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Butter And Oleomargarine
Good fresh butter is the most savory and probably also the most easily tolerated of all fats. Its principal advantage over other kinds of fat is that its fat is not inclosed in cells, but consists of free globules, so that it is more easily acted upon by the digestive fluids, and more readily digested.
Hints Concerning The Advantages Of A Milk Diet
Milk is our most valuable food, and there is no other which affords greater service in maintaining the health of man-kind. That this is the case is best proven by the fact that among those who not only attain the age of 100 years, but even exceed it, we find many who live solely upon milk, or in whose diet milk occupies a very prominent place.
Benefit Derived From A Glass Of Hot Milk
We have already emphasized the fact that milk should be taken raw. Circumstances may present themselves, however, when a glass of hot milk will exert a beneficial influence upon the system. This is the case, for instance, where one has been out on a damp, cold, winter's day, and conies in feeling chilled. In cold, windy weather the activity of the skin functions are greatly diminished.
Fats Of Animal Origin
All foods, before they are absorbed by the intestines, must first be brought into a fluid condition. This rule holds good for the fats, and it is for this reason that such fats as are not soluble and do not melt at the temperature of our bodies are digested with difficulty.
Special Advantages Of The Soy Bean
This vegetable, which grows in China, principally in the province of Manchuria, is really a curiosity among vegetable foods; and since it is so very rich in various component parts of the main food groups, we are probably not going too far in calling it the most valuable plant we know of, Leguminous vegetables and cereals are rich in albumin and carbohydrates, but the soy bean not only contains these substances, but also another most valuable foodstuff, in which it far exceeds both the leguminous vegetables and cereals, namely, a large amount of fat.
If we class these fruits of the earth, to which we owe our daily bread, after the leguminous vegetables, it is because we wish to give the preference to those plants which furnish us with the greatest amount of the most nourishing substance, namely, albumin. This occurs in smaller quantities in the cereals.
Concerning Foods Made With Flour And Noodles
The principal varieties of flour above mentioned, and particularly fine wheat meal, can be made to serve as very useful foods by preparation into a dough with the addition of water, salt, and a small quantity of potato, preferably as potato flour.
Concerning Bread, And The Advantage Of Brown Bread Over White Bread
How greatly man depends upon his daily bread can only be appreciated by a Carlsbad physician who, like the author, is often obliged to restrict his patients in the use of bread. There is hardly any other article of food which man finds so hard to give up, and many persons would much rather give up meat than bread.
Advantages Of Rice As Food
Millions of people in eastern Asia, India, and the Indian Archipelago live almost exclusively upon rice, and with this diet they possess such indefatigable energy and industry as is scarcely to be found among those who subsist on other food. The reason for this great capacity for work lies in the nature of their staple food. Rice contains such a large amount of carbohydrates (about 80 per cent.)
Corn: Its Advantages As A Food
It has been observed that, in countries where much corn is eaten, tuberculosis and epilepsy, as well as kidney disorders, are extremely rare. We shall not here question the correctness of this statement, but it is an undisputed fact that corn is a very valuable article of food.
Starch-containing Tubers
Just as is the case with bread, many people feel that they cannot do without potatoes. Especially in the northern regions, as in Scandinavia, and even more so in Ireland, does the potato form a chief part of the daily food. In many sections of northern Hungary the Slovaks live almost exclusively upon potatoes.
Certain fungi, i.e., edible mushrooms, which are quite unique in their nature, form a wonderful food. For it really is wonderful that in just a few hours, after a rain, these structures appear in the woods, having been fully developed in this short time, and containing, as they do, quite large amounts of nutritive substance.
Green Vegetables
When a vegetable grown above the ground, such as spinach, is cooked as it is, without the addition of any water, one will be surprised at the quantity of fluid that will gather in the cooking utensil. This is the water which is present in considerable quantities in spinach and all of the vegetables that are grown above ground; in fact, they consist principally of water: 80 to 92 per cent.
Advantages Of Sauerkraut
Sauerkraut is by some considered very indigestible. This is, however, not the case when it has been properly prepared. It is made by adding 3 per cent of common salt to white cabbage, which withdraws a quantity of fluid from the latter. All varieties of cabbage contain quite a considerable quantity of fluid.
Tubers, Husk Vegetables, And Vegetable Fruits
Although the varieties of vegetables described under this head do not as a general thing possess the same curative properties as those treated in the previous chapter, they are, on the other hand, more nutritious, owing to their greater starch content.
Concerning Winter Vegetables, Canned And Preserved Vegetables, And Salads
In our climate but very few fresh vegetables can be had in winter. A few varieties of cabbage, like the red cabbage and possibly some few others, are to be had when the winter is not yet well advanced. Brussels sprouts, chicory and endive, etc., may often be obtained late in the autumn.
