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Life Of Music
EVERYTHING living has its periods. Human life is more fairly measured by heart throbs than by years. Music has its pulses and beats, and by them it not only simulates life, but links itself to multifarious human interests more strongly than by any other of its qualities.
Soul Of Music
OVER and over, music has been called the language of the emotions. The title is well earned, for there are depths of feeling in music to which words never attain, yet to attempt as some do to describe music as always and only the language of emotion, is to assume more than the composers have intended, to drag into some works a senti-mentalism that is not germain to their nature.
Beauty Of Music
THERE is in nature an adaptation of external objects to the functions of the senses that gives rise to a delight that must be considered as fundamental, essential, instinctive; and that, when it concerns the higher senses of sight and hearing, we call a perception of the beautiful.
Germ Of Music
IN addition to the ultimate elements, quality, force, length, pitch-differences in combination (harmony) and pitch-differences in succession (melody), there is another item which must be considered as material for musical composition, at least in a great many of the most important examples of musical art.
Music - Thematic Development
EVERY composer of eminence acquires an individual style which dominates his work in spite of any amount of variety in its character and subjects. Nothing more frequently eludes analysis than the basis of individual style ; yet critics with but fair powers of observation do not fail to distinguish the work of familiar composers.
Counterpoint And Fugue
Music was at first melody song. After musicians had learned how to write down the sounds they wished reproduced we find them in the course of time indicating a second melody, simultaneous with the first and at a uniform distance from it.
Music - Form Building
Music as it flows along in the continuity of a composition, may very readily be divided into portions by several conceptions of articulation. It has been customary for writers on the subject of musical analysis to attempt to define the groups in all these conceptions in terms relating them alike to a single standard or unit the measure.
Classical Music
WHAT is found in the books about the early history of music, little as it is, is probably largely conjecture. It is not easy for us to surmise what conclusions a man may reach who is restricted to a part of the premises we possess. A man who has both eyes in perfect condition cannot by simply closing his eyes for a short experiment put himself on the plain of a man born blind.
Romantic Music
WHO was it that first distinguished man as the animal which talks? Who does not reckon the yearning for expression as one of the most characteristic of human traits? Who has not felt the tension of a pent-up idea or experience for which no waiting listener could be found, or none that was believed to be capable of sympathetically understanding?
Music - Art Of The Interpreter
Music on paper signifies very little to the world at large. It must be vitalized by performance or it has no practical value.
Musical Education
A Music teacher is a rara avis. Piano teachers, violin teachers, organ teachers, voice teachers, harmony teachers these are common enough if we accept their own dictum that they are teachers, but although most of them may answer to the name of music teachers, there is a slight irregularity discoverable, due to the fact that they do not teach music.
Test Of Musical Worth
WHILE those who are learned in finance are finding it difficult to agree among themselves as to what terms will express the relative worth of an ounce of gold, a bushel of wheat, or a day's labor, and what they shall choose as a standard unit of value, it -is indeed a matter for congratulation that no necessity exists for putting an absolute appraisement upon The Art of the Musician.
Foods, Their Uses In The Body
FOODS are substances which, when taken into the body, supply the necessary elements for promoting growth, repairing its broken-down tissue, and furnishing it with heat and power for muscular work.
Building And Repair Foods
The production of heat and the expenditure of vital force necessarily involve the wear and breaking down of tissue. There is never an act, as the movement of a muscle; or a thought of the mind, but wears out many a living cell; and thus it is evident that unless continually repaired, the body machinery could last but a short time.
Heat And Energy Foods
As our houses are warmed, so also our bodies are maintained at a certain temperature, about 98.4 to 98.6. In our homes, the fires are kept burning in our furnaces; so in our bodies, heat is generated by a process similar to fire, the fire being essentially the same as any other fire, the union of the oxygen of the air with the carbon of the fuel.
Body-regulating Substances
These are water, cellulose, minerals, and vitamines ; and they serve to keep the body machinery in running order. Water constitutes two thirds of the weight of the body, and enters into the composition of all the tissues and fluids.
Vital Elements In Foods
IN recent years, numerous experiments have been conducted in an effort to ascertain the exact nature of the faults in diet which lead to such diseases as beriberi, scurvy, pellagra, etc., declared by some investigators to be due to a lack of specific chemical substances in the diet.
Vitamins - Fat Soluble A
The best sources of this growth-promoting dietary essential, fat-soluble A, are whole milk, cream, butter fat, egg yolk fat, and some products of the plant kingdom, as the leaves of plants and certain roots.
Vitamins - Water Soluble B
This anti-neuritic dietary essential (the best prophylactic in the prevention and cure of polyneuritis) is found in abundance in all natural, unprocessed foods. Whole grain cereals, particularly the embryo and coverings of grain, and of the leguminous seeds, such as dried peas, beans, and lentils, contain it in large amounts.
Vitamins - Water-soluble C
The information obtained from observations of human experience with inadequate war diet during the recent world conflict, together with extensive laboratory research, has clearly brought to view the existence of a third dietary essential, the antiscorbutic, meaning that which counteracts scurvy.
Vitamines And Calories
In the past, it has been customary to express the value of a diet largely in terms of heat units, or calories, since it was supposed that the value of foods depended largely, if not entirely, upon the amount of heat produced from the consumption of their so-called nutritive constituents protein, carbohydrate, fat, etc.
Food Minerals Essential To All Life
A MOST interesting parallel is observed in the study of the composition of the human body, the cells of plants, and fertile, fruit-bearing soil. Professor Sherman, of the Columbia University, gives the following list of elements as composing the human body : oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, iron; iodine, fluorine, and silicon...
Body's Internal Defenses
If we put a drop of blood under a microscope, a seemingly countless number of small corpuscles come into view. Most of them are red, but some are white. They have a well defined work to do in the defense of the body against intruding germs of disease.
Food Iron
The function of iron in the human body is of the highest importance. Iron is used by the body in carrying the oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, where the processes of nutrition are carried to completion, and the waste substances so dangerous to life are oxidized.
Food Calcium
This inorganic mineral, according to Sherman, constitutes about 2% of the entire body weight; and of this total amount, about 99% is in the bones. The remaining per cent, though small, being an essential constituent of the soft tissues and the body fluids, is absolutely necessary to the normal action of the heart muscle, and to the coagulation of the blood.
Demineralized Food And Constipation
Constipation is declared to be the most prevalent ailment of civilized man. It should be regarded as but a condition of deranged nutrition; and consequently any treatment, to be efficient, must be directed not simply toward the temporary removal of the symptom, but at the cause.
White And Entire Wheat Bread
A good deal has been said, during the past few years, as to the respective merits of entire wheat and white flour breads. Entire wheat flour is simply the whole grain ground up; white, or so-called refined flour, is obtained by removing the germ and most of the outer covering of the grain.
True Food Satisfies Hunger
A wrong impression of the vegetarian diet is often received by those who would test it by trying an occasional meal without meat. No diet can be fairly judged in this casual way. In the first place, those who are accustomed to the stimulation of meat will most certainly feel the want of such stimulation on leaving it off abruptly for a meal or two.
Vegetarian Diet And Longevity
The diet originally planned for man, and that enabled him to attain to the age of nearly a thousand years, is outlined by the pen of inspiration in the first chapter of Genesis, twenty-ninth verse : Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed... and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.
Vegetable And Flesh Foods Contrasted
In their growth, vegetables secrete no poisons; whereas in all animals, the very processes of life consist in the breaking down of tissue, and the formation of products of waste and oxidation. Thus when we eat flesh, we ingest, along with muscle and nerve cells, those waste and poisonous substances known as urea, uric acid, creatinine, etc.
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