the sea; North Cape is its northern extremity.
Across The Scandinavian Peninsula
IN the latter part of July I found myself sailing along the wild and. superb coast south of Tromso. At eleven o'clock the color of the clouds began to change to a golden tint, warning us that the midnight hour was approaching, and the sunset close at hand.
Lapland Summer Dress
THE summer dress of the Laplander is well adapted for the climate of the mountains.- My two men wore a gray blouse of coarse woollen stuff, called vadmal, reaching below the knee, open at the throat, showing an undershirt of the same material; tight-fitting leggings of reindeer leather...
Summer Climate Within The Arctic Circle
THERE is no land, from the arctic circle northward; which possesses such a mild climate and luxuriant vegetation as Nor-way and Sweden. The countries situated in the same latitudes in Asia or America present a cold and barren aspect compared with the part we have just visited.
Seasons Near The Arctic Circle
FROM the arctic circle southward vegetation increases rapidly. A great part of the province of Westerbotten is covered with forests of fir and pine trees, the former predominating; these begin on the slopes of the mountains, at a height of ten to thirteen hundred feet, and extend to the sea, a distance of one hundred and fifty miles.
Provinces South Of Westerbotten
SOUTH of Westerbotten are the provinces of Angermanland, Medelpad, and Helsingland, situated between 61° and 64° of latitude. They are dotted with beautiful lakes and rivers, and forests cover large areas; the shores are indented with numerous bays and fjords, on the sides of which, near the sea, many picturesque towns and villages are nestled.
From Ostersund To Norway
THERE are several high- roads from the Baltic westward, converging towards the town of Ostersund, in Jemtland, and thence to the Norwegian city of Levanger, and Trondhjem, on the North Sea, thus crossing the peninsula from sea to sea...
End Of The Tourist Season
ON a September day I was travelling once more on the magnificent highway which connects the city of Trondhjem with Christiania; I had finished my summer rambling in out-of-the-way places, unknown to the throng of tourists.
EARLY one morning, as September was drawing to its close, I approached the old city of Bergen. It was a beautiful autumn day, with not a breath of air stirring, and a thick smoky atmosphere hung over the shores.
Sketch Of The Geology Of Scandinavia
GEOLOGY, the science which has disclosed to us, page by page, the history of past creations, and which is constantly revealing new facts, has demonstrated beyond controversy the immense lapse of time that has been required to work out the physical changes on the earth, and to permit the development and extinction of the great number of vegetable and animal forms which are found in large quantities over wide areas of its surface.
Fjords Of Scandinavia
As one sails along the peninsula of Scandinavia, and especially on the coast of Norway, he sees everywhere the deep narrow arms of the sea winding their way, often a hundred miles, amidst the masses of rock belonging to the oldest formations; these arms of the sea are called fjords.
Glaciers Of Scandinavia
NORWAY stands unrivalled in Europe for the number and the size of its glaciers, and its immense fields of perpetual snow. The latter are called by the Norwegians snebrae, snefonn, (plural snebraeer, snefonner), and by the French névé, that is, the fountain-head, the reservoir, the source of the glaciers.
Sogne Fjord.
OF all the fjords of Norway none can rival in size, grandeur, bold outlines, weird and sombre landscape, the magnificent Sogne.
Justedal Snebreer
THIS field of snow, the largest in Scandinavia, covers a continuous tract of over eighty-two English square miles, its depth in many places reaching 1000 feet. It comprises the area bounded on the north by the Nord fjord, on the south by the Sogne, on the east by the Justedal valley, and on the west by the Sondfjord. Its lower part is entirely fringed by glaciers, which flow in every direction.
An Invitation To Visit Krokengaard
ON a warm July day I was crossing the Lyster fjord on my way to Krokengaard, on the eastern shore, almost opposite the Gaupne fjord, at the head of which is the valley of Juste-dal. There was not a breath of wind, nor a ripple on the sea; the rays of the sun fell upon the boat with great power, and my two boatmen were bathed in perspiration.
Aardal Fjord
FROM the Lyster, returning to the main fjord, you enter the Aardal, a continuation of the Sogne, and its most eastern extremity. At its entrance rises the Bodlenakken, 2990 feet, and, on the opposite side, the Boermolnaase, 3860 feet, with still higher mountains beyond them.
Smiling Hardanger
HARDANGER Fjord presents a great contrast to the weird grandeur of the Sogne, with its water-falls and cascades plunging down the mountain-sides ; at the foot of the overhanging glaciers the hills are covered with woods of deciduous and coniferous trees, and orchards, presenting a richness of foliage rarely seen in other parts of the country.
IN the midst of the mountains, far away from the farms, by the shores of lonely lakes and rivers, or on the slopes of ridges beyond the limit of the growth of grain, are the sćters.
City Of Christiania
AT the inner end of the long and charming Christiania fjord, at the foot of wooded hills, lies Christiania. It was late in the autumn when, for the first time, I entered the capital of Norway, and months after I had been in Scandinavia. I was tired from my summer rambles.
Island Of Gotland
ANOTHER winter had gone; the pleasant weather had re-turned ; the sun was getting warmer every day, though the air was chilly ; vegetation was more forward than the year before. The southern shores of Sweden, on the Baltic, were now clad in the mantle of spring ; the birds and swallows had come back, and the warbling of the nightingale was already heard in the groves by the sea.
UPSALA is a town dear to Sweden, not only on account of its great antiquity; but because it has been for centuries its great seat of learning. Upsala is essentially a university town, it has a population of about 16,000, the river Fyrisn 'flows-through it, and the streets are wide, and paved 'with cobble-stones.
Stone Age Of Scandinavia
For the better understanding of the contents of this chapter on the prehistoric races of Scandinavia, it may be well, in the first place, to give the usually accepted classification of the ages of primitive man.
Finds Of The Iron Age
THE iron age includes the pre-historic period, during which the inhabitants of Sweden and Norway first became acquainted with iron, silver, lead, glass, ivory, stamped foreign coins; the art of soldering and gilding metals, etc. ; and, most important of all, the art of writing in the characters or letters known as the runas.
Later Iron Or The Viking Age
FROM about A.D. 700 to A.D.1060 there appeared on the shores of Western and Southern Europe a people who became the dread of its inhabitants, for they came only for plunder. The fleets of these Northmen controlled the sea, and their power, wherever they went, seemed almost irresistible.
Fairs In Scandinavia
ALL over Scandinavia fairs are held once or twice a year at places convenient for a great gathering of the people; mer-chants send goods for these occasions, and houses often are built specially for their accommodation. There are horse and cattle fairs; and others where goods and produce only are sold.
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