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Ocean Echoes - Event Which Makes My Hand Still Shake As I Write
I WAS fourteen when I cut the schoolmaster over the eye. There was a hunt on. The red-coated huntsmen came in swarms, the beagle hounds yelped viciously as they passed the country school. The schoolmaster must have known of the hunt in advance. The windows were down and locked with a trigger-catch.
Ocean Echoes - I Conquer My Enemy
I WAS sent to another school in another village, but my time there was short also, for the hounds and the huntsmen passed that way, too, and I had learned nothing from my former experience. I rode a donkey to and from that school. The distance was far, although you could count the Irish miles on three fingers of the left hand.
Ocean Echoes - The Sea Claims Me
LONG before I was seventeen I had some knowledge of the sea. Often I had sailed away in an open boat out of sight of land, and again many coastwise schooners put in to the Lough. I had learned to run aloft and knew many of the sails and ropes in fact I was about ready to leave home and sail away.
Ocean Echoes - My First Voyage With The Swede
THE sloop was about thirty tons. She had one mast that was stuck forward on her. The main boom was about thirty-five feet long. The sails were old, and had many patches. The small cabin aft in her was filthy and full of rats. The deck was so old that you could see through the seams, and young as I was, I was fully aware of the risk I was taking sailing in her.
Ocean Echoes - Back To Glasgow
THERE is always some silvery lining to most everyone's dark clouds. Coming down the beach and heading for the wreck strolled an Englishman. He looked cosy and comfortable in his Scotch tweeds and long homespun stockings. The Swede and the wreckmaster were busy over the salvage question, and I told the Englishman all about our experience getting ashore.
Ocean Echoes - The Real Thing At Last
IT happened that there would be a Blue-nose ship to sail on in a few days, and the Swede's wife thought that this was a good chance to ship me away; so I got a bed in the boarding-house after my licking that night, in preparation for the final fleecing which is administered to all sailors on departure from such boarding-houses, and is made as palatable as possible on account of their inevitable transformation into homeward-bounders.
Ocean Echoes - Jack Proves His Mettle
THE captain and mate were seeing to it that the crew should not get away. It always mystified me how swiftly and unerringly the most secret and darkly-guarded news reached the 'Old Man.' When the time came that I myself occupied that envied post, it seemed more mysterious still when anything escaped my watchfulness and perception.
Ocean Echoes - Buttermilk, Bunkhouse And Bugaboo
'HAVE you any more news?' said I, after a while, for Jack was looking back persistently over his shoulder, and it seemed to me that danger lurked in the trees, and that the burly mate must by now be hot after us. Yet I enjoyed this independence that I had never known before freedom to roam regardless of God or Man.
Ocean Echoes - Liverpool
AS the boat rounded the bends in that beautiful river, and the chug-chug of the engines echoed back from the granite walls that guarded the water in its peaceful flow to the sea, I cuddled by the warm smoke-stack and, unheeding the morrow, fell asleep. When I awoke the sun was high, the boat was moored to a wharf, and the sound of winches greeted my ears.
Ocean Echoes - The Lime-juicer
THE pierhead sailor's boarding-house, known as Kelley's, on Pike Street, was always open for hard-up sailors. There I went, and they took me to board with the stipulation that I would ship on anything that carried sail, at a moment's notice.
Ocean Echoes - The Hens, The Cook, The Storm And The Fight
THE captain had for his own private use a dozen hens on board. Occasionally one would lay an egg. These were royal eggs, and. could only be eater by the master. To find an egg when one cleaned the coop was to bring cheer to the commander's heart. The weather was cold now, and the hens were timid about laying eggs.
Ocean Echoes - Better Weather
SAILORS are simple, light-hearted souls, on whom the load of yesterday is as light as possible today. With a favoring breeze we set all sail, and the sailors chatted and laughed like children. We sang chanteys as the yards went up, and our sufferings vanished with the cold. Soon we should be in the tropics again, and then hurrah for the Golden Gate and the Sacramento River !
Ocean Echoes - Benefit Of Clergy
FEELING now more alone than I had felt in Canada, I turned aimlessly and headed off into the country. Presently I came to a lane, and to a farm house, and to a man milking cows, chewing tobacco as he milked. His hairy head was buried in the cow's flank, and his boots were crusted with manure.
Ocean Echoes - More Trouble
IT was dark now, and the air cold. I crawled into an empty box car that stood on a side track. I must have slept, for I awoke with a start as another car struck the one in which I was. Then the whole thing started to move. I was off on a train, I didn't know where. Through the night I looked out of the side door, but couldn't tell whether we were headed north or south. No one bothered about me.
Ocean Echoes - The Loyal Legion Button
THE railroad fare from Sacramento to San Francisco was two dollars and fifty cents. I bought a ticket and rode there, to the City of Crimps. I knew what to expect once l fell into their hands, but beggars can't be choosers, six dollars wouldn't last long, and sooner or later it would be a sailor's boarding-house for me, and then away to the ends of the earth on anything that carried sail.
