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Anecdotes Of Early Printing
Having noticed lately in the public papers some auction sales of celebrated libraries, stating the extraordinary high prices certain old books produced, permit me, through the medium of your interesting magazine, to make a few observations and anecdotes on early and subsequent printing.
A Note On The History Of Printing
I do not know whether the following discrepancy of dates in the history of printing has been observed or accounted for. If so, perhaps there may be something in the notice of the Chronicle from which it is taken which may atone for bringing it before you.It is said (by Astle) that Fust and Gutenberg, who were said to have used moveable wooden types, and perhaps did so print a few pages, separated their partnership in 1455.
Ogilby's Proposals For A Lottery Of Books
Let me request you, at some convenient opportunity, to preserve in your columns Ogilby's Proposals for a Lottery of Books, herewith inclosed.
Book Plates
We do not exactly know the period when plates of arms were first pasted in hooks ; but we are in possession of a copy of Twisden's Decem Scriptores, in each volume of which is an engraved plate of arms, with a coronet and cardinal's hat, inscribed...
Libraries And Book Clubs
Report of M. Francisque Michel on his Researches in the English Libraries.SINCE his return to his native country, M. Francisque Michel has made the following report to M. Guizot, the Minister of Public Instruction, who sent him to England ; and it has appeared in all the leading French journals.
Account Of London Libraries
An Account of the several Libraries, public and private, in and about London, for the satisfaction of the Curious, whether Native or Foreigners (HARL,. MSS., 5900). Having been abroad and seen the several cities and universities of Holland, and the French having given large accounts of their libraries at Paris, hath put me upon this subject, to give an account in print of our public and private libraries.
Libraries In Private Hands
The Right Reverend the Bishop of Norwich hath a large and most incomparable library. There are vast quantities both of printed books and MSS. in all faculties.
Ceremony Of Opening The Radcliffe Library
On Wednesday the lath inst. his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, the Right Hon. the Earl of Oxford, Sir Walter Wagstaff Bagot, and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Barts., and Edward Smith, Esq., Member of Parliament for the county of Leicester, trustees of the will of that most justly celebrated physician, the late Dr. Radcliffe, honoured the University of Oxford with their presence...
Original Foundation Of The Bodleian Library
As the very interesting question respecting the presentation of nooks to the public libraries is likely soon to become the subject of Parliamentary discussion, permit me to refer your readers to a satisfactory account of the origin of the Bodleian Library, which (in vol. lxxx., part ii., p. 150) you have extracted from Mr. Chalmers's excellent history of that university...
Library Of Westminster Abbey
The library was founded by Lord Keeper Williams (whose portrait is there) during the time he was Dean of Westminster, about 1620. The books were originally kept in one of the chapels in the Abbey, but were afterwards removed to their present quarters.
King's Library In The British Museum
No monarch of England is known to have been an extensive col-lector of books (in the modern acceptation of the term) except George III., or, if the name of Charles I. should be added, it must be in a secondary rank, and with some uncertainty, because we have not the same evidence of his collection of books as we have of his pictures, in the catalogue which exists of them.
Library Of Lambeth Palace
We this month present our readers with a view of the ancient Hall of Lambeth Palace, as recently fitted up for the reception of the large and valuable library of the Archiepiscopal See.Mention of the great hall occurs in the oldest steward's accounts extant, a computus of 15 Edw. II., in the time of Archbishop Reynolds ; and such an apartment was, no doubt, an appendage to the palace from its first foundation.
Old Public Libraries ; Book Catalogues ; And Special Libraries.
The working out of the recent Acts of Parliament for the establishment of new Public Libraries has drawn attention to our old ones, the ruins of which are scattered over the whole country. These striking proofs of the intelligence of our forefathers are intrinsically valuable ; often containing, as they do, early editions of rare books.
Library At High Wycomb
Having observed in p. 934 [see post, pp. 152-155] an interesting account of the newly-established library at Liverpool, called the Athenĉum, which reflects great credit on the founders, as well as on the inhabitants, for their readiness to establish such an institution, I should thank you to insert in your extensive miscellany the following short account of a society on a small scale...
