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Beverages - Mate And Its Advantages
For persons who are too much excited by tea, maté is an excellent drink; it is less exciting to the nervous system, as I have been most strikingly able to convince myself in the case of an hysterical young lady who was my patient last summer. This tea is made from the leaves of a kind of prickly holly (Ilex paraguayensis) which grows in Paraguay.
Beverages - Cocoa, Chocolate, And Their Advantages
The very useful cocoa-beans come mostly from South and Central America. They constitute the fruit of the cocoa tree, and may be gathered at almost any time of the year; the tree is constantly bearing fruit, and has the very great advantage over the coffee and tea plants of being very easily cultivated and requiring little care, though exceedingly fruitful.
Alcoholic Beverages
It would hardly fall within the scope of a work on the rational modes of feeding and nourishment to enter fully into a discussion of alcoholic drinks. We have deemed it preferable to give more attention to vegetables and fruits.
Sugar, Saccharin, Ice-cream, Honey, And Maple Syrup
A food substance for which children and young girls have a marked predilection is sugar and sweets in general. I am inclined to consider such a craving as a kind of instinct which should not be denied, as it is the expression of some necessity and will have a beneficial effect.
Injurious And Uninjurious Spices And Condiments
Even though our foods may contain the most valuable nutritive substances, and may also not be entirely devoid of taste-bearing substances, the latter do not greatly come into play, and, above all, do not exert a stimulating effect upon the appetite, when other substances-spices, aromatics, condiments, etc.-have not been added for the purpose of flavoring them.
Vegetarianism And Its Advantages And Disadvantages
IT is the object of these lines to prove that a strictly vegetarian diet, when continued for a long time, is a very unhealthful and dangerous mode of nourishment. This gives rise to anemia, and a most frequent result of such long-continued undernutrition is tuberculosis. Indeed, notwithstanding frequent visits to vegetarian restaurants in various countries, I have never seen a strict vegetarian who did not look pale and thin.
Strictly Vegetarian Diets
The most important requirement in a rational vegetarian diet is the thorough cooking of the food, by which the cellulose coverings are burst asunder, thus enabling the digestive fluids to act successfully upon their contents. This requires a scientific mode of cooking, and it must be remembered that too great a heat must not be long continued.
Special Advantages Of The Milk-egg-vegetable Diet
It would not be difficult for us to prove that the milk-egg-vegetable diet is the most rational for man, especially for the adult. When near the age of puberty, the addition of a certain quantity of meat would be advisable for reasons which have already been given.
The Practical Advantages Of Rational Feeding
THERE are persons who can, as it were, digest pebbles, while others no less healthy may suffer from indigestion after taking even the most easily digested foods. There is probably no other organ as capricious as the stomach.
Foods Causing Flatulence - Prevention And Treatment
By flatulence we mean the formation of gases in the intestine. They are formed by the action of bacteria upon the residue of the food which has been absorbed, and particularly upon the cellulose contained therein; the latter is then split up into volatile fatty acids (butyric acid, acetic acid) and into gases (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane).
Laxative Foods
When one subsists-as do so frequently the well-to-do classes, living in luxury-on chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, the finer grade of green vegetables, fine pastry, and white bread, it is not a matter for surprise that such persons usually suffer from constipation. Their diet contains practically nothing capable of exercising the least stimulation for the movement of the bowels.
Remarks Concerning The Prevention And Dietetic Treatment Of Gout
When anyone has eaten plentifully of meat during many years, he can very easily become gouty. Indeed, among such persons, especially those who lead a sedentary life and have inherited a predisposition to this trouble, very many will be found suffering from gout.
Practical Hints For The Prevention And Treatment Of Obesity
In order to fatten a goose it is kept in a dark place, in a small cage in which it cannot well move about, and stuffed with food, a procedure which is resorted to in Alsace, Belgium, etc. In some places they even go so far as to fasten down the feet so as to prevent all motion. Geese treated in this way get very large, and the liver especially becomes exceedingly fat.
Concerning Fattening Foods
When anyone wishes to grow stout he will do well to ignore all that has been said in the preceding article on obesity. That which principally causes obesity will be well adapted for him. Milk and, particularly, cream and butter are easily digested and readily assimilated fatty foods.
Hints For Those Obliged To Take Their Meals In Restaurants
HE who, like the author, is, as a bachelor, so unfortunate as to be obliged always to eat in restaurants, and during the winter when on long journeys must visit the hotels of various countries, can surely expatiate on his experiences.
Increased Activity Of Certain Functions Brought About By Food
THAT the intellectual capabilities of man are greatly influenced by his food is a truth which probably cannot be disputed by anyone. We see this exemplified in those aggregations of people who nourish themselves in a sparing and penurious way, and whose intelligence consequently remains of an inferior order.