Ocean Echoes - The Fates Grind The Captain
THE wind was light until we got down to where the river grew wider. There the breeze and current favored us. The Captain refused to let me steer, thinking that I knew very little about that kind of sailorizing; and I, seeing that the jug of brandy was beside him on the platform, knew that it was I who had reason to be alarmed.
Ocean Echoes - Tops And Bottoms
ONE afternoon as I was walking along the water front, looking at the ships of many nations and wondering if a sea-voyage wouldn't help me, a round and red-faced man about forty, wearing a straw hat and tweed suit, walked up to me and asked me for a light for his cigar. Then he began to talk to me, and seemed kind and sympathetic.
Ocean Echoes - A Short Chapter
THE cream colored November sun had only a little way to go before night swept in his wake. I walked along the waterfront and watched the ships swinging limply to the undertow. That same evening I found a ship, the barque Ferris S. Thompson, bound for Seattle for coal, and back again for San Francisco.
Ocean Echoes - The Hare-lipped Captain
I'M going to take a liberty, and bunch together seven years of sea experience from the time of my discharge from the F. S. Thompson, putting these memories, as it were, into a ground-swell from the deep, and letting them wash ashore, and, from amongst the kelp in the nooky inlet where the driftwood lies, gathering together the pieces that are worth salvaging, carrying them to the high-water mark.
Ocean Echoes - Salmon Fishing
IT was now a little over four years that I had been away from home. I was twenty-two years old. In less than a year I should be a citizen of the United States of America, and with that would come promotion from the fore-castle. My letters came regularly from Ireland, always with my mother's thoughtfulness for her son.
Ocean Echoes - On The Psychology Of Captains
CAPTAINS of sailing ships have time to be superstitious, and sometimes they are more so than sailors before the mast. While they are supposed to have a higher degree of intelligence, they come in contact with more traditions of the sea, and it seems are very susceptible to them.
Ocean Echoes - More Psychology And Some Action
WE were bound for Redondo, southern California. It was the month of January, and cold and snappy. Having possession of the sounding-rod, I was in a position to encourage the crew, though they received my well meant promptings with sarcasm and scorn. They pumped, I pumped, the Captain pumped, and even the cook, in intervals of cooking; we pumped, and pumped, and pumped.
Ocean Echoes - Some Facts About Women
AS mate my next ship was bound for the Fijis in the South Seas, and the Captain died on the voyage, and I took the ship to port and home again. I have described this voyage in my book 'The Flying Bo'sun.' The critics, who plow not the oceans, received it very kindly, as I hope they will receive this narrative.
Ocean Echoes - The Story Of The Return Of Lida
LIDA had been an old silver camp, and in the early sixties it was a booming town. This much was told me by an old squaw man who lived there. He was one of those early miners who stayed on in a town after the mines played out, in the hope that some day it would awake once more to the click of a pistol and the bray of the burro.
Ocean Echoes - Town Of Lida
DUTCHY was alone now. No inducement he could make would hold anyone, and he was left pretty much to the company of stray burros, and the dead squaw under the pump. His hair and beard grew long and weedy. The nails on his fingers resembled the talons of an eagle, his overalls and shirt-front were dirty and spattered with flour dough.
Ocean Echoes - Ways And Means
A NIGHT or two later in Tacoma, I was sitting in the hotel lobby, wondering what to do next. A fat, flabby man, whose eyes, however, had a fine quality, squeezed himself into the chair alongside of me. We talked about the weather, and the people going past outside the window, and of the thousands who had suffered in the earthquake.
Ocean Echoes - Farewell To An Old Friend Of The Early Days
ONE day, shortly after I left the book business, I was in a small town on the Puget Sound, looking for a ship. Strolling around, I was attracted by a crowd in front of a general store. Policemen were running and women screaming, and with one thing and another there seemed, for a small town, to be no end of excitement.
Ocean Echoes - The Old Man And The Violet Rock
I WAS mining where the Snake River makes a boundary line between Idaho and Oregon. From seventy miles away came the report of a big gold strike. I lost no time in getting there. It turned out to be a fluke, based on the finding, by a prospector, of a few outcroppings of gold. I went away as fast as I had come.
Ocean Echoes - Treats Of Pair Play
TWO days later I rode into Jordan Valley, Oregon, a cattle and sheep country. I came upon a little town in the heart of the valley, and remained there one day,. It was a bad day for me, as I had to leave it on foot, having gambled my horse away. An old prospector met up with me who had a horse as good as mine.
Ocean Echoes - Killing Mexican Bandits
FOR about three miles we rode silently, the farmer well in the lead, and I holding to my horse as best I could, for he was anything but quiet. My mind was swirling as to what would be the outcome before the sun should go down. We reined up in a little meadow, where we were joined by four other horsemen, farmers also, one of them cross-eyed and carrying a Springfield rifle.
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