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Ocean Echoes - One Who Sang
AS I walked along that September night thinking of the good and the bad thatis in all of us I heard away off in the distance the sound of a banjo. It seemed cheerful in view of the sadness I had just left, and I turned towards it, walking along the lake. Now the sound became plainer, and I could hear a man's voice, old and cracked, singing an ancient rebel song.
Ocean Echoes - Old Austen Sees Daylight
IT was four hundred miles to an eye specialist, eighty to the railroad, and I had nineteen dollars in my pocket. Nevertheless, I made the first move by hiring a horse from a farmer for ten dollars and the promise to send him back from Bishop. I launched the old man Austen was his name, and seemed to be all the name he had upon him, with a blanket over the horse's bare back, and the banjo and violin tucked each under an arm.
Ocean Echoes - Far Reaching Consequences
A HAPPY greeting Austen and I got when we got back to the ranch. The lady's cow money seemed to have given her happiness in the joy brought to that old man, joy in having sight of the valleys, the green grass, and the mountain streams, and to look at his banjo and really see its strings.
Ocean Echoes - The Last Chapter
WE had come into the war now, and as anxious as I was to do something to help, I found little encouragement in the West. Wherever I made application, the response was : 'Wait, wait, don't be in a hurry.' The same thing had happened to me in 1898. I left a ship then and trained for our war with Spain three months at my own expense, only to be told that Uncle Sam had more volunteers than he could use.
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