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Autosuggestion - General Rules
WITH our knowledge of the powerful effect which an idea produces, we shall see the importance of exercising a more careful censorship over the thoughts which enter our minds. Thought is the legislative power in our lives, just as the will is the executive.
Autosuggestion - The General Formula
WE saw that an unskilled golfer, who imagines his ball is going to alight in a bunker, unconsciously per-forms just those physical movements needful to realise his idea in the actual. In realising this idea his Unconscious displays ingenuity and skill none the less admirable because opposed to his desire.
Autosuggestion - Particular Suggestions
THE use of particular suggestions outlined in this chapter is of minor importance compared with that of the general formula— Day by day, in every way, I'm getting better and better. The more deeply Coué pursues his investigations, the more fully he be-comes convinced that all else is secondary to this.
Autosuggestion - How To Deal With Pain
PAIN, whether of mind or body, introduces a new element for which we have hitherto made no provision. By monopolising the attention it keeps the conscious mind fully alert and so prevents one from attaining the measure of outcropping needful to initiate success-fully an autosuggestion.
Autosuggestion And The Child
IN treating children it should be remembered that autosuggestion is primarily not a remedy but a means of insuring healthy growth. It should not be reserved for times when the child is sick, but provided daily, with the same regularity as meals. Children grow up weakly not from lack of energy, but because of a waste and misapplication of it.
Autosuggestion - Conclusion
INDUCED Autosuggestion is not a substitute for medical practice. It will not make us live for ever, neither will it free us completely from the common ills of life. What it may do in the future, when all its implications have been realised, all its resources exploited, we cannot say.
Carlo Crivelli - Master
CARLO CRIVELLI is one of those painters about whose life hardly any information, traditional or otherwise, has come down to us. But about his artistic origin, with the exception of one questionable statement, there is an absolute blank ; and we are reduced to the necessity of making his pictures tell their own story about the masters under whom he studied, and the school to which he belonged.
Carlo Crivelli - His Life
WITH the exception of one or two facts, we start on our inquiry into Crivelli's life with no better sources of information than were at our disposal in our investigation of his artistic origins. Until some documentary evidence is unearthed, we have to rely ultimately on the pictures and what they tell us, for reconstructing Crivelli's personal history as well as his artistic career.
Carlo Crivelli - His Characteristics
IT is not the purpose of the following pages to dwell upon those superficial and general characteristics of Crivelli, which must be obvious to anyone who has made acquaintance with a number of typical pictures by him—let us say those in the National Gallery.
Carlo Crivelli - Early Works
WHICH is the oldest picture by Crivelli in existence? Is there any picture which belongs to the time before he left the region of Venice for the Marches? In answer to both questions we can produce the Virgin and Child now at Verona.
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