Hints Concerning The Diet Of Brain Workers
At all events, a fish diet is efficacious in mental labor owing to the fact that it is very easily digested; this is of great importance, for after a plentiful meal of meat one feels heavy and brainwork is accomplished with difficulty. The same may be said of any very full meal, especially if the food is difficult to digest.
Increase Of Sexual Activity By A Specially Adapted Diet
Since the most remote periods of the existence of man, the eating of fish has been accredited with the property of increasing sexual activity. It was for this reason that the old Egyptians forbade the eating of fish by the priests. There must be some truth in this, since the idea has persisted up to the present time.
Dietetic Treatment Of Impotence As Well As Of Sexual Apathy And Sterility
Although we can, as has already been stated, with considerable certainty stimulate and increase sexual activity by means of a diet rich in phosphorus and iron, this does not by any means imply that we can thereby turn an impotent individual into a very potent one, any more than we can make a sensible person out of a stupid individual by merely administering plenty of phosphorus.
Diet To Be Used In Sexual Abstention
Some persons, by reason of their calling, i.e., the Catholic monks and nuns who are bound by their vows, are obliged to lead a life of sexual abstemiousness. As has already been stated in our work on 'Old Age Deferred,' this may in some persons, although by no means invariably so, cause severe injury to the nervous system.
Increased Muscular Power Resulting From A Suitable Diet
WE have already referred to the astonishing feats of the Congo negroes, and would like to cite here the almost unbelievable achievement of 30 oarsmen who rowed the boat of the Commissary-general of the Congo army, Captain Meulemeester, on the torrential Eau Blanche, a tributary of the Congo, for thirty-six hours, day and night, and this when rowing upstream.
Hints Concerning The Diet During Fatiguing Journeys, In Mountain Climbing, Rowing, Etc.
From the above statements it will be observed that we must provide ourselves with considerable quantities of starch-and sugar- containing foods when preparing for a long and fatiguing excursion. A sufficient quantity of albumin must, above all, not be lacking, for the muscles which are to be in action must be supplied with more blood, just as is the case with every organ which is at work.
Relationship Of Food To Old Age And Longevity
Not only may life itself be shortened by a sparing or otherwise faulty and insufficient diet, but the condition of old age-senility-is brought on long before its time. Moderation in diet is a great virtue, but when carried to excess, like all other virtues, it becomes a vice.
Old Woman Cutting Her Nails - Rembrandt
This, the most remarkable of all the pictures in North the room, is an example of Rembrandt's late time wall (the date, somewhat abraded, is 1658).
The Lady With A Pink - Rembrandt
This painting and Number 4, the so-called Man with a Magnifying-glass, are companion pieces. On the authority of Dr. Valentiner, who has made conspicuously successful studies in the matter of the identification of the portraits of the painter's family, they represent Magdalena van Loo and her husband, Titus, the son of Rembrandt, and were painted soon after their marriage in 1668.
Pilate Washing His Hands - Rembrandt
The Pilate of the Altman Collection sets forth the tragedy of old age no longer willing or able to cope with forces stronger than itself. Outside the place where Pilate sits is the clamoring populace, watching him, clashing its weapons, determined not to be balked of its prey.
The Man With A Magnifying Glass - Rembrandt
As has been said in the note on Number 2, The Lady with a Pink, of which it is the companion picture, this work is believed by Dr. Valentiner to represent Titus, the son of Rembrandt, and to have been painted in 1668.
An Old Woman In An Arm Chair - Rembrandt
This is the earliest of the five pictures on this wall. It is dated 1635. The subject was not promising for a portrait, a plain old lady who would sit upright in her chair in the attitude of a peasant who poses for the village photographer, and who insisted on having herself shown with a pleasant expression.
The Artist's Son Titus - Rembrandt
The picture is dated 1655, at which time the boy west was fourteen. He has a winning, rather delicate wall face with a vague, dreamy expression. He is dressed up for the portrait, as Rembrandt was so fond of doing. He has earrings, a wide-brimmed hat with a feather, and brownish-red doublet over a plaited shirt.
Art And Music
THE statement that Music is an Art is likely to pass unchallenged. And yet it may not be amiss, in undertaking an examination of the work of composer and performer, to inquire at the outset as to just what we mean by Art, and just what by Music.
Material Of Music
THERE is a certain incongruity in speaking of the imponderable, intangible elements out of which the musician creates his art works, as materials. Paper and ink, keys and pipes, strings and sounding-boards, air and ears—all these are matter ; but while the musician uses them as media, they do not constitute the material of his art.
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