Public Library Founded At Bedford
I lately obtained a copy of the deed of settlement of a library of books, formerly preserved in the vestry-room of the church of St. John, in the town of Bedford. From this deed, which bears date the 20th October, in the year 1704, the fourth year of Queen Anne, it appears that the library in question was founded in the year 1700, by the contributions of the gentry and clergy.
Establishment Of The Athenaeum At Liverpool
The gentleman who claims the merit of being the projector of this institution is Mr. Thomas Taylor, a native of Norwich, and grandson to the late learned Dr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor has been an inhabitant of Liverpool nearly thirty years, and has frequently distinguished himself in the promotion of many public matters.
Glastonbury Library
Independent of a great amount of intellectual activity, of profound controversy, upon the most vital questions of Christianity, upon Canon Law and Church discipline, it is quite certain that in the Middle Ages there existed all over Europe a mania for books.
Topographical Library Of Edward Lhwyd
After the dreadful catastrophe of Hafod, where an invaluable library depended on the carelessness of a servant in airing a bed, your antiquarian readers will not be displeased to learn the fate of a valuable collection of provincial typography, formed in the last age by the learned and industrious antiquary Edward Lhwyd, of Wales, and of Jesus College, Oxford...
Sir Walter Scott And The Catalogue Of The Abbotsford Library
I beg leave to correct a statement in the brief biography of my late amiable and learned friend, Mr. J. G. Cochrane, librarian of the London Library, which appeared in your last number.
Description Of The Library At Mafra
The following minute description of the magnificent Library at Mafra, in Portugal, was sent to me by a correspondent nearly two years ago. If you think it worthy of a place in your magazine, it is at your service.
Bibles, Prayer Books, Devotional Books
The Complutensian Polyglott. J R. S. inquires in what public or private library in this country the Complutensian Edition of the Polyglott Bible is deposited.
Various Translations Of The Bible
It is generally held that the first translation of the Bible into English was made by John Wicliff, who was born at Wicliff in Yorkshire, and educated at Merton College in Oxford ; he translated it from the Latin Bibles then in use, as the Saxon versions had been done before.
Bishop Juxon's Bible
In an article in the North British Review, mention is made of two genuine King Charles Bibles, stated to have been given to Bishop Juxon ; and the Guardian, commenting on the assertion, remarks that unluckily two genuine and veritable copies exist in the immediate neighbourhood of Bishop Juxon's undoubted residence, and that of his family after him.
Alchuine's Bible In The British Museum
The recent acquisition by the trustees of the British Museum of the Bible supposed to have been written by Alchuine for Charlemagne, from its late possessor, M. de Speyr-Passavant, of Basle, and the celebrity it had previously acquired on the Continent and in England, having conspired to render it an object of considerable attraction and curiosity...
Henry The Eighth's Book "of The Seven Sacraments"
Montaigne, in the journal of his voyage in Italy, under date the 6th of March, 1581, describes a visit to the library of the Vatican. Among other treasures which he saw there, he gives the following account of a manuscript of Henry VIII.'s book Of the Seven Sacraments...
Toledo Missal
Whilst the Bibliomaniacal fever rages, the following description of the Toledo Missal may not be unacceptable to your numerous readers. It is extracted from Osborne's Catalogue of 1751 ; and the price asked for it was 35 pounds.
Description Of A Golden Manual Of Prayers,
Having been favoured with a facsimile copy of the curious little miscellany of devotions, very superbly bound in solid gold, which Queen Elizabeth, it is said, usually wore, hanging by a gold chain, at her side ; of which, according to promise indicated in p. 988...
Prayers And Prayer-books Of Queen Elizabeth
The Prayer by Queen Elizabeth, communicated by Clionas, and printed in p. 389, is one of the three contained in a little volume entitled 1` Supplications of Saints a Book of Prayers and Praises, in Four Parts.
Prayer-book Of Sigismond I. Of Poland
In the number of your magazine for this month, p. 493, a correspondent says, in reference to the Young Pretender, that - it will appear from a manuscript now in the British Museum, 'called a Prayer Book of Sigismond the First, King of Poland,' that his names at full were 'Charles Edward Lewis Casimir Stuart.'...
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