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Canada - The Hindu
Is It, then, that Canada fears the growth of Japan as a great world power? No, the thing is deeper than that. We have come to the place where we must go deeper than surface signs and use neither rose water nor kid gloves. The question of the Chinese and the Japanese is entirely distinct from the Hindu.
Canada - What Panama Means
IT now becomes apparent why British Columbia was described as the province where East meets West and works out Destiny. On the other side of the Pacific lies Japan come to the manhood of nationality, demanding recognition as the equal of the white race and room to expand.
Canada - To Europe By Hudson Bay
IT must have become apparent to the most casual observer that transportation has been to Canada more than a system of exploitation by capital. Transportation has been to Canada an integral part of her very national life—which, perhaps, explains how with the exception of extravagance incident to a period of great prosperity her railroad systems have been founded on sound finance from bed-rock up.
Canada - Some Industrial Problems
THE contest between capital and labor in Canada has never become that armed camp divided by a chasm of hatred known in other lands.
Canada - How Governed
REFERENCE has been made to the facts that Big Business has up to the present been unable to get control of the reins of government in Canada, that the courts have been kept comparatively free of political influence and that the doors of underground politics are not easily pried open by corruption. Why is this?
Canada - The Life Of The People
SOME one has said that the life of a nation is but the shadow of the units composing it or the life of a nation is but the replica of the life of the individuals in it. Massed figures on gross exports are but the total thrift of a multitude of toiling men.
Canada - Emigration And Development
You can ascribe the different characteristics of different nations to the topography of their native land up to a certain point only. Beyond that the difference becomes one of psychology and soul rather than geography, and that is why nations hold to a large extent their destiny in their own hands.
Canada - Defense
HAVING spent a hundred years working out a system of government almost perfect in its democracy, and having spent fifty more years working out a system of trade and transportation that gives Canada sixth rank in the gross foreign trade of the world nations—one would think the Dominion entitled to lie back resting on her laurels reaping the reward that is undoubtedly hers.
Canada - The Domain Of The North
CANADA does not like any reference to her fur trade as a national occupation. Of course, it is no longer a national occupation. It occupies, perhaps, two thousand whites and it may be twenty or thirty thousand Indians. More Indians in Canada earn their living farming the reserves than catching fur...
Canada - Finding Herself
ONE of the questions which an outsider always asks of Canada and of which the Canadian never thinks is —Why is Newfoundland not a part of Canada? Why has the lonely little Island never entered confederation?
Sociology - Modern Social Problems
What is Society? - Perhaps the great question which sociology seeks to answer is this question which we have put at the beginning.
Theory Of Evolution Upon Social Problems
SINCE Darwin wrote his Origin of Species all the sciences in any way connected with biology have been profoundly influenced by his theory of evolution. It is important that the student of sociology, therefore, should understand at the outset something of the bearing of Darwin's theory upon social problems.
Family In Social Organization
INSTEAD of, continuing the study of social evolution in general it will be best now, before we take up some of the problems of modern society, to study the evolution of some important social institution, because in so doing we can see more clearly the working of the biological and psychological forces which have brought about the evolution of human institutions.
Origin Of The Family
WE must understand the biological roots of the family before we can understand the family as an institution, and especially before we can understand its origin.
Forms Of The Family
THE family as an institution has varied greatly in its forms from age to age and from people to people. This is what we should expect, seeing that all organic structures are variable. Such variations in human institutions are due partially to the influences of the environment, partially to the state of knowledge, and partially to many other causes as yet not well understood.
Historical Development Of The Family
WHILE we cannot enter into the historical evolution of the family as an institution among the different civilized peoples, still it will be profitable for us to consider the history of the family among some single representative people in order that we may see the forces which have made and unmade the family life, and incidentally also to a great degree, the general social life of that people.
Problem Of The Modern Family
PASSING over the changes which affected the family during the Middle Ages and the still more striking changes which came through the Reformation, we must now devote ourselves to the study of the problems of the family as it exists at present.
Growth Of Population
MASS is a factor in the survival of a social group. Other things being equal, that society will stand the best chance of surviving which has the largest population. Moreover, the larger the mass of a given group the greater can be the industrial and cultural division of labor in that group.
Immigration Problem
IN new countries population may increase by immigration as well as by the surplus of births over deaths. Immigration is, therefore, a secondary means of increasing the population of a country, and in new countries is often of great importance. Immigration, or the migration of a people into a country, along with its correlative emigration, or the migration of a people out of a country, constitutes a most important social phenomenon.
Problem Of The City
The growth of large cities constitutes perhaps the greatest of all the problems of modern civilization.
Poverty And Pauperism
WHILE the many social problems arising from the presence in society of abnormal or socially unadjusted classes, namely, the dependent, defective, and delinquent classes, cannot be discussed in this book adequately, yet they must be briefly noticed in order to correlate them with other social problems...
THE problem of crime is one of the great problems of social pathology. There have been developed, in order to deal with this problem scientifically, a number of subsidiary sciences, especially Criminology and Penology, which are sciences dealing with the causes, nature, and treatment of crime.
Socialism In The Light Of Sociology
THERE have been many short-cuts proposed to the solution of social problems. Among these the various schemes for reorganizing human society and industry, brought together under the general name of socialism, have attracted most attention and deserve most serious consideration.
Education And Social Progress
As has just been said, the ultimate reliance in all social reform or social reconstruction must be upon the education of the individual. Social organization can never be more complex or of a higher type than the individual character and intelligence of the members of the group warrants.
Christian Names
On reading a note in your number for December, a thought occurred that few people are acquainted with the meaning of what are called their Christian names.
Ancient Surnames
So much has already been written upon the origin and import of Surnames, that it may seem unnecessary to revert to the subject. It has, however, occurred to me that little has been done to illustrate the descent of these appellations ; or to show how many of our present disguised surnames are the representatives of those which in their more ancient form were possessed of meaning.
Surnames Terminating In -cock.
You recently gave admission to the communications of two correspondents, discussing the etymology of surnames terminating in -cock; and their remarks were neither unamusing nor unprofitable. I am somewhat surprised, however, that one origin and meaning of Cock, both as a surname standing alone.
New Names To Old Streets.
In your last Supplement, p. 634, A. Z. notices the practice of giving new names to old streets in this Metropolis. Some, perhaps, have been changed for more reputable names, as the streets have been improved by more respectable inhabitants : such as Poor Jewry-lane ; Cow-lane, Smithfield ; Petty France, Westminster, now called York-street, etc...
Resemblance Of The Names Of British Rivers
It is indisputably certain that the western countries of Europe were formerly in the possession of the Celtic nation, who not only inhabited those parts which border on the British isles, but extended so far that Ptolemy and Ephorus have denominated Europe Celtica.
Ocean Echoes - Concerning Who's Who And Why
One often wonders whether the the desire to wander is not something more than the fidgeting of a restless soul. Although my hair is graying and my stride shortening, my sympathy with adventure is as fresh within me as was the spirit to dare the day I capsized a sail-boat in a squall, and the doctor was called to give aid to my mother.
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