Fruit Diet
We have so far discussed the nutritive values of various foods; we shall now consider a class of foods in which the nutritive value is not the principal factor, but which are endowed with another peculiarity, namely : the refreshing properties of their juices. Providence has so arranged that just in the very hottest regions the most juicy fruits are to be found.
Concerning Apples, Apple Juice, Apple Tea, Cider, Other Fruits Having Seeds And Pits
Apples are also beneficial in diabetes. There is no other fruit which may be so unstintedly allowed for diabetics with the exception of the berry fruits. Cooked apples are to be preferred, since a portion of the sugar is lost in cooking. Even one or two raw apples per day can, however, be allowed for many diabetic patients.
It is a peculiar fact that the most delicious and appetizing garden strawberries attain their finest development when such repulsive substances as soft, fatty cow and stable manure is used in fertilizing the ground. Strawberries require nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash, and these are easiest furnished to them in this way.
Benefit To Be Derived From The Daily Use Of Cherries
When we particularly recommend cherries, and even the daily use of the same, it is because of several beneficial properties peculiar to this fruit. Among all the fruits used by us, cherries--with the exception of grapes only-contain the greatest amount of sugar (10 to 12 per cent.).
Grapes And Their Advantages
The observation was made long ago by Niemeyer that persons who consume two or three pounds of grapes daily grew fat, and Pliny stated that foxes living on the wine hills and-according to their habit-stealing the grapes grew fat very rapidly. This does not surprise us, when we consider that grapes contain a considerable quantity of sugar, 14 to 18 and even up to 20 per cent.
Concerning The Advantages Of The Grape Cure
Cajus Plinius already called attention to the value of grapes in many conditions of disease. The fact that they really do have such an action is shown by the statements made in the previous chapter. Since grapes have a stimulating effect upon the intestinal walls, they may induce a daily bowel movement in chronic intestinal constipation and in chronic intestinal catarrh with constipation.
Advantages Of Fruit Juices, Marmalades, And Jellies
By simple prohibition it is not possible to successfully combat alcoholism. One must provide for the people who suffer from thirst in the summer, and who do not like to drink water-unfortunately, there are many such-a refreshing drink which will quench their thirsts. For this there is probably nothing more suitable and to the purpose than a drink of fruit juice.
Chestnuts And Fat-containing Fruits, With Remarks Concerning Vegetable Fats
We are now concerned with the most complete vegetable foods, i.e., most complete as regards their nutritious components, since these fruits contain considerable quantities of each of the three main groups of nutritive substances,-albumin, carbohydrates, and fats.
Tropical Fruits And Their Advantages
Galenus stated that the guardians of vineyards all grew fat because they ate so many figs and grapes. This will be readily understood when e consider how nourishing these fruits are; the property which especially characterizes figs and tropical fruits in general is the great amount of sugar they contain, which in the dried fruits is sometimes simply enormous.
Special Advantages Of Bananas
There is probably no more nourishing fruit, or one whose cultivation would be more valuable for mankind, than the banana; it has been stated that the fortunate individuals who have planted them in San Salvador, Brazil, and Java obtain returns 43 times greater from them than from potatoes. This wonderful plant has a remarkable resisting power against injury of any kind.
Oranges, Lemons, And Grapefruit
As a refreshing fruit which is at our disposal throughout the greater part of the year, none is more useful than the orange. Both the fruit and the skin can be made use of. The pulp is much developed in some varieties, especially in Messina and Jaffa oranges, but particularly so in the California navel oranges, which are rarely seen in this country (Austria).
Concerning Certain Varieties Of Fruits (pineapple, Kaki, Chinese Lichées, Mangoes, And Guavas)
The pineapple is probably not exceeded by any other fruit in regard to perfume and aromatic fragrance. The juice fairly pours out of the fruit even when it is not quite ripe, but in that case it is rather acrid in taste. In this condition it is not so easily digested as when quite ripe ; the core is very tough and only the portion between it and the skin should be eaten.
Practical Hints Concerning Fruit And The Advantages Of A Fruit Diet
It is of prime importance that fruit be allowed to get as ripe as possible, so that much sugar will be formed in it. In no case should unripe fruit be eaten, because it contains more acids and cellulose than the ripe fruit and has a prejudicial effect upon the digestive processes.
Beverages - Coffee
In order that the coffee shall possess this stimulating property, together with an excellent taste and fine aroma, which also enhances the taste, it must first be of a good quality and the next great requirement is that it be freshly ground and made just before using. It is also important that only soft-and when possible distilled-water be used for making coffee.
Beverages - Tea
When one drinks tea in England it probably tastes better than on the Continent, but I consider it less healthful, if indeed the term healthful may be used in referring to tea. Personally, I am of a different opinion. The English tea tastes very strong; in fact, the English have a preference for strong spices, flavors, and drinks, which however do them no great harm.
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