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Vegetarian Diet And Endurance
The history of nations, as well as the records of athletic contests, testifies that the vegetarian diet is capable of. developing the highest degree of strength and endurance. The seemingly invincible Spartans were an illustration of this fact.
Flesh Eating A Cause Of Disease
There remains but to call attention to the fact that cattle in this and other lands suffer to a great extent of malignant diseases, such as cancer, tuberculosis, anthrax, foot and mouth disease, Bright's disease, etc., and that a large proportion of the flesh obtained daily through the regular channels and consumed as food, is that of animals killed when suffering of one or more of these maladies.
Ethics Of Flesh Eating
The use of flesh as food cannot fail to have its effect upon the work of evangelizing and uplifting mankind. The success of religious work depends largely upon the spiritual tone of the people. While all that is carnal in human beings is fostered and fed by the consumption of the flesh and blood of animals, the work of the gospel will be hindered to that extent.
Cruelty Of Flesh Eating
There is another aspect of the subject which deserves the earnest and thoughtful consideration of Christians, from the standpoint of humanitarian principle. It must be admitted that the custom of eating flesh involves the infliction of an incalculable amount of suffering upon millions of God's helpless creatures.
Balancing The Food
LATENT energy is just as surely found in foods as in wood and coal. Like them, foods are only waiting to be oxidized that they may be converted into heat and energy. The fuel value of foods is expressed in heat units. This is determined by their oxidation outside the body in the apparatus known as the bomb-calorimeter.
Food Economics
THE problem of securing proper nutriment for the family hoard, and securing it at a minimum cost, is one of constantly growing importance, not only because of the rise in prices of all classes of foodstuffs, but because more and more we are coming to realize that a healthy body is man's greatest asset.
Cookery And Food Preparation
COOKING is the application of heat to foods, to render them more digestible and better fitted to nourish the system. There are comparatively few foods that are at their best when taken in their raw state. They neither taste so good nor are so easily digested as when subjected to some kind of cooking.
Principles Of Successful Cookery
THE two fundamental principles of successful cookery are: first, simplicity; second, appetizing serving. The meaning of simplicity in this connection is, to conserve and develop the natural flavors of the particular food under hand, and not to confuse it with so many foreign substances as to make the whole a nameless mixture.
Food Combinations
WHEN we learn that health and strength come to us from the food digested, rather than from the amount eaten, more attention will be given to the quantity and quality taken, and the harmonious agreement of foods one with the other. The body must receive its due share of growth and repair foods, the proteins...
Fruits And Vegetables
To mix fruits and vegetables (especially the coarser vegetables, such as beets, turnips, onions, boiled cabbage, etc.) at the same meal is never advisable ; not only with respect to the blending of acids with starchy vegetables, but because of the differing periods of time required for their digestion. Fruits, as a rule, are very quickly digested...
Sugar And Milk In Excess
White Sugar as eaten in beets or in sugar cane is a natural food, and wholesome; but when taken in the concentrated form of our modern white sugar of commerce, it is an artificial product, and its free use is a positive injury to the system.
Free Fats In Cooking
The question of the use of free fats in cooking should receive careful and thoughtful consideration, inasmuch as any extreme course in either direction is fraught with consequences that are detrimental to health. Many of the edible plants are deficient in the fat element; and instinctively, it would seem, man puts cream or butter on his bread.
Dietetic Errors
INSTINCT originally guided man in the choice of foods best suited to his individual necessities, as also in choosing the time most suitable for the taking of such food; but civilization has created for man certain artificial environments, habits, and appetites...
Planning The Meal And Menu Making
SINCE the health and efficiency of the family depend so directly upon what they eat, no study could be more worthy of the house-wife's attention than the art of planning harmony in her meals, and this subject should appeal to every thinking mother.
Backbone Of The Meal
We find, on examination, that good bread (entire wheat) possesses properties which so nearly represent the constituent parts of the human body as to make such bread ideal for building up the body and keeping it in a state of health.
Course Of Cooking Lessons
THE following lesson outline is intended merely as an aid to those who are called upon to teach the subject of cooking in sanitariums and other educational institutions.
BREAD constitutes one of the most important articles of diet, and deserves more attention than it receives. Considering the conveniences that exist everywhere, and the widespread knowledge of bread making, it seems unnecessary and wrong to put poor bread on the table.
Principles Of Bread Making
Breads are divided into two classes: Fermented, made light by a ferment, yeast being usually employed. Unfermented, made light by the introduction of air into the dough or batter. Fermented bread is generally made by mixing flour, water, salt, fat, and yeast to a dough, a small amount of sugar being added to hasten fermentation.
Yeasts belong to the fungi, one of the lowest order of non-flowering plants, without leaves or stems. Like all other plants, they require warmth, moisture, and food in order to grow ; and when properly supplied with these, they multiply rapidly.
Principles Of Canning And Preserving
ALL kinds of fruit and most vegetables can be preserved in cans or in glass jars by methods easily applied in the home. During the past few years, much experimental work has been carried on by worthy organizations and clubs, in an effort to perfect an all-round, satisfactory home-canning method...
Jelly Making
Because of the concentration of a large amount of cane sugar in jelly, it is unwholesome, and should be used sparingly, if at all. Most women, however, desire to put up a few glasses of jelly to have on hand for special purposes, and a few recipes will be given for the kinds most commonly used.
Miscellaneous Recipes
THE great increase in tuberculosis in cattle, together with the continued rise in the price of all classes of foodstuffs, has created a desire for some substitute for dairy butter which will be less expensive, yet wholesome and appetizing.
Sugar Substitutes
As substitutes for sugar for cooking purposes, corn syrup, molasses, glucose, maple sugar and sirup, and also honey come in for their share of usefulness. The question arises in the mind of many a housewife as to how much of these diluted sugars should be substituted in customary recipes.
NORMAL blood is always alkaline ; but this alkalinity is reduced by an excess f acid waste produced in the tissues as a result f improperly balanced nutrition, or by disease. The term acidosis is used in a general sense to indicate any condition in which there is a lessened degree of alkalinity of the blood.
Pure Blood And Immunity
It was but a few decades ago that Pasteur gave to the world proof f the close relation between disease and those minute organisms too small to be perceived by the naked eye, bacteria. Previous to that time, the world had experienced frightful epidemics of infectious diseases, which had often persisted unchecked, through ignorance of the cause.
Food Iron
As we have learned in previous chapters, it is the organic iron derived from vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed cereals taken first-hand from nature, that builds and maintains the haemoglobin (red coloring matter) of the blood.
Calcium Rich Foods In Tuberculosis
A diet that is rich in calcium is of first importance in combating tuberculosis. The tubercle bacilli carry on their destructive work on the lung tissue as a result of lowered vitality.
Calcium Versus Sugar
In sugar cane and in beets, sugar and calcium are always combined ; but in order that sugar may be crystallized, all the valuable mineral matter, including calcium, must be removed. Calcium in the sirup from cane or beets prevents the crystallization of sugar.
Cancer, A Probable Cause
Cancer, up to the present time, has been regarded as incurable, because physicians have failed to recognize its cause. An opinion has been held that the cause of cancer is local, whereas modern research seems to produce unmistakable evidence that the cause is a predisposing condition of ill health, particularly a condition of acidosis, or plain mineral and vitamine starvation.
Food Helps In Serving The Sick
There are a number of ailments in which the sufferer finds it difficult to take sufficient fruits or vegetables, on account of their bulky nature, and consequently he must receive the essential food mineral in the form of a bland solution, until he shall build up his reserve to such an extent that he is able to digest ordinary foods.
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